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  1. I absolutely despise her looks lately. I don't see her at all. Style should compliment your looks not completely overpower them.
  2. ....most likely all three saw their fans as individuals. There is a reason I liked Madonna, Prince and Whitney.
  3. To be honest, I know no perfect film. Film is cheap entertainment at best and even the best ones are misinterpreted by the silly American audience. Songs are limited by time so they are more emotional, get to the point. She should do an speaking memoir.
  4. Yeah, a man would be better to tell "her" story. In fact she doesn't know herself at all. How could she? A man can be himself and even make himself as grand as he likes and everyone will say how humble he is. A woman is whatever society tells her she is and she better not dare own any part of herself. She will be told to be quiet, "we will tell you who you are." I know you did not say a male director....I am just commenting on society not ok with a woman having a say in who she is.
  5. Every time I tried to find a pic this song is what came up.
  6. I used to be able to relate to or understand what Madonna was doing in her work but everything she is doing now is going right over my head. It is frustrating when one has turned to an artist to help them feel empowered in the face of injustice and unfairness...to make sense of things that are confusing. I feel abandoned. I wake up everyday wondering if she has come back but all I see are endless displays of things I do not understand. I feel like Madonna has succumbed to pressure. Is it it me or is it her?
  7. Gone The Look of Love or Forbidden Love (COAD)?
  8. I didn't see it. I am quite happy to be proven wrong. ❤ Thank you. Will edit my post.
  9. This is an accurate opinion on how I feel about her social media posts: I know Madonna is in there somewhere but on the surface I can not relate to her anymore. I don't think her Instagram posts are attractive or even interesting. I am a fan of her because the substance is always there no matter the appearance. She is more than trendy social media poses and outfits.
  10. I do not think it empowers nor minimize women. I think it's more of an observation of seeking material items to replace the feeling of being unloved and of someone who believes they can buy love from someone else. It's an observation of the choices made by people living in a society where their importance is based on a checklist of "worthiness" rather than what makes them unique and lovable. In the Blond Ambition tour performance especially the seriousness of being a "Material Girl" is mocked a bit but revels in the fact that money buys you power or the appearance of it in not needing anyone when you feel unloved.
  11. Ok, now just seeing this.....thank you @Jackie! Again, thank you @Fighterand wish you the best of everything!
  12. I like the idea of a series done in an unique way. Her career is too long for a film unless they do a more abstract film.
  13. Thank you for your thoughtful response. I pretty much agree with you, trust me. I just think she is always going somewhere with what she says or does and do not buy into her just wanting to "be relevant" or "follow trends." I know Madonna can carry a conversation with someone on subjects that go beyond the superficial. During her Blond Ambition tour I thought she made statements on American standards for females and revealing the individual underneath. She stood out more then because feminist at the time seemed to be rejecting feminine traits as a way of getting out from underneath the labels. I do think a lot of artists who say they were inspired by Madonna missed the point in her work. I go back and forth with what I think about what she is doing now. Is she making an artistic statement or did she have a nervous breakdown after her divorce and her family unit splitting up? She has still been releasing thoughtful music since then but seems to be highlighting songs more in line with what other pop stars would be releasing as singles. Back in the 90's she pushed for songs like Bedtime Story. Not sure if she has had more or less control over her music in the last decade. I do think she has to connect with the general public to earn a hit. I do believe an older woman as oppose to an older man has a more difficult time doing this although both experience ageism....but a song has to connect with a lot of people. Pop Music even though youth driven since the 50's seemed to still be loved by people of all ages when Madonna first started but does it seems only younger people create a hit with streaming now? Youthful "usually" means trendy and less individualistic. On the surface anyway. The difference I think between then and now is Madonna didn't seem to be in one mood for years. You saw many more sides to her than she is showing now. I do agree with you but am trying to understand her. I was in a defensive mood when I made that post.
  14. Because getting older is a sin for women. Why are you so concerned about her "public image?" She is the same person whether she appears in whatever you deem an appropriate outfit or one you don't like. Her values are intact. She still cares about humanity.
  15. Well I believe there was a full on manipulative assault by certain people in the music industry in the last decade and unfortunality there are plenty of takers out there. I never dreamed there were that many Madonna fans so easily led but also, in other news, I never dreamed that many Americans were so susceptible to manipulation. Still can't believe it.
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