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  1. From an artistic standpoint, Girlie Show wins hands down. I don't care what ya'll say
  2. I completely agree. My daughter and I got great seats for two of the dates, and while we have never had great seats before - always in the back - I will wait for as long as she needs. Her health comes first.
  3. I am so disappointed that I missed the vote-in. I need to check in more often. But your games are always quite fun! The finals were as I predicted, but my favorite tour is and always will be The Girlie Show!
  4. Thank you so much. I really appreciate it. This is a great song; I wonder why he did not include it on ATWIAD. Then again, he had so many and limited space for release.
  5. I completely agree. I have been loving the packaging and the attention to detail, but the selection of music itself has been extremely lacking. And, you're right, completely out of order. I have "heard of" Heaven but have never actually heard it. Have you heard it? And, trust me, you are not being picky. Any of the faithful, including myself, feel the way that you feel.
  6. I have all of the reissues too since my only favorite artist before Madonna is Prince. I have the SOTT singles collection, too; I'm so proud of it that I have not even been able to open it lol. The estate's attention to detail has been wonderful but I just wish that they would release everything. Call me selfish but there is nothing that I would enjoy more.
  7. RM is a great song! Maybe it will get a treatment for TCT. Let's just cross our fingers. This could be absolutely killer on stage, and like most of you I will never understand why Madonna doesn't see the effects that it would have on her live audiences.
  8. In order from greatest to least: The Girlie Show 1993: this was just beyond, everything was on point! (my balls are swinging from left to right) Blonde Ambition 1990: the joviality, come-together feel was great! Like A Virgin 1985: the speech at Detroit-wow! Sticky And Sweet 2009: fun tribute to Michael! Drowned World 2001: the remix was awesome! Who's That Girl 1987: her whole demeanor, including the squealing, was cute! Reinvention Tour 2004: very different but epic! Rebel Heart 2015 - 2016: the acrobatics were cool!
  9. Who are you?! You must be banned immediately I love these songs. I'm going to have to give some deep thought on the 15 that I loathe. Give me some time on that.
  10. Blonde Ambition...there's just no way for that to be beaten. But my close second was TGS, which I'm surprised none of you appreciated the humor of. I absolutely loved it!
  11. So excited for those who got tickets! Have the times of your lives!!
  12. That last question had me falling off my rocker. But I hope she does a mix of everything and pays attention to the singles that hardly ever get any mind.
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