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  1. Jesus Christ! I thought that after The Power of Good Bye no video could get worse upscalle treatment...
  2. Jesus Christ! I never thought or noticed that Justify My Love had so many whispers and moans! I'm shocked!
  3. Borderline's upscalle was the worst till now. Too bad we'll not get a real 4k video .
  4. Borderline was upscaled in HD in her YouTube's official channel
  5. According to Chartmaster she sold around 330 million records (no counting streaming) till 2017. 146,450,000 - studio albums 64,420,000 - other albums (EPs, compilations...) 75,210,000 - physical singles 42,100,000 - digital singles https://chartmasters.org/best-selling-artists-of-all-time/
  6. They uploaded American Pie in HD on the official YouTube channel. Some expert tell me if I'm wrong, some scenes in the music video look like a real HD and not an upscale but overall it looks like an upscale.
  7. I like it. Not as good as Nothing Really Matters but still improved.
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