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  1. Isn't it a thing on her Interscope contract that demands a Live album + Tour film?
  2. Knowing her it's about spirituality and also a hand job. I mean, "happiness lies in your own hand"? "Something coming over"?
  3. Lol I know this is a joke but lowkey a tour film cover that's a painting of her at the show would be a cultural reset
  4. Okay but Paramount+ isn't only available on the US. I mean, it's available where I'm at and that... says a lot to be honest
  5. I don't think it's going to be available on cinemas. Also we keep forgetting that she didn't spend 2 full years editing this, post was heavily delayed (at least 6 months) because of the pandemic
  6. I like the name and graphic design. The thing that need fixing is the terrible sequencing on the tracklist, chronological works way better and it desperately needed to have at least American Pie or Time Stood Still (I know why she didn't put any of those songs on it). The thing that also irks me a lil bit are the Guy Ritchie-isms on the booklet lol, but still, it's like a weird time capsule of who she was back then.
  7. dddd I actually love this video. I feel like a more "normal" video, especially one with a storyline, would be sooooo boring and such an odd pair with the song, the one we got is perfect for the trancey-otherworldy vide the song has
  8. And also the fact that this video was made using SQ clips from a show and wasn't filmed in HD lol. Get ready for the mess
  9. WAIT this looks awesome! I'm bitter that the version they upload as remastered will probably look terrible compared to this lmao
  10. Anyone who uses the term Madder is wrong
  11. The version on streaming is screaming for a remaster, there's pretty much no low end on most tracks and it sounds super quiet compared to the rest of her discography.
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