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  1. LOL, how about "DEATH TO THE MATRARCHY"!
  2. Wasn’t she on the Jonathan Ross show? I’ve seen that one in full. Thanks for all the others. I’m going to try and DL it all so I can have them all in one folder to later transfer them to a DVD set.
  3. Yes, I wish it stuck around for longer, I was really enjoying it!
  4. Is there a comprehensive list of all the shows Madonna appeared on to promote the 2019 Madame X album release? I can only find a very short clip of Graham Norton show. Was she on for the entire show, like she did for MDNA? I would sincerely appreciate any help in finding all of her Madame X appearances.
  5. Here's to hoping we get a release sometime this year (2021). Not a lot of footage exists at this point, and what I've seen has been lovely. Does anyone know if someone was put in charge of filming, as in directing or some other capacity?
  6. OMG! Thank you sooo much! That is the one I have been searching for the past 5 years! You rock!
  7. No, that isn’t him. Loic Mabanza was also an MDNA tour dancer. The one I’m looking for was a new dancer and was only in the RHT. He also wears a codpiece in “holy water/vogue” and is bare chested, very well-built upper body 😊
  8. I’ve been driving myself mad trying to figure out the name of the male dancer who lifts Madonna up off the table during the performance of “Holy Water/Vogue”. Does anybody know his name, please?
  9. People seem to forget that she was both SICK and INJURED at the end of the tour back in the spring. So, let’s not forget that recovery does take some time. I doubt that she wanted to work on the editing of the tour film at that time. then COVID caused many delays and add to that, she was between contracts with Live Nation and Warner Music. Still on track to be released, but as with the last 2 tour DVD releases, it takes TIME!
  10. But, if he shaved his pubes, or didn't have any, how do you explain her getting crabs from him?? LOL
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