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  1. Towards the end of Medellin when she's singing the 1..2..cha cha cha; is she saying "think" repeatedly or am I imagining things? It is is highly possible that I am. Lol.
  2. LikeAMelody

    Which gives you insight into the charactor of her "haters."
  3. LikeAMelody

    Every song feels like a piece to a beautiful picture. They feel very connected and I love every song. They sound subtle but complex. The album. ❤
  4. LikeAMelody

    Well I obsess over people who I feel are getting away with something. I hate when people get away with duping and harming others and I don't let it go because it drives me up a wall. My interest in others not liking them is because I do not like to see someone with a negative agenda receive support. Not because I think they are "less." Then we have people who hate to see someone "they" think of as "less" having success. The more success they have the more it drives them up a wall. They have a criteria for whom they like and if you do not fit the bill than you are not allowed to be loved by anyone....especially if the lucky one in thier eyes does not kiss thier *** and in fact ignores them. Madonna, despite obstacles has reached an audience with her art and I am so grateful that she has never given up because I can not imagine not having her music in my life. I connected with her as an artist despite all the negative noise. I don't need thier guidance as much as they would like to give it to me. She can keep on ignoring people who obviously have nothing special going on if they want to take away from someone else.
  5. Since the internet I thank the universe everyday for the mind I have.
  6. What is really strange is that the spirit of music has become very conservative in the guise of being open minded. Music is not the cool hip place it used to be.
  7. I'm glad they are posting the link because she was fab!
  8. Madonna has an imperfect singing voice yet it is beautiful, unique and has a special warmth to it that is unlike any other. Her critics had no power through the 80s and 90s and I got to hear more of the artist I loved the most. What has changed? Why are her critics given such a voice today? We used to ignore them. It's not good enough for them to just move on if they do not like her. They have been on and endless mission to persuade others not to like her either. If I do not like an artist's music, I just move on.
  9. Live Vocals!!!!! ❤❤ I enjoyed this immensely! I want to hear her and what she is trying to convey with her art. That's all I ask from a live performance. I thought Like A Prayer has been overused but I think it's fitting here although the beginning was a little too MDNA tour but I guess that shows the origins of Like A Prayer. Future is a funny song and I still feel as if I am in meditation class chanting when I hear it. It's a positive song but like all the songs I have heard from Madame X it seems to have an edge to it. It's a little scary to me. I do not know why but I like the performance and the song. Like A Prayer made me very happy and it was most likely chosen for it's connection to the theme of the album. Partying might only be a small part of Madame X. Loved this performance. 💗
  10. LikeAMelody

    I don't want to ruin your listening of the album so if you really want to experience the album in it's entirety ignore what I am going to write... I think the way the songs are being released is a part of the experience of this album and not necessarily as just individual songs. "I think." The more I hear the more I am getting excited for the album and trying to figure out where it's leading. I would hate for your listening pleasure ruined though so if it's really how you want to experience the's a less than a month away. You can do it!
  11. LikeAMelody

    At first I could not get the combination of the music and the lyrics. I like both the lyrics and music but not necessarily together. Is the song saying if you are stuck in the past you are not coming into the future? Lol I tell ya those lines can get stuck in your head. Lol I am now lying here fearing I am one of those not coming to the future. Socially I am but not for myself personally. I feel like I Rise, Crave and Future are like meditations. Can't wait to hear this whole album. I like the little sing song she does in the middle. It makes you think she is gonna turn it into a balIad for a second and then goes back. I like it, and I have a feeling I am going to like it more and more. Kinda like the way I Impressive Instant. I was like, "what's this?" I like it.
  12. LikeAMelody

    On my first couple listens of "Crave" I am impressed by the restraint she is showing. I have always equated restraint with a cool sort of confidence. It's not arrogant or sarcastic or defensive. It's a confidence that is just there and I would like to reach that some day. In the song she seems to be acknowledging cavings that don't necessarily serve her well and realizes that what she really craves can be found within her. It's kinda the flip side to I'm Addicted and on the same trail as Devil Pray. What Madonna really did with Confessions and a little bit with Ray Of Light is infuse danceable tracks with everything she wanted to say. So they pleased everyone. Even American Life had "Pop hooks" in the songs. Musically Medellin is uplifting and creates that balance between meaningful lyrics and danceable track more so than I Rise or Crave. I am intrigued by the direction of this album but the Professor, The Housekeeper, The Student, The Nun...."is in" and not everyone is impressed by all the sides of Madame X. Some of the kids are falling asleep in class. Lol I think the sounds she goes for are very deliberate. Even though a lot think Madonna has superficial reasons for her choices the artist I fell in love with was always very thoughtful and deliberate in her expression and I do not think that has changed. So far I Rise is my favorite of the three and Medellin and then Crave. That's only after a couple listens of Crave. I am excited though by what else is on this album if she is being as balanced mentally and emotionally as she has been on these first three songs.
  13. LikeAMelody

    I dont know if it should be the opener although that would be kinda cool. I do think it's gonna be in the setlist. It's time.
  14. LikeAMelody

    Philly! A gorgeous venue too! There is no listing for tickets prices for Philly though. I hope I can somehow go to this. 😊