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  1. devilpray

    I guess both Madonna and Kylie are working with someone else. We know Kylie's team is making one atm.
  2. It seems to me that it's a biopic! Look at the dates on the folders and also she's talking about the cone bra
  3. devilpray

    I'm 100% sure if she was here she would be banned in a second lmao
  4. devilpray

    What if Madonna on the forum was all the friends we made along the way?
  5. devilpray

    Dentists hate tooth gaps lol, I remember seeing pictures of it from 2007 and it was getting a bit out of control, she probably had to fix it continuously and decided to get rid of it altogether.
  6. devilpray

    Wasn't there a rumour that her team read fan forums back when Rebel Heart leaked? I remember reading this everywhere. Supposedly, they wanted to use the leak to their advantage and know what songs the fans liked more. I don't know what fans they paid attention to but they were WRONG lol
  7. Why was the 'Music Sounds Better With You' removed from Holiday on the DWT DVD? 

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. thelioncourtheart_


      Copyrights and not getting clearance. It definitely sounds a lot better on the HBO broadcast. 

      Though why was the interlude on "What It Feels Like For a Girl" switched to the backdrop instead of the dancers?

    3. Angelo


      There’s a little sample during the “Pimp oh-pimp oh”. Now I need to watch to the HBO Version

    4. devilpray


      I saw the HBO broadcast a couple of days ago in AWE of how different the show actually was!

  8. devilpray

    This is soooo good and so needed! I sent it to a lot of people I know that want to get into her stuff, thanks!
  9. YES PLEASE FEED ME MOTHERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm sadly sure this won't be the case, I'm seeing Kylie but considering Madonna is still injured, I can't see this happening sadly.
  10. I believe owning her masters could make the whole thing cheaper, but besides that, it makes zero sense to stop these kinds of projects because of financial issues when THEY KNOW they're going to get what they invested and more.
  11. I ordered Dua's CD two months ago and I still don't have it :suffer: And now Warner gave me a refund because it sold out. I really wish I still get it lol

  12. THANK YOU. This a thousand times!
  13. devilpray

    Defunding them doesn't mean lawlessness. "Good" cops are just the lesser evil because these things have been going on since forever but they refuse to take action and try to change it. What's bad is not just a group of people, but an institution. And this applies to most countries I believe. Cops are granted too much power and immunity. Less money on the military and the police and more funding on education or culture could do a lot to help and prevent a lot of the things that the police are there for.
  14. #BlackLivesMatter

  15. It's probably the same camera but during another song. They could've mixed different parts of the show visually and keep the Hung Up audio. I'm pretty sure the cameras that were filming there for the screens were SD.