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  1. The version on streaming is screaming for a remaster, there's pretty much no low end on most tracks and it sounds super quiet compared to the rest of her discography.
  2. I don't think so. We know she's been buying her own masters as they turn 35, and as protective as she's been over unreleased material and unauthorized versions of her albums it's not likely she'll sell them.
  3. Those are edited in Remini, that's why her face is HD but the rest of her isn't.
  4. Craziest thing happened. A guy was selling 130 M CDs on marketplace for about 200 dollars. The CDs had no cases and were missing some print items and most were either torn or folded. He changed the price to 40 dollars and I went for it thinking maybe i'd get 4/5 decent ones. TURNS OUT, everything was in way better condition than I expected and I have 80 new CDs :cry::cry::cry:

    1. RUADJAI


      40 Dollas?!?!  Poor guy. Someone probably made him do that. 

    2. devilpray


      I felt really bad so I asked him and turns out a relative owned the cds and passed a few years ago. He had to fly to a different country to get their stuff and to avoid paying for the shipping he threw away all the plastic cases and digipacks and kept most of the rest inside a portable cd case. It was for 200 like 5 months ago. He didn't want them anymore so he lowered the price! Lol 

  5. I have nothing against weed and I have smoked a couple of times BUT I really don't appreciate people who work in the industry and can't stop for a minute and WORK PROPERLY. The little snippet of vocals sounds nice though!
  6. Yes, vocal producers do that but they're also in charge of many aspects of how the voice sounds, including effects.
  7. Her vocals will sound great. Remember before Madame X she didn't have a vocal producer, that's a BIG difference. I'm Levitating Manifesting
  8. I don't expect them to play with her vocals too much, she sounded great on this tour and being a smaller space with less audience noise it would be way easier to edit any missed note. I truly hope they don't add a MDNA Tour-like faux audience all the way through.
  9. I mean, they're either taking their time and remastering properly by rescaning it or forgot to render the bad AI upscale they hired an underpayed intern to do a few months ago!
  10. WAIT. I just realised that the old lady on the WIFLFAG mv has Madonna's pictures framed on her bedroom! 

  11. Did the rest of the MDNA Tour in France footage ever leak? Do we know if it exists somewhere? The DVD is soooo unwatcheable!

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    2. MCL_1993


      Yeah, this video in full an an audio that doesn't go from soundboard to concert hall. I don't know how to describe better but I mean the thing that's going on during the second chorus...

    3. realityisalways


      Its a pity because its one of her Top 3 best tours in terms of staging, choreography and visuals.

    4. devilpray


      I agree! Also the first and (as of yet) only time I've seen her live, I'd love to be able to remember that night with a decent film lol.

  12. Was the Virgin Tour shot on film? If so, do we know anything about its whereabouts? 

    1. cosmicarlo818


      Yes, the Virgin Tour was shot with film cameras and not with TV cameras like later tours (WTGT, BAT, GST, DWT which is ideal for concerts in my opinion cause of the "live" frame rate). It's also notable that maybe more than one show were filmed; some shots show a slightly different movement or hairstyle. We could only hope that the full concert film including Borderline etc gets leaked. 

    2. me1981


      It was shot on 35mm and maybe both nights were shot. There are rumours a hair was caught in the lens and as such the three performances were scrapped, or that M didn't like how those performances turned out or that they simply wanted a 50 min VHS release. Also rumours that the film was being stored in one of the WTC towers and was lost in 2001. None of this has been confirmed

    3. deathproof


      Warner’s offices were at Rockefeller Center, not World Trade Center.

      The missing performances was the directors decision, as he thought “Madonna's performance was not her best in them.”

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