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  1. MisterFabian

    WOW that is super great! Thankyou so much for this review!
  2. I am so happy there is one Can't wait to see how it is.
  3. MisterFabian

    I can't wait to wake up tomorrow morning and read the reviews from the fans, with the setlist. I am getting excited but I realize that I'll have to wait few months to experience it as well in Paris!
  4. MisterFabian

    I can't wait for this merchandising in Paris Thanks for sharing.
  5. MisterFabian

    Thanks for letting us know
  6. MisterFabian

    Thank you for coming back. When I realized the forum was back, I was SO happy! I do hope we will all be more conscious that we need to be kind and positive. We always take things for granted. Thank you again
  7. MisterFabian

    I understand. So if it's the reason, then, we must remember she did a broadcast of the MDNA showcase at the Olympia, in Paris. I was there. The angles were fine and I don't recall people complaining about the cameras. They can film few days for different angles. I really hope it's going to be filmed
  8. MisterFabian

    Spelling is fun! Frozen Another suitcase in another hall Beat goes on Inside of me American life Now I'm following you
  9. MisterFabian

    Is it because of something specific (that people believe it won't be recorded)? I might have missed something. I choose to believe it will be filmed. Let's not be negative when the shows haven't started. We'll see.
  10. MisterFabian

    Honestly, all I ask is that it's going to be filmed and released. I don't care where it's going to be recorded as long as we have a quality recording
  11. MisterFabian

    I won't say there is a worst album for me but that I don't feel connected with some of them. For example, MDNA is confusing me. I am not a fan of all the songs. But I do enjoy most of them!
  12. MisterFabian

    That's what I thought when I read the question. It would make sense to film it in Lisbon. But as @Bat-Fanwrote, she is usually filming when the show is on point, at the end... so that would be Paris... which makes me happy because I'll be there And we need a "Live from Paris" (well I do!)
  13. MisterFabian

    Indeed, that was a clever move to create a buzz, especially when AMERICAN LIFE was not going that well in the US. I must say I liked the KISSES idea. I love Britney but I love Xtina too. And I was very disappointed that we had to see Justin Timberlake face when Madonna kissed Xtina. Of course, Britney was seeing as virgin and nice little blond girl while Xtina was playing Dirrrty. So the two kisses are very different, but still, Xtina deserved her moment to shine as well.
  14. MisterFabian

    This is such a great surprise. I came back to check if it was still working and then, the forum is back. This is such a great news. I am so happy. Thank you @Fighter I really hope this will go well now. Let's all be positive, sharing our love and passion about Madonna, music and more
  15. MisterFabian

    This video... is just WOW! Powerful message. I hope it will shock people. I hope it's going to be a video that will make people talk and act! I really enjoyed the editing, going back in time... Madonna is very good, really like her different looks... I am going to watch it again right now!