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  1. I think she might have a lot of rough demos where she just sits with writers and a few performers, or just with Monty as those are pretty easy to record on the fly as jam sessions with mics, preamps, instruments and a laptop. In terms of actual studio recordings, I think they've been more careful about time, money and resources when booking out a studio with technicians and more performers, and especially after the Rebel Heart leaks, reducing the amount of people who would have access to those Pro Tools sessions. I wouldn't imagine there are too many astounding unreleased tracks and demos, they're usualy quite underwhelming. The ones which really struck me were the Rick Nowels demos from what became Ray of Light (The Power of Goodbye, To Have and Not To Hold, Little Star and Like A Flower to illustrate). Those were nicely fleshed out and the vocal take on The Power of Goodbye is by far my favourite thing she's ever done. Also, it's really a waste of time to record as many songs as you write per album because it gives you less time to really perfect what you need for a release in mind. Case in point is Rebel Heart - way too much and the result was a collection of songs that were all over the place.
  2. 15 pages and no official confirmation. Was this just another case of fans and their wishful thinking? I'd love for it to be true, but would a change in record company really result in better albums? The albums with Interscope albums were awful, but more and more the woman seems, and even sounds like, a zombie of her former self. Changing record companies won't change that really.
  3. "It's a con. It's a hustle" "Everybody knows the damn truth"
  4. Well, gosh, that's the first time I've come across anyone that actually knows it! ??
  5. No, sorry, I still don't speak stupid. Never mind, you seem fluent in it, and I guess as long as you're happy in your own head, that's all that matters.
  6. You're right, not all his supporters are white supremacists, but they are all stupid as fuck.
  7. Madonna is way too tame, vanilla and mainstream by comparison to be considered an occult artist. The notion itself is quite silly. It's not like she's Marilyn Manson, Led Zeppelin or death/doom metal and death rock bands that adorn their work with symbols, sigils and other references to the Dark Lord ?? Now go listen to Coven's 1969 album Witchcraft Destroys Minds & Reaps Souls and see if the horned beast gets your motor going ?️
  8. 1. I really don't know. I can't say I've spent time thinking about what Madonna should or shouldn't do. 2. The look doesn't bother me if it's a decent album. 3. Dear Jessie. For a laugh. 4. I'd say Orbit got the best out of her. Also, whoever produced Burning Up and Gambler. Would've loved more of that sound in the 80s as well. 5. I don't really feel one way or the other if there's another album or not.
  9. Definitely my favourite song on the album, followed by Isaac and Forbidden Love.
  10. I'll keep it sweet and short. Thanks for not making all 80s pop seem so dreadful. ?
  11. Awful. No. I don't know Kylie's album but the idea of Madonna revisiting past songs for a studio album would only disappoint. She doesn't have the same voice and it just wouldn't carry well. I'd rather new songs if she wanted to record with an orchestra, but in saying that, for me, songs like Messiah and Falling Free were underproduced and ultimately dull to listen to. The orchestration added no vibrancy or elevation to her vocals. I think it just can't be Madonna with strings and wind instruments, but also piano, drums, percussion together with world instruments. Leave her back catalogue in the past and move forward with new material.
  12. Rob Zombie, one of my favourite people, just posted on Instagram, elaborating more on an incident he witnessed in September 1983 when he had just moved to NYC. The incident in question involved Michael Stewart, a young African American who was being beaten by police. He would later die from his injuries. Rob posted 3 images. One of Michael Stewart, one of artwork and one of a flyer advertising a benefit gig that took place on October 3rd. Look who the headliner was... So even from the beginning, she was active in standing up and being counted.
  13. Madonna is a great silent movie actress. The talkies ruined her career.
  14. I wouldn't want to buy a Madonna album with interludes. So much already gets in the way of a decent song already. Interludes are already so tiresome on "live" shows when other artists and bands play their songs all the way through. I don't pay good money for a video projection after all.
  15. Madonna, like Morrissey, has nothing useful to say.
  16. The only two songs I liked on that awful album. Could've done with better production and vocals. Wouldn't be surprised if her writing input was minimal. She wasn't 100% with this album.
  17. I recall reading the album cover, as well as the Express Yourself zipper sleeve, being a humourous response to the 1971 sleeve for Sticky Fingers by the Rolling Stones, shot by Andy Warhol. Something along the lines of "if a man can do it, why can't I?" P.S. - notice where the "O" in Madonna is placed on the Express Yourself sleeve :O
  18. Give me something that sounds like it was produced by Sisters of Mercy or Marilyn Manson.
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