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  1. Josh Wang

    act 1 Virgin Mary (Intro) Like a Prayer Dark Ballet God Control act 2 Music Crave Dress You Up Faz Gostoso Killers Who Are Partying act 3 Erotica Vogue I Don't Search I Find Rescue Me Express Yourself act 4 Looking for Mercy Joan of Arc I Rise This Used to Be My Playground Oh Father Papa Don't Preach act 5 Into the Groove Medellín La Isla Bonita act 6 Everybody Is a Star/Everybody
  2. Josh Wang

    more NYC shows coming??? this is highly unnecessary, he could just add more cities such as Dallas, Denver, Seattle and Toronto
  3. Josh Wang

    tons of tickets left for all her NA dates... this tour is such a mess...
  4. Josh Wang

    Kylie performed a one hour set last year
  5. Josh Wang

    hi~ just want to ask what is the legitimacy of the rumor mentioned on UKmix that M is doing a "2020 summer European festival tour"