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  1. take me to dubai

    1. Dazedmadonna


      let's call u a taxi

    2. devilpray


      sis why would u trigger me this way?

    3. Dazedmadonna


      boy, you're in over your head

  2. devilpray

    It's soooo good! She sounds and looks so good and happy!
  3. devilpray

    Happy birthday!
  4. devilpray

    Thank you all so much! I’m really happy to share a spot in such a great forum with all of you!
  5. devilpray

    Thank you sisssss
  6. devilpray

    How dare you?
  7. devilpray

    Thank you all sooo much! [emoji24]
  8. devilpray

    BIM deserved a SOPHIE remix. I DESERVE A SOPHIE REMIX.
  9. devilpray

    I'm pretty sure that the whole Rocco situation back in 2015/16 made her reconsider her parenting and wants to be more present. I don't think we'll get the album this year tbh. Hoping for a surprise!
  10. devilpray

    This is taking longer than we expected but aren't you guys happy that she's still making music? I'm so grateful, and to think of all the messiness that's coming to us with 47 different physical editions with bonus tracks for random countries, the chance of getting a decent booklet, MIRWAIS, her embracing her Mamboness on an album, etc etc etc etc I'M SO EXCITED
  11. devilpray

    I feel like since '89 she was more in charge of her own sexuality and empowered and that was seen as a threat to the female stereotype most men want in women.
  12. devilpray

    Oh this is really sad.
  13. devilpray

    I'm pretty sure she's simply into Ciara's Level Up and wanted to remind us that today is Friday. I don't expect her to do a surprise release for the single or album. I don't see her doing that. Interscope is sadly pretty old school when it comes to releases.
  14. devilpray

    This thread:
  15. This just another "and so was I" speech. Lmao.