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  1. Long version (I love all that is long...) Angel (Extended Dance Mix) or Into The Groove (Album Version) ?
  2. POG video Material Girl (Jellybean Dance Remix) or Pretender (Album Version) ?
  3. Drowned World Tour Lucky Star (U.S. Remix) or I Know It (Album Version) ?
  4. Beat Goes On Burning Up (Alternate Version) or Burning Up (12'' Version) ?
  5. Pretender Everybody (Extended Version) or Everybody (Dub Version) ?
  6. W./E. Back That Up (Do It) or Back That Up To The Beat ?
  7. Wild Dancing Don't Tell Me or Future? (Don't tell me to stop, 'Cause you said so)
  8. Live to Tell but I'll Remember is so sweety... Medellin Radio Edit #1 or Medellin Radio Edit #2 ?
  9. I Want You Bitch I'm Madonna or Bitch I'm Loca? @AnapausisI don't talk about you
  10. I do yoga and pilates, And the room is full of hotties So I'm checking out the bodies, And you know I'm satisfied @Anapausis@stefo
  11. UP! DOWN UP UP UP!! It's perfect to sing together with Diego Barros!
  12. It's very hard! The Look of Love Santa Baby or Santa Evita ?
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