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  1. I always thought it was more of a concept album inspired by her role in Dick Tracy. Movies were always a great inspiration for her. Some of her best songs were written for films despite the lack of recognition by those who give out awards for films.
  2. Great album. The wait for a new album is torture. One of the things I used to love about Madonna is that she embraced the spirit as well as the physical. I love her dance music but usually gravitate towards more story like songs. Confessions balances both these strengths perfectly. I thought she would say more as she got older but she seems to be pushing herself physically more. I think when she was younger her physical fitness wasn't challenged as much by age and so she felt more free to speak? Not having to worry about that part of her ability? I wish she would speak more and she does that mostly on her albums.
  3. Madonna had said she didn't get ripping up a picture of a man who meant so much to others. It's like throwing everything out because of criminal activity and the cover up that had occurred within the organization that the Pope represents. Did Pope John Paul II commit crimes or deliberately cover up a crime he was aware of? If so, than it was justified. It's kinda like ripping up a picture of a Doctor whose a leader because crimes were committed in the medical field. I love Sinead and understand what she was trying to say but Madonna is not cheap and shallow. She looks at things in a very complex way that people who indulge in all or nothing thinking can not because they focus on the damage that was done to them all the time. I think you would be shocked how many survivors there really are and who their abusers were.
  4. She has to stop the tours. She is pushing her health. There are so many things she could be doing that do not push her physical boundaries. She is more than pushing her body to the limit. Somehow she has forgotten that. When she was younger she was able to focus on many things. Now everything is looks and pushing her body. I want to hear more from her mind. Little angry but I do wish her a full recovery and it freaked me out to hear she was in ICU. 😥
  5. I think in each album she has very strong moments of honesty within the overall theme or "persona." I will have to go over them more thoroughly.
  6. I absolutely despise her looks lately. I don't see her at all. Style should compliment your looks not completely overpower them.
  7. ....most likely all three saw their fans as individuals. There is a reason I liked Madonna, Prince and Whitney.
  8. To be honest, I know no perfect film. Film is cheap entertainment at best and even the best ones are misinterpreted by the silly American audience. Songs are limited by time so they are more emotional, get to the point. She should do an speaking memoir.
  9. Yeah, a man would be better to tell "her" story. In fact she doesn't know herself at all. How could she? A man can be himself and even make himself as grand as he likes and everyone will say how humble he is. A woman is whatever society tells her she is and she better not dare own any part of herself. She will be told to be quiet, "we will tell you who you are." I know you did not say a male director....I am just commenting on society not ok with a woman having a say in who she is.
  10. Every time I tried to find a pic this song is what came up.
  11. I used to be able to relate to or understand what Madonna was doing in her work but everything she is doing now is going right over my head. It is frustrating when one has turned to an artist to help them feel empowered in the face of injustice and unfairness...to make sense of things that are confusing. I feel abandoned. I wake up everyday wondering if she has come back but all I see are endless displays of things I do not understand. I feel like Madonna has succumbed to pressure. Is it it me or is it her?
  12. Gone The Look of Love or Forbidden Love (COAD)?
  13. I didn't see it. I am quite happy to be proven wrong. ❤ Thank you. Will edit my post.
  14. This is an accurate opinion on how I feel about her social media posts: I know Madonna is in there somewhere but on the surface I can not relate to her anymore. I don't think her Instagram posts are attractive or even interesting. I am a fan of her because the substance is always there no matter the appearance. She is more than trendy social media poses and outfits.
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