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  1. Ignore them. They're likely the type to bitch about everything, making them a victim because not everything is going the way they wish it was, in their own life, so they cut down things that are wrong about everything else. A victim of boredom and having a negative viewpoint when if anything, it came at a time when women would sadly have to find inner strength against men who devalue women to the point of forcing women to carry a dead fetus because abortion was taken away as an option. She has a platform and used it to point out what matters. She showed strength, NOT playing being a victim!
  2. I'm not one to normally put much up here which is why you won't see me often but I do enjoy listening to others opinions but I also like people's inputs and I have to agree with some people here that it is not well mixed and that it does sound like a fan just did it within a couple hours. Yeah you have some additional things but I feel like been done I wasn't really involved. It feels like it was done quickly prior and we're going to just gave her thumbs up because it's Beyonce. Yeah I guess you can say that the two now have worked together in some way, shape, or form, but overall it's just kind of lazily done. If I want to hear them work together I actually want to hear Madonna do some lyrics that are new and a hell of a lot more singing than what we got here because it just sounds like what happened, which was actually done well, mind you, but the same idea that Kylie had done with can't get you out of my head mixed with you spin me round. I mean it never felt like she worked with dead or alive. It just was a remix mashup of the two.
  3. I know I so want all of the songs that she did with William orbit to come out! And I really want to hear Hollywood and some of the other tracks that she had originally done that sound very different especially with American Life and a lot of the tracks on it being very different from her original ideas but music had some of the and I think she could definitely have multiple albums worth of material that have been left off of her albums but also I want MDNA to come out with William Orbit's tracks that he claimed were some of the best he worked on with her ever and he couldn't believe that she didn't put them in the final version but I guess we'll have to wait and see
  4. Thank you for the help everyone! Much love! My Madonna Mateys!

  5. Does this include remixes, demos, and unreleased tracks that are going to be available for public digital purchase? I say she should if that's the case because lord knows when this place we call our planet is going to hell in a hand basket soon and before I die, my only selfish wish above anything would be to own, and be able to have plenty of time getting to know everything word for word from each song she has not released and same with certain remixes, like Calderon's remix of What It Feels Like For A Girl the acoustic electronica remix which only one section has ever been heard and it's the guitar heard at the end of Lo Que Siente La Mujer from DWT where the stunning is really fast and there's apparently though some of the album versions music underneath it with similar beats and effects to the live version. But it's less Latin sounding. That's from him himself from a couple different interviews but they all added more details not found in just one and that being one of my all time favorite songs, esp the LP version, and The Saturday Night Mix which has it similarities to Guy Sigsworths original sound and the melody is so hauntingly beautiful, I'm surprised it's not as appreciated. The other released but considered unreleased due to Madonna not receiving them in time or just not liking them were awful like those by Manny Lehmann (worst), Tracy Young (her other remix), and Thunderpuss were so boring and seems like they lacked much time or effort to making them, because they just didnt put much into the melody and were boring house mixes that just seemed repetitive. To know there's a remix out there like the acoustic electronic mix whichever he called it, I don't remember, he also said he tried and made a bunch of remixes for it in different styles and reconstructions that seem to sound the most interesting of all, minus there was apparently remixes set up for remixes of 05's Forbidden Love but they decided to go with Jump and add remixes for that and add History to it instead which I think Juml was going to be like Nobody Knows Me as the club single and on the same single, like was with Nothing Fails, Forbbiden Love was to be the radio song with remixes and no talk of an added unreleased song but had she also added History and maybe even Triggering Your Senses, it would have been a hot single for sure! I think both songs would fight for the top club song regardless unless the FL remixes (which I believe were to include Mum (only heard of them but remembered that name) and Goldfrapp amongst 1 or 2 others, it might have been soft remixes or 1 club mix and the rest a more indie electronica vibe. If only she got her way but the company felt Jump alone was the last big hit possible and I'm sorry but there was only 3 songs that may have been hard for typical radio play and tree thats Future Lovers (unless she added I Feel Love to it), How High (though I Love it), and maybe a toss up between either Isaac due to it not having the typical top 20 sound, or the least exciting but still great Goldfrappish track Like It Or Not. I feel the album was too good for top 20 songs. It's a shame but at least there were some like Hung Up, Sorry, Get Together, and Jump that made it oft well, but I feel Forbidden Love would have really been listener friendly and radio friendly to the point it would have been a hit single. Also i wanna know what tracks like Baby Blue Bird, Jangli, Guitar Grove, Sasha's Track, and Bon would have sounded like and what songs they were. Also what is Eagle's Wings? This minus all the songs like Warning Signs, Desperately Seeking Susan, and Working My Bones On The Pipeline are all about. No one ever gives any descriptive info that have heard it to where they even mention names of songs or compare them to songs that may have something to do with released stuff that have an incorrect name and it's only the instrumental. It's a shame cuz that's my biggest of the selfish dreams come true ever so if this selling makes that so, I'd say sell me like M hot cakes and make them complications as well that can be bought in record stores a usual but make them special like with new remixes and all in HQ form. Doubt that but I can dream.
  6. It's been quite a while since I've been on this site because YouTube or SoundCloud usually has what I'm looking for but this site does tend to have some really cool things that I didn't know we're out or that I had lost but I leave comments on pages and thank everybody but I can't figure out how to download anything. It won't even get to the point where it shows me a link. It just keeps saying I need to add a comment. Can someone please help me? Thank you so much in advance!

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      I see @Enrico told you this 5 days ago as well. 


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      Which is done by clicking the heart in the bottom right corner below the post and leaving a reaction. I struggled two days before contacting @Fighter when they changed it a while ago. Lol

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      The links say you have to leave a reaction... you react by liking the post with the heart button like on social media. :heart:

  7. You know it would be interesting for them to make a switch record of songs that originally were ballads where they are not quite remixed, but were given a new uplifting electronic feel to them with a more upbeat hook, and then give some of the more upbeat dance songs a more ballad sound kind of like how La Petite Jeune fille turned into little girl. You know you can play with her voice a little bit and change some sum of the Melody. I think it would be interesting just see what kind of project that would be. I would get her producers from the past who really knows the song itself and get them 2 be able to do such a thing. Hell they might have gone through ballad versions of uplifting songs and vice versa that we just never have heard such as how wash all over me and Rebel Heart are both songs that we know have gone through many changes and hell, that might be a way to get them to release Avicii's 2 versions since they follow that rule! Anyway we need Pat Leonard, maybe Shep Pettibone, definitely William Orbit, maybe Mirwais, definitely Stuart Price, and maybe Diplo. I think so what would be interesting is if they focused on some of the songs that aren't so popular like how many versions do we need of a song that was released as a single and already has 6-10 remixes of it? Heres some of my suggestions; CD 1 1. Burning up 2. Think of Me 3. Over and Over 4. Pretender 5. Gambler 6. Live To Tell 7. Open Your Heart 8. The Look of Love 9. Can't Stop 10. Till Death Do Us Part 11. Oh Father 12. Rescue Me 13. Words 14. Why's It So Hard 15. I'll Remember 16. Don't Stop 17. Inside Of Me 18. Sanctuary 19. I Want You 20. You Must Love Me CD 2 1. Drowned World/Substitute For Love 2. Has To Be 3. The Power of Goodbye 4. Beautiful Stranger 5. Amazing 6. What It Feels Like For A Girl 7. Liquid Love 8. Love Profusion 9. Intervention 10. Forbidden Love '05 11. How High 12. Hung Up 13. Hey You 14. 4 Minutes 15. Heartbeat 16. Some Girls 17. Love Spent 18. Illuminati 19. Borrowed Time 20. Come Alive 21. Crazy 22. Levitating (M's Solo Version) But those are the kind of songs I love to see dealt with especially Forbidden Love '05, Hey You, Illuminati, and Some Girls going opposite directions from either ballad to upbeat and vise versa!
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