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  1. Actually, she changed the mole way back in the 90's. It isn't even real. Her REAL mole was on the right side, on her cheek, which she covered forever with makeup. It was on the right side of the face along her smile line, and is really visible in her childhood photos. She had it removed in the 2000's. the mole above her lip was created to draw attention away from her cheek mole.
  2. Ok, anything’s possible now. I’ll be watching for it.
  3. What a joke, this is obviously a big fake. The reviews are for the CD, not a vinyl edition. Definitely not official.
  4. You can kind of see it in one of the extra videos that are on the DVD.
  5. That would have been absolutely epic, but as we all know, Madonna likes to get the fuk outta the venue as quickly as humanly possible. I think that is why she pretty much stopped giving us encores (but, for the minor ones in DWT and RHT).
  6. Yes, I know that. My comment was regarding a true HD Blu ray release. All we have is what is available which are the in-house productions that we were blessed to receive.
  7. I’m talking about the properly filmed versions found in the documentaries.
  8. Why’s it so hard to accept the fact that there will NEVER be a release for both BAT90 and RIT? The footage simply DOES NOT EXIST!! it’s like nobody ever got that memo!
  9. The incessant bitching about all things Madonna really gets old on this site...why is it so hard to appreciate what she has already done for us?? It is LOADS more than any other pop artist has ever done for the LGBTQ+ community!
  10. Are you kidding me?? We will NEVER agree with each other completely (let alone universally agree)....just read some posts from this topic alone!!
  11. Really?? Nobody enjoyed GGW, or at least that video? It was one of her best in a long time. I don't understand the negativity for MDNA, it had some really good songs.
  12. That's a perfect example of what I was humorously kidding about.
  13. LOL, how about "DEATH TO THE MATRARCHY"!
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