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  1. Weather you like the song or not, you have to give it up to Maluma. He’s promoting Madonna and Medellín non stop.
  2. MadJ

    1. One More Chance 2. Ring My Bell 3. Addicted 4. Beautiful Scars (Released Version...Love the demo) 5. Jimmy Jimmy 6. Hey You 6. Best Friend 8. Some Girls 9. Spanish Lesson 10. Incredible 11. It’s So cool 12. Celebration 13. 4 Minutes 14. Now I’m Following You 1 & 2 15. Be Careful with Ricky Martin
  3. MadJ

    1. Vogue 2. Hanky Panky 3. Back in Business 4. He’s a Man 5. What Can You Lose 6. I’m Going Bananas 7. More 8. Something to Remember 9. Sooner or Later 10. Cry Baby 11. Now I’m Following You Pt. 1 12. Now I’m Following You P. 2
  4. MadJ

    1. Vogue 2. Erotica 3. Express Yourself 4. Open Your Heart 5. Rescue Me 6. I’ll Remember 7. This Used to be My Playground 8. Whos That’s Girl 9. Angel 10. Keep It Together 11. Ray of Light 12. Words 13. Thief of Hearts 14. Living For Love 15. Love Tried to Welcome Me 16. To Have and Not to Hold 17. I Deserve It 18. Wash All Over Me 19. Get Together 20. Candy Shop
  5. MadJ

    1. Love Don't Live Here Anymore 2. You'll See 3. I'll Remember
  6. MadJ

    I already made my statement. I don't need to keep the negativity lingering like you continue to do @@RebelHeARTPOP. But, thank you for the shout out.
  7. MadJ

    I'd appreciate that. Thank you!
  8. MadJ

    I obviously already tried it.
  9. MadJ

    Aldo Diaz received an opportunity of a lifetime and a lot of people on here are putting down his work. How about we praise this person for what they accomplished?
  10. MadJ

    I was simply stating that there's too much negativity in this forum and I was attacked. You better fucking believe I will attack back and stand up for myself. This whole gang bang on me proves my point.
  11. MadJ

    You definitely have issues.