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  1. NRM and BS. They both prove she can put on a great show with dance music and not need 100 dancers or crazy choreo. They were at the top of my wish list. Still can't believe she did them.
  2. I see nothing wrong with what she said. Anytime anyone compares TS to M though, I just have to clock out. No shade to TS, different strokes for different folks, but it's two different planets.
  3. The Hard Candy cover is what the music videos should have looked like. So bad it's good imo. Bedtime Stories cover will always be the upside down pic for me. The right side up looks weird. I'll never forget seeing the ROL cover bills wheat pasted all over NYC when it was being rolled out. She looked like a magical goddess. What a time.
  4. I never cared for Justin but 4 Minutes is a bop and has aged bopfully. The video is terrible though. Same with Give It To Me. She looked amazing but that's it. Medellin is a cute. Unpopular opinion: There are several songs on MDNA that blow it out of the water.
  5. I get the pre/ post Confessions thing. For me it was the transition between Vogue and Music at the Superbowl. From creamy smooth pop icon goddess to drunk cruise ship tribute act in 2 seconds. (If you all loved the rest of it, I'm very happy for you). RH has its moments. The world ended in 2012. She was just ahead of the curve as always tbh.
  6. Her roots look fantastic. I really love them.
  7. "It sounds like the 80's!" Which part of the 80's? I remember when Hard Candy was allegedly "a return to her self titled debut"....
  8. This. Illuminati was right there if she really wanted to gag the tweens and rattle the net.
  9. I still can't believe how much stuff has leaked over the last couple of years. And I wonder how much more there actually is.
  10. New single, please. Go out with a bang in Rio. On to the next thing. We don't have the luxury of time, Tina.
  11. I'm still traumatized from Boom Pride and the Times Square silent film.
  12. " I hate it! I'm too beautiful! Looks like a L’Oréal commercial!" "I have a genius idea. Let's make Love Profusion an Estee Lauder ad!"
  13. Madonna complaining about someone's ego...
  14. The music video has aged very well. A snapshot of pre 9/11 America. The Bix and Jonsi remix has eclipsed the original for me, though. One of her best remixes.
  15. I've said it many times watching Celebration, that it's the tour I wanted in '09.
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