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  1. For those who ordered the 6LP from Warner Canada, I got 2 back to back emails this morning, first was that it has shipped, and then that it was out for delivery. The package arrived at around 3pm. Since I'm in the US, I have to imagine everyone who ordered through Warner Canada will get theirs this week if you haven't already. I was expecting to wait upwards of a month for mine to get delivered considering I'm in a completely separate country, so needless to say I'm thoroughly impressed with ordering through Warner. And there were no additional taxes/fees when it went through customs, so that was a bonus.
  2. Mine is shipping to Texas, USA, which will probably take weeks... So go ahead and pick up mine too and I'll drive up and get it
  3. I was JUST about to ask if anyone who ordered from Warner Canada had theirs shipped yet, because mine has not either. I haven't emailed them, but please let me know if they respond. I'm not too worried but I am starting to get a tad nervous. Where are you having yours shipped to?
  4. For everyone that keeps tabs on which website has which versions in stock, THANK YOU!!!!!! I was able to get a copy of the 6LP from Warner Canada. I was worried I would have to pay insane re-sell prices a few years from now. For those wondering, they will ship to the US, and if using PayPal, they will allow you to pay in installments if needed.
  5. Of course I was at work and missed it... I even signed up for notifications if they were back in stock but never got an email. I need everyone to stop buying extra copies so I can get one And thank you for keeping me in the loop about it being back in stock, I really appreciate it
  6. If anyone knows anywhere that is still selling the 6LP edition (able to ship to USA), please let me know. By the time I got paid, it was already sold out everywhere
  7. Sorry if this has been discussed before, but I was wondering about the vocal sample in the chorus of the Nothing Really Matters Demo that leaked earlier this year with the Demo Assembly. It starts around the 49 second mark and continues throughout the track. Is it a sample of another song? What is the man saying? Its sounds like he's saying "whatcha told me" but that wouldn't really make sense with the concept of the song. Any info would be appreciated
  8. I think it all depends on what you feel is considered a "ballad", per-say. Ballads don't always have to be slow, mellow tunes. They can have uptempo beats or even heavy rock (Take for example Bon Jovi, Livin On A Prayer). I actually think all 5 could be considered ballads, albeit in different forms of musical genre's.
  9. Not sure how to embed youtube videos, but this one has some EXCELLENT screen footage for a good 20+ min.
  10. Overall, best concert I've ever been to. The crowd was so into it and it's the most I've ever seen her interact with the audience! If anyone takes the time to put together the audios/videos of the concert together, please let me know. I would love to relive this night over and over!
  11. Thank God she said "And I love you" at the end so M could work off of that sentence instead!
  12. After she said that, literally everyone in the section I was in went "......Huh?" It was so incredibly awkward!!
  13. JUST bought my ticket. Section 106. I am beyond excited!!
  14. Well, I'm still looking for decent tickets, but hopefully I'll be there too! Just read about the after-party, that would be the perfect ending to a great weekend!
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