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  1. boytoy77

    I have to figure that out. I’ll work on it over the next few days.
  2. boytoy77

    I absolutely agree with your points. I didn't like that they changed the audio on the "Bye Bye Baby" performance. It was just like the album vocal (telephone voice) before they changed it for the official release. A lot of sounds in Vogue are muted, too. Actually, I do have it somewhere in my archives. The DWT one, too.
  3. boytoy77

    From what I understand, the reason why LDLHA was not included in the dvd release was due to licensing. The song is a cover from Rose Royce (they also sang Carwash). For whatever reason, they chose to not let it be included. Big mistake in my opinion.
  4. boytoy77

    Really? Because I find the VHS and DVD of "Live Down Under" to have a LOT of crowd sweetening audio, especially the first 45 minutes or so. I was obsessed with this tour for many years, so please, don't take this as a negative comment. The original HBO Broadcast version is the exact same show, but the audio seems way more alive without the added screams. I'm not sure if it was her headset. but when she used it, it was way more in front of the mix.
  5. boytoy77

    If you know, could you please show me where I may be able to find this link??
  6. boytoy77

    This was used in the original music video (not Shep's remix), and can be heard on the Immaculate Collection VIDEO collection. It was also the radio version when it first came out. It has more bass and a few more instruments used than the album version. It's actually my personal favourite version!
  7. He can be seen onstage when Madonna did all of her American Life promo shows, playing the keyboards.
  8. boytoy77

    Thank you for finding that link
  9. boytoy77

    Yes I will work on it over the weekend.
  10. boytoy77

    absolutely. Until that thread starts, I will share mine here for the time being. It is from my Youtube channel from a post made back in 2011. The audio is solely on the right speaker ONLY. It is one channel pulled from a 5.1 audio mix.
  11. boytoy77

    In the Girlie Show from Sydney Cricket Grounds, there is a mic feed for Vogue and she is singing live right over top of the guide vocal. it is very revealing.
  12. boytoy77

    Totally agree. I am thinking, and I very well could be wrong, that all performers would be paid in full by insurance coverage? Looking back at Sticky & Sweet Round 2009, many of the original performers chose to stick (LOL) with the tour extension, so perhaps something similar could be worked out for a postponement of the MADAME X Tour 2020.
  13. boytoy77

    Oh that is a great way to heal, for sure ❌ Also, I really am not blaming her at all. If anything, I would be a little upset at the management team. That's all.
  14. boytoy77

    I truly think that when she had that break and rest as per "Dr.'s order", she should have done just that and actually rested! Instead, she went on vacation, showed us her dancing on NYE and all of those and any other activities should have been avoided. Upon realization that she was still injured, Guy or someone who cares for her should have recommended a rescheduling of all the remaining 2020 dates for later in the spring. I have been a staunch Madonna fan since Age 7, and nothing thrills me more than a live Madonna performance or tour. Having been to her past 4 tours, I can honestly say that I am happy that I didn't decide to spend an exorbitant amount of cash for this tour that will be remembered with a lot of frustration and anger. Her decision to skip Canada entirely was also a big factor in that decision. Having said that, I still L-U-V her and wish her good health and happiness always! I hope one day she will make this up with an out-of-this-world touring experience for ALL of her fans. Godspeed.
  15. boytoy77

    What exactly are her health problems?