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  1. shout out to me, the best member ever. you're all welcome
  2. I feel like with streaming some of the stats are either going to Celebration or the actual albums, not this one. 11X Platinum means 11 million, right?
  3. Lmao I love how everyone thinks Material Girl was ruined while this was the first time in history I liked how this song sounded
  4. LMAO plot twists she avoids south america completely (again)
  5. Yeah so I posted about this on my status a few days ago but it seems like the tour is closer than we think, allegedly they're already selecting local supporting acts in Uruguay in addition to whoever she's taking on tour with her. It's seems like they're going to be Dj Paola Dalto, which is Uruguay's top Pop DJ and Eros White, a pop singer and producer. Both of them have hinted at this on their social media and the news are spreading like crazy over here. I'm so ready for her to completely destroy my bank account lmao
  6. Where? This is completely different. What was said before is that they were very close to booking her here in 2012 but that fell through due to some tax issues. Besides lmao the stadium has no owner, it's a group linked to our government
  7. Some additional information, the Uruguayan date is supposedly October 16th, 2023. The stadium is booked for her but the company that's booking her won't give any details. Hopefully this ends up happening.
  8. I never did though! Everytime she does a show pre-tour she takes the stuff that worked from those events and implements it on her next tour. The COADF Promo Tour stuff that found its way to the CT, same with the Sticky & Sweet Tour and the Hard Candy promo shows. The Vogue arrangement from the Super Bowl and choreography on the MDNA Tour. It's not like she's going to have Tokischa and Saucy Santana with her every night on tour lol, what I meant is that she's probably going to create something in the lines of the spirit of that show. Something fun, danceable, not as dark as Madame X (which was brilliant).
  9. Yeah, so my bet is that if she's touring she's probably doing her pride set on a stadium scale. I believe she's in for a GH Tour now, she'll most likely complain about that term on every interview but yeah
  10. Okay so one of the biggest newspapers here in Uruguay just casually dropped this bomb: So our biggest stadium's list for events in 2023 was anounced/leaked and Madonna is supposedly playing here in November 2023. I'm losing my SHIT atm so bare with me. This is a 60k capacity stadium! OKAAAAAAAAAAY LETS GO I NEED TO START SAVING MONEY
  11. yes, the performance wasn't very good but as usually yall are overreacting and just hoping for her to fuck up so bad you can stop having to keep up with her. you know what was bad? the 98 vmas, her vocals on the s&stour, this was just meh. and we're not even considering the fact that medellin is like 1400meters above sea level and the bitch showed up there the day before! of couse she was going to be confused and tired as fuck
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