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  1. angelamanda623

    I agree: it's going to be a difficult song to perform live. But knowing how tight our Queen is, she will turn it out. I definitely believe that God Control will be on the set list.
  2. angelamanda623

    A - FREAKING - MEN!!!
  3. angelamanda623

    Like I said before, I am here for this era every step of the way. But they had better not cancel this video; from the teaser, you can tell that it is going to be a piece of art, a masterpiece (no pun intended). My panties are so wet for it that I want it now! not later!!
  4. angelamanda623

    OMG, this makes all the difference. You wouldn't believe the state of confusion that I was in! Thank you Bel.
  5. angelamanda623

    Right, but like lucasciccone said "wrong information". That's what I thought it was but I'm not trying to buy a piece of fluff and waste my time. I want our girl and all of our girl! Love to both of you.
  6. angelamanda623

    I'm thinking that I want to buy this but this era has left me very confused as to what songs are on which standards. And there is absolutely no added information given here. I trust Amazon but I can't buy a product if I don't know what it is. Anybody, oh anybody, please help!
  7. angelamanda623

    Stepping away from our girl for just a second, I am actually Wiccan and have been for over 25 years. Though that might not have been your intention, thanks for speaking up for us. Just like our Queen would do.
  8. angelamanda623

    In order from greatest to least: The Girlie Show 1993: this was just beyond, everything was on point! (my balls are swinging from left to right) Blonde Ambition 1990: the joviality, come-together feel was great! Like A Virgin 1985: the speech at Detroit-wow! Sticky And Sweet 2009: fun tribute to Michael! Drowned World 2001: the remix was awesome! Who's That Girl 1987: her whole demeanor, including the squealing, was cute! Reinvention Tour 2004: very different but epic! Rebel Heart 2015 - 2016: the acrobatics were cool!
  9. angelamanda623

    Who are you?! You must be banned immediately I love these songs. I'm going to have to give some deep thought on the 15 that I loathe. Give me some time on that.
  10. angelamanda623

    Never mind, found it online. See how anxious I am lol! Thanx guys for the heads-up!
  11. angelamanda623

    Prince is on the cover?! I must have this magazine! Do you happen to have a picture of the cover?
  12. Absolutely not. Nobody wants that.
  13. I absolutely love this idea.
  14. angelamanda623

    Blonde Ambition...there's just no way for that to be beaten. But my close second was TGS, which I'm surprised none of you appreciated the humor of. I absolutely loved it!