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  1. can you be a misogynist AND a Madonna fan? I just don't get how people can misunderstand her so damn much
  2. devilpray

    I only saw her in the first Argentinian date on the MDNA Tour, she was 4 hours late (which isn't unusual let's be honest lol) but she had a terrible fever and kept saying how sorry she was. I believe she lipped way more that night because she sounded way better than usual.
  3. i blame it on ur love

  4. devilpray

    I posted that weeks before the finale tho
  5. okay but yall better stream No Angel by Charlisus XChristX

    1. RUADJAI


      Damn,  this girl put out two albums last year?! She on a Rihanna schedule. 

  6. devilpray

    why do we care? let her live for fucks sake
  7. devilpray

    I'm so done with RuPaul. Honestly. The Vixen deserves better and Asia pretty much sacrificed her chances of winning by calling Ru's bullshit.
  8. devilpray

    I watched the first season, it's awful and it made me feel like shit for months because I kept seeing people assume shit about things that they don't know because they never went through just because they saw a tv show. Not only does it make suicide look cool, it makes her whole revenge suicide storyline seem like justice for her because of what she went through. That TV show is so wrong, also, it pretty much gives the message that she only killed herself because a douchebag didn't tell her he loved her WOW WHAT A SCRIPT! SOMEONE GIVE THEM A FUCKING EMMY!
  9. devilpray

    get her jade
  10. devilpray

    I NEED Kylie + Garibay on vinyl.
  11. devilpray

    All her albums are must have tbh. The only album of hers that doesn't sound good on vinyl is American Life, sadly.
  12. is it cold in the water?

  13. devilpray

    I'm sorry, but this sounds just like a wedding band. Mess lol
  14. I know I say this every day but I need more Madonna x SOPHIE