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  1. This is great news! I am so happy that we have the bonus songs from Madame X now on Spotify and more
  2. Thank you for the reminder. Cannot wait to hear this version
  3. Honestly, I was a bit disappointed that she did that to her butt because she was always the one saying that we are who we are and we do not have to be ashamed or let people ashaming us. Strong ideas. Strong words. But, at the end, I really do not care about her butt, what she is doing to her face, or her veiny hands. The most important is that she likes how she is. Then, my opinion does not matter. I love her for her music, for her lyrics. What she wants to do in her private life does not concern me.
  4. Great interview. That is nice to know a bit more about the artist she is working with!
  5. That's a very nice interview. I really enjoyed the part talking about Madonna. Thanks for sharing.
  6. I won't say there is a worst album for me but that I don't feel connected with some of them. For example, MDNA is confusing me. I am not a fan of all the songs. But I do enjoy most of them!
  7. Indeed, that was a clever move to create a buzz, especially when AMERICAN LIFE was not going that well in the US. I must say I liked the KISSES idea. I love Britney but I love Xtina too. And I was very disappointed that we had to see Justin Timberlake face when Madonna kissed Xtina. Of course, Britney was seeing as virgin and nice little blond girl while Xtina was playing Dirrrty. So the two kisses are very different, but still, Xtina deserved her moment to shine as well.
  8. Here is mine 11. I’d Rather Be your Lover 10. Sanctuary 9. Bedtime Story 8. Survival 7. Don't Stop 6. Inside of Me 5. Forbidden Love 4. Secret 3. Human Nature 2. Love tried to welcome me 1. Take a bow
  9. It's one of my favorite songs from MDNA. When I listen to it, it gives me energy ! And the music video was fun !
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