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  1. edwinmorrison

    Thank you my friend
  2. edwinmorrison

    Thank you! :D :D
  3. edwinmorrison

    Duran Duran were awesome!! You are making me feel old!!
  4. edwinmorrison

    Thank you so much my friend
  5. edwinmorrison

    @Enrico Madonna was in the way, I can't quote you, but that is perfect! :D Thank you :D
  6. edwinmorrison

  7. edwinmorrison

    hahaha...thank you, right back at you! :D :D
  8. edwinmorrison

  9. edwinmorrison

    That's so nice, thank you my friend
  10. edwinmorrison

    Thank you
  11. edwinmorrison

    Thank you so much
  12. edwinmorrison

    24 years later, we tied the knot on the 27th! :D
  13. edwinmorrison

    Such a legend...RIP
  14. edwinmorrison

    Amazing! She looked amazing, she sounded amazing, sooooooo good! I got shivers watching her perform
  15. edwinmorrison

    Wow, and so young...what a shock. His Demos for Rebel Heart were awesome, so much talent. RIP