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  1. For real though, I wonder how different the reaction would've been if two men had done this.
  2. Nick

    She looks and sounds so great! I am getting excited now haha
  3. While it is not her best album, it still has a place in my heart. 4 Minutes is amazing, and the rest of the album is decent! Takes me back to my late middle school days. And there were some great remixes this era; the last era we were blessed with Peter's remixes :(
  4. Nick

    Oh my god he was so young... I will never forget when I first heard this iconic song and fell in love with his music
  5. Awesome! Can you please upload them? <3 Thanks! However, unfortunately it's a bad transcode :/ There's no rush though, you can upload them whenever you have time
  6. Wait, she's working with Mirwais again? Is this a dream?
  7. Hey guys! Does anybody have the explicit version of Your Body, and also the remixes? Preferably lossless These ones (in addition to the Martin Garrix remix): TBH I only really care about the club mixes but if you have the dubs too then that's fine too ;)
  8. Nick

    We have an update! Here's some more audio files (mostly snippets and demo instrumentals) [Hidden Content] Here's the complete Just Dance photoshoot on set, plus a couple other outtakes and HQ photos [Hidden Content] EDIT: I would like to point out that, after further inspection, the Paparazzi Demo and the Trigger Pre-Mix Demo are confirmed fanmade.
  9. Nick

    Here you go guys: [Hidden Content] UPDATE:
  10. Nick

    The archive posted above is not accurate to what has leaked. It does include some of the recent leaks, but it also includes low quality versions of other unreleased songs that are available in higher quality, and songs not even by Gaga (ex. Pixie Lott - Here We Go Again). I can upload what was shared tomorrow if you guys want
  11. Nick

    I personally think the subsections are fine. What we could do, though, is that some forums have thread prefixes you can add. So each thread in the Audio section, for example, would have one of {Remix, Live Performance, Stems, Demo, Unreleased, Request etc.}. And by clicking on the prefix itself, it will bring up all the threads in that subforum with that prefix. Just an idea, I've seen it works great on other forums, but not sure if it can be easily implemented here.
  12. Nick

    Not sure if this would be allowed, but having some big archive threads for unreleased tracks and demos would be cool. It would be like this thread, but with download links for each of the tracks. Again, I'm not sure if that would be allowed, but if it is, I'd be happy to help Also, if it is allowed, an archive for all official versions of tracks (like the Madonna Remixology with download links) would be pretty cool. It would, I think, decrease the amount of duplicate request threads. Let me know what you think; again, I'm not sure if it would be allowed.
  13. Nick

    Let the hype begin! Praying that all goes well in this era, free of hackers and mass-leaks!