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  1. What difference does it really make if she ends the tour in Mexico OR Brazil? You really can't please some people.
  2. OK! I didn't know how passé wall calendars became. Yes, I know of Google Calendars and such geez.🫥
  3. I am currently searching the web for any info on an Official Madonna 2023 Calendar, and not really seeing anything as of yet. Does anybody know if there will be a new OFFICIAL Madonna calendar for 2023. I have seen a couple of unofficial ones on Amazon, but still looking for a real one.
  4. You're naming things that happened WAY after she signed him on as her manager, which was 2005. Many record breaking tours came before the things you mentioned. I agree that those things you mentioned are questionable, so I am not exactly sure if anything is actually wrong in their business/friend relationships.
  5. I remember that Deeper and Deeper from RHT sounded quite good at the couple of shows I attended. Perhaps she needs more vocal practice before touring again.
  6. I am absolutely shocked! It is not that hard to make an official Madonna calendar. Her current team sucks so bad, this is the 2nd year in a row with no calendar and yet she’s still in Madame X mode?? They sell all kinds of ugly Madame X crap on her site, but they can’t even put together a calendar? Not a good way to celebrate her fucking 40th year as a recording artist.
  7. I’m not having much luck in finding an official Madonna calendar for 2022. I know there was nothing official for 2021, but maybe somebody here knows more about this than I do. Any info would be appreciated! Thanks.
  8. Ohh, yes. I remember that, now. That's really too bad because we could have had some amazing remixes of God Control. Thank you for the info.
  9. Could you please explain a bit more? I didn’t know there was a copyright issue.
  10. I think we had the absolute best music growing up. I mean, the 90's alone was so amazing.
  11. You obviously have no idea. Being a fan and actually being ALIVE for the release of LAP, Vogue, JML video and the SEX book at age 15 was completely unlike the fandom of people who only became fans in the last 10-20 years. I wouldn't trade those experiences for ANYTHING.
  12. Like God Control is the only dance song on Madame X. The bonus tracks are very dance-worthy, as well as some obvious album tracks.
  13. That’s what the abundance of remixes are made for.
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