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  1. Nick

    I ended up choosing Hard Candy, maybe for the nostalgia factor. I still like Rebel Heart but Hard Candy takes it for me. 4 Minutes, Devil Wouldn't Recognize You, Voices and She's Not Me are some of my favs from HC.
  2. Honestly, I'm not sure I can choose. I was pretty disappointed with the remixes for that era. There are only a few that I really love: Living for Love (Offer Nissim Living for Drums), Ghosttown (Don Diablo Remix), Bitch I'm Madonna (Sander Kleinenberg Club Mix).
  3. This is iconic. I need this pic without the tag!
  4. Nick

    1. Beautiful Killer 2. I'm Addicted 3. Masterpiece 4. Girl Gone Wild 5. Gang Bang 6. Some Girls 7. Love Spent 8. Falling Free 9. I'm a Sinner 10. Give Me All Your Luvin' 11. I Don't Give A 12. Best Friend 13. I Fucked Up 14. Turn up the Radio 15. Superstar 16. B-Day Song I don't dislike the album, but I agree it doesn't have some of her best on it. However, I did listen to the album a lot, I think because, when it was released, it seemed like such a long time since Hard Candy.
  5. Exactly. It's like whenever Gaga or M does something, the fans go searching for some instance where the other "did it first".
  6. I agree that I can't see M singing this one. Definitely was a great choice for P!nk early in her career though.
  7. Nick

    I would be willing to help with a lossless section if it goes through. I've been working on getting all official versions in lossless.
  8. I love her look here! Also, I'm glad her and Gaga took some pics and they both look happy! I'm so sick of fans (on both sides) blowing their "feud" way out of proportion. They must be on good terms, otherwise Gaga wouldn't have gone and taken pics with M. If they can move on, so can we.
  9. Nick

    I've always loved How High. Great production and lyrics, it was one of my fav non-singles from Confessions. Let it Will Be is also a highlight; especially the incredible performance of it on The Confessions Tour. One more that comes to mind is Easy Ride; I love how it starts slow and builds up to a big electro Mirwais track.
  10. Finally got around to give the album a listen, and honestly it's not bad. I wasn't overly impressed with the singles, and couldn't get past the Porter sample on GTFO (which I'm slowly starting to accept lol), but the rest of the album is pretty solid. The title track is great, and Giving Me Life is definitely a highlight for me; that switch up at the end is fantastic. Also, it is a good length. I found her last two albums had too many tracks, and several spots that lost my attention, but this one is consistent all the way through and the perfect length.
  11. Nick

    Final mixes? Damn, I'm so ready.
  12. For real though, I wonder how different the reaction would've been if two men had done this.
  13. Nick

    She looks and sounds so great! I am getting excited now haha
  14. While it is not her best album, it still has a place in my heart. 4 Minutes is amazing, and the rest of the album is decent! Takes me back to my late middle school days. And there were some great remixes this era; the last era we were blessed with Peter's remixes :(
  15. Nick

    Oh my god he was so young... I will never forget when I first heard this iconic song and fell in love with his music