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  1. MisterFabian

    I'm crossing my fingers to have one!
  2. MisterFabian

    Good luck I've registered too
  3. MisterFabian

    I don't really care of the songs she is going to perform as long as she is enjoying it and gives a good message to people who are going to watch the Eurovision!
  4. MisterFabian

    Hopefully. I think there was a link available for the final. I am sure we will find a way to watch it
  5. MisterFabian

    I am sure she is just testing the water and more cities and dates are going to be added to the list Let's wait and see.
  6. MisterFabian

    Can't wait for news about Paris
  7. MisterFabian

    This is such a gooooood news! Thanks for sharing it @Frank
  8. MisterFabian

    The song is very interesting. I'd say it's a mix between the Ray Of Light album style and Rebel Heart. I really like it. One month and more than 10 days to go for the rest of the album
  9. MisterFabian

    It will be on Spotify and Apple Music at midnight, your country time
  10. MisterFabian

    I really enjoy the performance. She was so into the song, I like the staging, the holograms were cool too. That is a very nice performance. Can't wait for more! Can't wait for the Eurovision performance!
  11. MisterFabian

    Same here but I wanna see it live. It's almost 2am here in France but I'll watch it live !
  12. MisterFabian

    I just can't wait to see her on the red carpet
  13. MisterFabian

    BBMAs 2019 This one apparently
  14. MisterFabian

    But the positive thing is you'll be able to watch the video once you'll be up You won't have to wait!
  15. MisterFabian

    I can't wait, even if I need to stay awake from 2 o'clock in the morning (Paris time) until 4 or 5am ! I've seen the list of the performances and it will be a nice ceremony!