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  1. angelamanda623

    I just watched the performance over Youtube. I thought it was great!! I do believe there was a disconnect between her and Quavo but otherwise the point was loud and clear to me. Also, I understood her use of Tchaikovsky's 'The Nutcracker Suite', it was PERFECT for the message, but I didn't like it simply because my daughter and I both have a deep reverence for The Nutcracker. (Long story.) Speaking of my daughter, again, she liked 'Future' as soon as she heard it. Young ears lol. My older ears will soon learn to adapt. So for the naysayers who want to plug Madonna's performance, I stand behind those who say "eff off".
  2. angelamanda623

    My take: Future is a direction that she's never gone before. And THAT excites me. I always love when Madonna changes direction, keeps us on our toes. That's one of the main reasons why I have loved her for over 30 years. BUT...with that being said, Future is going to take some time to grow on me. Unlike Medellin and I Rise, which I loved immediately, this song is just not my cup of tea. But I am willing to give it another try because who knows? Crave is starting to grow on me, so maybe Future will, too. Let M be M people. You knew what you were stepping into when you walked through her door.
  3. angelamanda623

    So excited for those who got tickets! Have the times of your lives!!
  4. angelamanda623

    Couldn't have put it better. Our Queen has been here the whole time!
  5. angelamanda623

    That last question had me falling off my rocker. But I hope she does a mix of everything and pays attention to the singles that hardly ever get any mind.
  6. angelamanda623

    Oh, I think she definitely does, no doubt. But I would love to see her on both platforms, in the big stadiums and in the smaller venues. They both have their advantages (and disadvantages). As for the 'X' stage, I love it! You are super-creative!
  7. angelamanda623

    However she does it, I just hope that she does it.
  8. angelamanda623

    But you know, if I could afford all that I'd be right there with them lol. But I will definitely be in the line getting my daughter and I some premium seats for one show!
  9. angelamanda623

    BEYOND, BEYOND, BEYOND! I will see you all in the ticket line suckas!
  10. angelamanda623

    Are we doing this already?? I'm hiding under my bed. But yes, I agree: Medellin will fare out better although they're both great songs. And that chemistry: WE ON FIRE!!
  11. angelamanda623

    AHHH!, this one was hard. Commercially, no doubt, it would go to "Like A Prayer". When that song came out, it had everyone circulating around the album. There couldn't have been better publicity. BUT...I'm thinking as far as the song itself or the impact it had. With that being said, my choice would go to "Everybody". What better impact than to introduce the world to the phenom we now know as Madonna?! It was the tune that started it all. My (close) second choice would be "Frozen". I still remember when I first saw its video; I was awestruck. I had already been an M fan for well over 10 years but nothing fixated me the way that it did (at least at that time). So, in order from 1st choice to last choice: "Everybody" "Frozen" "Music" "Like A Virgin" "Hung Up" "Like A Prayer" "Living For Love" "Erotica" "American Life" "4 Minutes" ”Live to Tell” ”Secret” ”Give Me All Your Luvin’” (Note: These songs are definitely not in the order of which I like best to which I like least, although I love "Everybody". Hell, some of these songs at the top of this list aren't even in my Top 100.)
  12. angelamanda623

    Thank you
  13. angelamanda623

    Thank you for sharing this. I wasn't exactly familiar with where the spoken intro was coming from, I feel ashamed to say. I tend to stay away from the news because it is so depressing but I want to be enlightened, too, so I firmly know that I have to pay attention to the real news, not this media-hype called news. Anyways, back to Madonna: I absolutely love "I Rise". This album is shaping up to be one of her best and those are the only two tracks that I have heard so far. It has been a while since I have been this excited about one of our Queen's projects but I am full in.
  14. angelamanda623

    Love spoiling me, don't you?!
  15. angelamanda623

    Welcome!! And you're absolutely right.