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  1. LikeAMelody

    .....but Madonna is so good at marketing herself. 🤔
  2. LikeAMelody

    I will like it to cover from the beginning to the present.
  3. LikeAMelody

    I have always felt that "Live To Tell" was a personal song for Madonna even when I was a teenager. Extremely deep, I felt it somehow connected to her life. It's perfect. 💜
  4. No, I think Madonna and Mariah live in two different worlds....meaning the way they view and approach life and art.
  5. The thing about film about people who have had a lengthly career is they have to cram so much in a 2 hour movie. I don't really care for the currently critically acclaimed rock bios. I don't feel they tell the whole story about the person involved. She saved all her journals. ❤ ...and I agree, no one can tell your story better than you can. Others do not know what you think, feel, experience...
  6. LikeAMelody

    This could be great if done well and free of involvement from people who don't know what they are doing artistically.
  7. LikeAMelody

    That would be amazing. What if it's me? 😉 Honestly, I don't think she would be on forums for any length of time but one would have at least mild curiosity if a forum was dedicated to discussing that individual.
  8. I love this. It sounds very 50's ballad to me. What I love about it most is that it is the true vunerable feeling behind Drowned World. In the demo she says "I will wait for you." Meaning real relationships with people because there is no substitute for love. In Drowned World she says "Should I wait for you, my substitute for love?" Meaning her fame.
  9. Madonna has always been all too human which is why I took to her. No human is perfect in the conventional sense but everyone is a perfect human being. What was attractive 40 years ago is not so much today. Fans today think the "show" is real.
  10. I got where Madonna goes in her work as "shadow work." I have always loved this because few artists are brave enough to do this. I feel I know what her ultimate goal is and it is to a place of love and peace because that is where she always wants to go. What is in your heart? What are your intentions? She has a better grasp on her path if she deals with every aspect of being human. ❤ I do not trust anyone who thinks they are flawless. Things Madonna has spoken: Speak the truth and shame the devil. The unexamined life is not worth living. Here is an article on Shadow work: The sad thing is that people who have said things about Madonna are actually unwittingly being controlled by all the things they claim to be against. They are so obsessed with calling everyone out around them that they do not question themselves at all. Evil is on no one's side. It only wants to exist and it doesn't care where or through whom.
  11. LikeAMelody

    There is a difference between someone dealing with real circumstances and paranoia. Fear can make someone accept things in their life they do not want or support. I think she would rather not have them around her. Paranoia and a toxic mentality has made people treat guns like they are a family member. How many of those guys walking around with their guns are truly afraid beyond what they make up in their own head?
  12. LikeAMelody

    I lose a bit of the narrative when this verse comes on but I believe you are accurate with people thinking she's "insane" for thinking there is a problem. For me it goes into the general for most of my thoughts when I get reactions or non reactions to what I write or think. The new birth for me is "learning." and the dope for me is actual drugs. One of the reasons I have never taken drugs apart from an occasional drink is that I have always felt the brain I have is literally my only friend and I have felt that Madonna has thought that through her life as well. It also helps for me that she says it in a "cheeky" way. I like your assessment of the "dope" as the rhetoric spoken by gun rights advocates and that she is indeed thinking critically while they choose to ignore the problem. This pulls me back into the narrative of the song.
  13. I am mainly obsessed with what is being said in a song and it's meaning for me as a listener. I often feel very strong about my interpretations but I do question myself. I would love to hear other member's intepretation of these specific lines in God Control: "People think that I'm insane The only gun is in my brain Each new birth, it gives me hope That's why I don't smoke that dope Insane people think I am Brain inside, my only friend Hope it gives me birth each new That dope I don't smoke, it's true"
  14. LikeAMelody

    Dear Jessie Supernatural or Ghosttown?