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  1. Madame X Rebel Heart MDNA And also Hard Candy @PWCCAtotally with you on this. Pure shite.
  2. She is so damn stiff with the guitar. She really doesn't relaxed with it, it doesn't seem to come naturally and you can hear it in what she tries to play.
  3. I think Kevin's arrangements suck the life out of any of her songs. They sound absolutely shit, like fanmade mixes. Listen to how atrocious he made Frozen sound on the last tour, he destroyed the integrity of the song. If that's what Madonna wants people coming to get show to hear, then her wig is on too damn tight. Stuart ok, but it was already starting to sound too stiff. She needs a major overhaul but I don't see it happening. Madonna likes doing the same shit over and over because it's easy and she's gotten lazy.
  4. So, Madonna and Fincher hooked up back in the 80s? Not that I'm one to gossip Seems to be what folks on Twitter are saying, but haven't actually seen any sources, although I did just come across a photo of them together I hadn't seen before and thought to share.
  5. You don't vote for / support racism, misogyny, anti-lgbtq laws and expect everyone to agree to disagree. At some point you have to realise you're on the wrong side of history. The guy is comparable to Hitler.
  6. Thanks for posting, but that was very repetitive for 5 minutes. It would be great if one day someone could do something inspired with this song.
  7. I can't wait for the moment they drag that pumpkin out of the White House. The waiting for this to be over... and I'm from the UK, so can't begin to imagine how Americans are feeling right now as we all wait for this to be over.

  8. Today is 1 year since my mom's funeral. I think I've coped quite well with everything these past 12 months have tried to thrown me off with.

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    2. Enrico


      I can see your face
      In our secret place
      You're not just a memory
      Say goodbye to yesterday
      Those are words I'll never say


    3. Voguerista


      @captainjayyou describe it exactly!!  @Enricoso sooo beautiful! Nope, I will never say goodbye. hugssss

    4. Bobo


      Thank you everyone, it was a tough week to get through, like the whole year really. And then randomly coming across a picture of my mom on a relative's Facebook that I'd never seen before, was unexpected and just brought it all back. But doing ok for now. Sending digital hugs to you all.

  9. I think it was fine the way it was. Maybe an EP with a few tracks that weren't included, like with the Holiday EP from The Immaculate Collection. That way, they might have been able to do: The Look of Love (remix) Spanish Eyes Bad Girl (orchestral)
  10. Difficult to work with Insomniac Upper end IQ (low EQ ?) I always know what I want visually and sonically I remember reading that in the 80s she didn't like the idea of remixes because she didn't want people messing with her songs. I can understand that and relate to that. As a recording artist, I'm very protective of my demos, stems and masters. I understand her unwillingness to release demos and additional tracks. Risk taker I was raised catholic, left home early, was in a band for a short time. I'm terrible at acting. I play drums and electric guitar. I play bass as well, but I don't know if she ever did. We don't like the same art, literature, music or anything else though.
  11. Mother and Father / Intervention from the official release is quite stunning. I love husky voiced M from the Who's That Girl tour. The Look of Love, the title track, Live To Tell, Open Your Heart are all fantastic. Oh Father from Blond Ambition is so raw. Really stunning. Sooner Or Later at the Oscars, another highlight. Bad Girl was remarkable. Jazzy voice M was so underused in live shows.
  12. Bitch I'm Madonna. I wanted it to end.
  13. Any of the Fincher videos to learn about lighting a subject. He's a master at how to light videos and working with shadows. I think he's a interesting director who really studied cinema from the Weimar era and mastered his craft. Look at how he frames his shots and uses composites as well in anything he's done from Alien 3 onwards. Like @VogueristaI'm also interested in the geisha, kabuki and butoh influences in Madonna's videography (Takara, Nothing Really Matters, Paradise) and would have liked to have seen it taken a lot further. I feel her approaches were far too watered down for western audiences and would have been interested to hear what more she knows about these art forms, if it goes beyond Memoirs of a Geisha and she's actually been to Japanese theatres or if it's merely superficial. I would have liked to have seen the sari look developed more. It was beautiful with the 1999 Rolling Stone shoot and the VH1 Fashion Awards of that year, together with the outfit for MTV's Shanti/Ashtangi performance. I would've been interested in working on lighting and set design for an official video to that song and seeing it go the route of a devotional Bollywood film homage. Again, would be interesting to hear her thoughts on Bollywood cinema history as so much of it fixed on song, dance and spectacle, three elements she has experience with but from a western perspective.
  14. Straight to the kitchen to make a sandwich because I'd probably be hungry after all that exercise from scaling the walls and dodging security, dogs and probably the twins.
  15. Ah, you mean that one! I had forgotten about that, the one that was on my mind was the looped b/w one, the visualiser. Probably then.
  16. "I Rise" did not have a video, it's a visualiser for the track.
  17. Well, if Mariah and Courtney Love can hang out, I don't see why not.
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