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  1. OMG RIGHT!!! So these might in fact be expanded singles. Note: They released versions of Rescue Me and Justify My Love to the digital EPs that were not included in the original CD release. So, it's not too far of a reach to believe that we're getting some goodies. I think Fever will include the 7" Radio Edit and maybe Edit One & Two (Video Version).
  2. Like a Prayer Ray of Light Confessions on a Dance Floor These are her three most autobiographical, honest and acclaimed albums. They represent undeniable popularity and artistic peaks in her career. All three of them also seems somewhat interrelated. Confessions has an incredible amount of nods to both of these albums and it just feels like coming full circle with these three.
  3. We all know who took care of that booty of hers: https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/toxic-tush-doctor-who-injected-10113203
  4. I light my candles every day and pray that they include all the 7" Mixes and Remix Edits (ESPECIALLY the Open Your Heart Remix!!!) on the 80s single releases. THEY HAVE TO DO IT!
  5. Listed them all so others could re-use. Non-singles that have been performed once are not listed, as well as singles that have been performed more recently. I also added the year they were last performed (if they were ever performed on tour). My top picks are in bold. Everybody (1993) Physical Attraction (-) I Know It (-) Think of Me (-) Ain't No Big Deal (-) Angel (1985) Crazy for You (2004) Gambler (1985) Jimmy Jimmy (-) Love Makes the World Go Round (-) Who's That Girl (2016**) Causing a Commotion (1990) The Look of Love (1987) Can't Stop (-) Spotlight (-
  6. String samples and vocal excerpts from Die Another Day, maybe excerpts from Bohemian Rhapsody or a mid-section where she sings the intro "Father (instead of Mother) I just killed a man, put a gun against his head pulled the trigger now he's dead" before going back into Papa Don't Preach.
  7. In your opinion... In my opinion it's one of the worst things she has ever done.
  8. 1. MDNA - awkward, lifeless and just all over the place. All of the songs are rejects and it's hard to go through this album without cringing. 2. Madame X - This definitely had more involvement from Madonna than MDNA, sadly she has shown that in terms of songwriting, she has completely run out of ideas. The melodies and lyrics are half-baked, the production on the vocals is an absolute tragedy. There was no need for the vocoder. It sounds tragic. 3. Erotica - This album is just downright overrated. All of the songs sound like demos and the album has aged terribly when compared to her
  9. Oh Father and Bad Girl, both. They were too ahead of their time, too honest, too dark. People in the 80s and early 90s weren't ready to talk about such serious things, as they had just left the more politically-oriented 60s/70s behind.
  10. I've always hated this song lol. It has a nice message but it's so outrageously cheesy. Earth Song is more powerful, honestly.
  11. Maybe they are planning to release the full Re-Invention Tour Live Album now!
  12. I'd remove: Crave, I Don't Search I Find, Masterpiece, Celebration & Jump Everybody / Music (Mashup / Medley) Lucky Star / Impressive Instant (Mashup / Medley) Like a Virgin Material Girl / Hollywood (Mashup / Medley) Into the Groove Papa Don't Preach / Die Another Day (Mashup / Medley) Open Your Heart La Isla Bonita / Who's That Girl (Alternatively) Like a Prayer Express Yourself Vogue Rescue Me / Living for Love (Mashup / Medley) Erotica / Justify My Love (Mashup / Medley) Deeper and Deeper Secret
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