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  1. Did you have other things on your mind when you wrote this
  2. Madonna's streaming figures are terrible imo
  3. Whatever she's doing, it won't be a chart hit 😭
  4. That's the one, I've been trying to find it. I was trying to figure out if it was official as the last two tracks are not.
  5. Bastards! Where are all the remixes and dubs of LDLHA? What a load of old wank 😤
  6. Are you saying the 7" Edit of Physical Attraction is a new version? I thought it was the same as the Mono Edit and/or the YCD Single Edit.
  7. Isn't Physical Attraction 7" Edit also the same version as the Mono Edit on some 7" vinyl?
  8. @bertrand Thanks for these, I've noticed on your remixology page, there is a remix of Hung Up, called: Chicken Lips Vocal (6:48) Chicken Lips Dub (7:07) Where do these come from? I've never heard of them.
  9. I've always dreamed of a HD video of TPOG, it really deserves it, same as You'll See.
  10. Your perception of me means nothing, I'm proud to be British and neither you or your sycophants means nothing to me. I'm proud of my culture and no xenophobes are gonna make me think different about where I'm from.
  11. I'm never a victim. I couldn't care less how I come across to either of you nobodies, I will defend my country and my culture, if you don't like it, tough. Your opinion is of no consequence to me.
  12. Yeah, well I'm pissed off with people thinking it's acceptable to slag off my country and my culture.
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