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  1. LikeAMelody

    It really has me stumped. I am a staunch defender of her artistic choices and her personal choices (although I am critical of her love life)...but I "usually" just stay silent on that because it doesn't affect my life. I even get giving people who are not very nice a hard time; but why give people who love you a hard time? I don't think she ever really did that before. I am not a rebel without a cause and I never perceived her as one. If it's rebellious.. it just doesn't make any sense to me. "What are you rebelling against?" People for loving you and wanting to see your show? That's just dumb. can not be that. I am holding on to the theory that she doesn't want to tour anymore as a champion procrastinator; it's my gut feeling. I could be wrong. Maybe it's an artistic choice...
  2. LikeAMelody

    The venues should just tell her that her shows will start at 6:30pm, then maybe she will be onstage at 8:30pm? I defend her a lot too but as someone who relies on public transportation it irritates me that she goes on so late. I am not getting a driver and a limo back to where I sleep. Like someone said above, it affects a lot of other people too. Listen, my family knows that if they want me to be ready at 8:00 they need to tell me to be ready at 7:30. I am not one for being on time but damn...2 hours late? Thousands of people coming to see me. I wonder if she is tired of touring? As a person who is frequently late, it is usually because deep down I do not want to go to where I am going when I'm late. I am just speculating. I have no idea what her reason is but it is annoying. The last time I had to take an eventful bus ride on a very long route in the city because the trains stop running here around midnight. After getting off the bus that took an hour I had to walk 10 blocks to get home. I could have called a taxi but it annoyed me to pay a high fare when I could have taken my usual train if she had started the show on time. I was stubborn. It has nothing to do with her being worth it or not. I resent the sometimes nonsense you have to put up with looking for a way home in the city at 1am. I love her. I resent being put into that inconvience though. I wouldn't ask for a refund but I would like an explanation.
  3. LikeAMelody

    The only thing I would do differently as Madonna is her love life.
  4. Medellin: I do not play it as much as before. I feel like there is more to it but right now for me it's a joyful song that uplifts me when I hear it. Dark Ballet: my personal favorite and I play it quite often. The unintelligible part is actually my favorite moment. It's a classic Madonna masterpiece. God Control: I also love when this comes on and hear it almost daily. I feel like this and Dark Ballet but more so God Control is locked in a glass case where people can see them but not hear them. There is so much of Madonna's personality and way of saying something in them. Future: I do not listen to as much as I did. I do think it's like a break in the album after the 1, 2 of Dark Ballet and God Control. Batuka I listen to this song a lot more now than I did when I first heard it. The video is beautiful and it's intense, sad, strong, hopeful...I love it. Killers Who Are Partying I go back and forth with this song. One week I listen to it everyday and the next just when it comes on the album. Beautiful sentiment and sound. Crave: I do not listen to it as much as before but it's always a pleasant, lovely feeling when it comes on. Crazy: I sing a long to it when it comes on. It's catchy but I can not say I'm in love with it. I actually think this is another break in the album. Come Alive: Listen to it a lot...It is a real boost for me and I love the inclusion of the whole world. Extreme Occident: I love this song a lot more now than in the beginning. I put this one up there as a Madonna masterpiece. I like that she simplifies complex problems because that is where the emotions live and as feeling human beings emotions affect us in ways we not admit or even know. Faz Gostoso: I listen to this one more now than before but my love for is more about the sound and the delivery. Bitch I'm Loca: Again, the sound but this one is more light hearted than Faz Gostoso. It's fun to sing a long to. I listen to it when it comes on. Another break in the album from talking about heavy stuff. I Don't Search I Find: I definitely listen to this song more now and it seems borderline masterpiece because I feel there is so much more to it than there seems to be. Amazing vibe and Madonna's voice. ❤ Looking For Mercy: I do not listen to this song as much but I think it's because I need a break from it. Madonna seems so sad in it. I Rise: The final break in the album and the final word of this album. I do not listen to this as much now because I think I played it too much after I first heard it. I want to go through every song because that is how I hear the album now but as an album.. not as much as before but I think that is normal when you played an album a hundred time when you first heard it. With the colder months coming and being indoors more I will be listening to again as an album.
  5. LikeAMelody

    Express Yourself...I can't even describe the feeling I had listening to it at the time. Whatever the feeling was it connected with me in miraculous way. I even got upset when I heard a different version of it from the one I first heard. I was like the guy in the Material Girl video. "Don't change anything!"
  6. LikeAMelody

    When people stop following what they are told to like and dislike she will have a hit. They have to drop their built in notions about her. She has of course, especially on this album, become more serious and I think that is what people crave most from Madonna. One of the reasons I was drawn to Madonna in the beginning was that I thought she had something more to say than I was used to hearing from Pop stars. There was real depth in her lyrics and she combined that depth with catchy music. There is no doubt in my mind that the music industry has done everything it can in the last decade to influence potential fans and older ones to not bother with her anymore. Madonna's strength was always her fans not listening to the many people who tried to influence opinion. Madonna has always had critics...the only difference today is that some of her fans are going along with those critics now. Why? Only they can answer that. This is also coupled with Madonna seeming to be dealing with emotional upheaval in the last decade. She seems much happier now and I do agree with a post above about her being more experimental and that is a wonderful thing and makes fans like me very happy if not chart focused ones. I definately think Madonna will have another hit because quite simply she never gives up.
  7. LikeAMelody

    Erotica is a song that covers many emotions and I react differently everytime I hear it. I can go from taking it very seriously to finding it unbelievably funny which I think is amazing for a song. I think Erotica covers more bases than I Don't Search I Find but that is not to say it is not wonderful on it's own. I Don't Search I Find seems to go down one path and it's a very happy one. The greatest thing about IDSIF is that it makes that "happiness" sound cool. The whole package sounds cool. It's clarity while Erotica is searching. I think IDSIF is appropriately titled bridging clarity and the "sound" of the Erotica album. Overall I tend to like a more complex song which I think Erotica is.
  8. LikeAMelody

    I can see it.
  9. LikeAMelody

    Let me see..if Kate Winslet and Sharon Stone had a baby. lol
  10. I saw a recent picture of Fiona Apple and I don't think I thought this before but I thought, "Oh she looks a little like Madonna." The middle pic of Fiona is like circa Ray of Light to me. When I saw the movie Titanic in the theatre for the first time I thought of Madonna every time Kate Winslet's face was in frame. I am not saying they are her twins because everyone has thier own unique look but I thought they resemble her a little. Who do you think looks like Madonna?
  11. LikeAMelody

    Would be posting but going through too much right now. 🤐 I do love this forum though.
  12. LikeAMelody

    Happy Birthday Madonna!! 💐
  13. LikeAMelody

    So happy for everyone who loves this forum. ❤ Will post #soon. So busy with a work project right now.
  14. I think thier wording is distasteful which is no surprise considering they are as well.
  15. Emma and other teens today are not the only "woke" people that ever existed. Madonna herself has been one of them including many other people in history if anyone today cares to acknowledge the past. Madonna included her speech because it was relevant to the spirit of the song. If Emma was Madonna's age would it have been ok? Madonna always spoke out against the status quo so her speech is something Madonna can get behind. Now it seems she is fighting a new status quo created to discredit anyone not following the new play book. Madonna is an artist and you can either get something out of her art or not. It doesn't bother me that Emma does not care for the video. What irked me is her "instructions." Creative people are getting instructions now on how they choose to support a cause. Well thank you, no I am not a joiner and I am not good listener when it comes to anyone telling me how to care about a cause in such a self important way. Madonna also does not have to answer to anyone as far as whom she donates to. I hope she stays silent on that matter. Like Fighter, I felt her tweet didn't make any sense. My first thought was that it didn't make any sense.