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  1. That is actually what I intend to do
  2. Too bad CRAVE got cut but I do hope we'll get the full thing on Bluray at some point. After all the months we've been waiting for, once we get the Digital version, we can wait a little more! The feedbacks are kinda good to be honest so I can't wait to watch the Praramount/MTV event!
  3. She is torturing me with all her sneak peeks. I hope she will release it soon... even though I have the feeling we'll have to wait after the summer holidays.
  4. I really hope so! I really want to see the full show, without behind the scenes moments... I hope we'll know about it soon!
  5. I bought a copy of both vinyls! I do really hope they will release "Mi Reflejo" at some point!
  6. I. LOVE. IT !!!!! Indeed, you should send it to her team. Post it on Twitter
  7. It looks like a movie. I cannot wait to watch the show again and again and again!
  8. I am so happy that she is releasing her albums on vinyls. I am going to buy for sure "Charmbracelet" and "The Emancipation of Mimi". I will also be waiting for "Glitter" (she bought the rights of the album) but I know it won't get release now apparently (the pictures taken from her website yesterday did not show "Glitter").
  9. Thank you for the reminder. Cannot wait to hear this version
  10. Honestly, I was a bit disappointed that she did that to her butt because she was always the one saying that we are who we are and we do not have to be ashamed or let people ashaming us. Strong ideas. Strong words. But, at the end, I really do not care about her butt, what she is doing to her face, or her veiny hands. The most important is that she likes how she is. Then, my opinion does not matter. I love her for her music, for her lyrics. What she wants to do in her private life does not concern me.
  11. Great interview. That is nice to know a bit more about the artist she is working with!
  12. Thank you so much for sharing this live
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