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  1. devilpray

    Wow. This album drought is driving you guys crazy lmao. MADONNA embracing TRUMP? Her LEAD single being announced by her hairdr- wait this is actually possible knowing her lol. But yeah, it's not 'Love Hard', what kind of Natalia Kills 2011 reject bop is that? I just want her to take her time and deliver good melodies (like in RH) and good/decent mixing and mastering.
  2. devilpray

    Hearing her albums in order is the best experience, you get to see her grow as an artist and how every album is more profound than the last one. I'd watch the tours while listening to the albums or after listening to all of them. If you're not interested in that I'd tell you to jump straight into Confessions on a Dance Floor and the Confessions Tour.
  3. devilpray

    Welp. I saw the movie yesterday, it's great. She's a great actress and the sound mixing was GORGEOUS. This whole R Kelly thing... yikes. It was always weird because we knew he was terrible but she still chose to work with him. I believe this apology was sincere but it also has to do with the Oscars let's be real. She was in a bad state of mind during ARTPOP, we know that, and her management was controlling her and forcing her, she fired everyone and shelved that video. Maybe she didn't ignore him all this time because she didn't want to get in between of this drama, but I think ignoring it was way worse. I want to believe her but it's hard. I don't know. I am a sexual assault victim too and the way I reacted was by pretending it never happened and I kept being around the people that assaulted me, I feel like she went through something similar to what I went through. By the time she opened up about her past she never sang the song or spoke to him again. This situation is a mess.
  4. devilpray

    Someone's bitter lol
  5. Happy (late lol) Holidays! I've been really busy but I'll never leave I swear! I hope you all had a great start this new year!

  6. devilpray

    idk but more songs like BIM please
  7. devilpray

    Bad promo and the general public not open to a pop song by a 57 year old woman.
  8. devilpray

    Why am I asking for more albums to be released on vinyl when I'm BROKE? lmao ...but I'd love to have Madonna's live albums on vinyl
  9. devilpray

    I think there are photo or videoshoots for the album yet.
  10. devilpray

    I'm too hyped and my hairline knows it
  11. devilpray

    Can't wait to see this season even though I said I wouldn't only to say the same thing as soon as this one ends lol
  12. devilpray

  13. devilpray

  14. devilpray

    Happy birthday!
  15. devilpray

    IMO it's one of her best videos. Idk why but I love it.