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  1. Who saw the Twin Peaks finale? I bawled my eyes out

    1. Fighter


      i bouta start watching this show. i never seen

  2. Damn, how do you deal with a heartbreak? Any advices?

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. mr00mister


      as M said "gang bang"

    3. mr00mister


      then she said "the song gang bang from my last record"

    4. madgefan


      do some exercise

  3. These both come from the Impressive Instant performance in the NTSC version. If any of you guys can provide the same screenshot but in PAL format it would be great!
  4. ''Thank you, I bought it at Versayce''

  5. Hard Candy has been my least favorite M album since day one, however, I've been listening to it in the past few days and things have changed a bit. I still hate Spanish Lesson. But seriously, there are some pretty cool and catchy songs in there, like Beat Goes On, Dance 2Night, She's Not Me and Devil Wouldn't Recognize You, just to name a few. And then, there's Voices...It's my current obssession, the ''Who is the master? Who is the slave?'' line refuses to leave my head. As an album it's not that bad, it's pretty good to be honest. But as a Madonna album... It's not that I want her to repeat the same formula for every single album she does, but it feels so rushed and so weird and strange, almost like it was meant for Fergie or Nelly Furtado but they decided to give it 2 her (got it?).
  6. ''Camille is KNOWN for her controversial views on issues'' I don't want to sound like the ignorant prick who gets butthurt when his favorite artist is criticized, but who is that woman and why should we listen to her? Who knows her?
  7. Do any of you guys can access to AlbumArtExchange normally? I can't and there's a few covers I need from there D:

    1. luckystar908


      It's working for me. What covers do you need? I can have them for you ;)

    2. Brendanlovesu1


      I cab access it. What do you need :)

  8. Erotica, Bedtime Stories and Ray Of Light are my personal Holy Trinity. There's just something about those three that I fail to explain, but they're so freaking important and vital to me.
  9. Não gosta de palavrão? CU, CARALHO, PORRA, BUCETA, PINTO!

  10. I don't know if you guys ever heard this Like A Virgin cover. Apparently no one knows who's responsible for it but they tend to credit Marilyn Manson because of the similarities in their voices. I personally think it's pretty cool, way too weird and dark but still cool.
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