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  1. This is gorgeous. Great visual for a great song!
  2. Sorry I haven't been here as often as I'd like, but wanted to say that Madame X is a triumph and HOLY FUCK I still can't play anything else! We are truly lucky to live in the Madonna era.

  3. Dark Ballet is AMAZING. Holy shit.

    1. rebelheart29


      YESSSSSSSSSS! I love it too.

  4. Crave is IT. THIS is what Madonna in 2019 has to sound like. I'm so in love with this song/era. We are so spoiled. 30+ years into her career and she keeps delivering. It's not that she gets it, she IS it. Sorry lol I'm so excited about this album.
  5. devilpray

    omg yassssssss
  6. devilpray

    Do you guys like Madonna for Madonna or just Hung Up and Into the Groove?
  7. devilpray

    This track is GORGEOUS. Madame X is 2/2.
  8. devilpray

    She's free from charts now. Let's enjoy a Madonna that can take risks without having to worry about hit singles, that's bullshit.
  9. devilpray

    People on set confirmed that was the title of the song, pretty sure they heard it while filming.
  10. I know it sucked that she got injured on that show but GOTTDAAAAMNN it looked badass as fuck
  11. devilpray

    I'm not really bothered if they are releasing it this way v. if songs were leaking. I hope we'll get buzz tracks with videos!
  12. devilpray

    I mean, I agree with Die Another Day and Beautiful Killer, and I always thought that Amazing and Beautiful Stranger were really similar but the rest I don't get lol
  13. devilpray

    Swae Lee is amazingly talented at creating earworms, so I'm super excited to hear Crave. I was hoping to get Killers but this is cool too!
  14. devilpray

    I don't get why we don't have US preorder links for the boxset yet. This better not be limited!
  15. devilpray

    this is not accurate