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  1. yes, the performance wasn't very good but as usually yall are overreacting and just hoping for her to fuck up so bad you can stop having to keep up with her. you know what was bad? the 98 vmas, her vocals on the s&stour, this was just meh. and we're not even considering the fact that medellin is like 1400meters above sea level and the bitch showed up there the day before! of couse she was going to be confused and tired as fuck
  2. It means she's on opioids or acting like it. That's her real username! The screencap was shared somewhere else, I hope it's an edit
  3. I know but they should release it as a single with the remastered Celebration version (or a decent one please) and some extra something to give it a playlist push
  4. God they need to properly remaster the MV and release the extended mix on Spotify to give it a lil boost! A couple performances on her YouTube channel, something!!!!
  5. so happy! this is such a happy place for me, very happy to know this and I hope you're all doing great.
  6. I'm truly not here to bring the drama but JEEZ when she releases something new you're mentioning every popstar that's revisiting their old classics like that's what she has to do, the minute she teases that she's doing it you're acting like she's going to break into all of our houses and break our ROL cd's so where only left with the new version! She knows the song, she knows what makes it special, she's not going to sing about her pussy being frozen (i hope she does!) and if you took the time to listen to what Fireboy DML does you'll have a little bit of faith in this But at the end of the day, if you don't get it, bad for you and more for us!
  7. lol this thread, just admit you hate people of color!
  8. Y'all say this like it's a bad thing but a Candy Shop remix with Swae Lee would sound incredible lmao
  9. I don't think they filmed a FULL video but wasn't some of it was used during the Virgin Tour?
  10. And what about the rumour that she allegedly shot the video the same day she did the beach shoot with Herb Ritts?
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