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  1. …the strategy is working. The most hip and trendy music media (called Soundvenue) in Denmark NEVER write about Madonna. They review her albums but other than that they haven’t written about her for the last decade or so. They just posted an article about the hottest tracks of the week and you guessed it, the 070 Shake version is at the top of the list! https://soundvenue.com/musik/2022/04/top-tracks-hoer-ugens-10-bedste-nye-sange-superkalkuleret-tiktok-remix-af-madonna-klassiker-overrasker-477431 Thank god for Warner!
  2. A theory: did you notice how the Fireboy DML version has the acapella intro and the 070 Shake version just starts right on the beat? I’m putting my two cents on the Swae Lee version having the outro from the original sickick remix and when the Remix Compilation comes out they will be mixed into one song with Fireboy DML, 070 Shake and Swae Lee having a verse each. I also have a feeling that the third version with Swae Lee will feature new vocals by M. It feels like she’s building up to something.
  3. Sorry guys, I know most of you hate it or will hate it but I think the 070 Shake version is SO good!
  4. I worshipped this soundtrack when I was 15. Knew all the songs by heart before I even saw the film <3
  5. Have you listened to 070 Shake? I wouldn’t call her a rapper - and anyway, the distinction between singing and rapping is getting old. Many new artists do both. Let’s get with the program;)
  6. I honestly think we’re seeing the effects of her new Warner deal. They’re pushing her (in a good way)
  7. I think you’re right. She did say “New Frozen RemixES coming soon” in all those posts…
  8. I believe she said; “Once you’ve taken enough drugs anything sounds good”…
  9. We know it won’t happen and that it doesn’t make any sense for M to release a compilation that celebrates the last decade. She hasn’t really had any major hits and compilations have lost value in the steaming era. But in an alternate universe what would a 2010-2019 compilation look like? Here’s my suggestion. What’s yours? 1. GIRL GONE WILD 2. BITCH I’M MADONNA 3. CRAVE 4. GIVE ME ALL YOUR LUVIN’ 5. LIVING FOR LOVE 6. GHOSTTOWN 7. MASTERPIECE 8. MEDELLÍN 9. CRAZY 10. DEVIL PRAY 11. GANG BANG 12. UNAPOLOGETIC BITCH 13. FUTURE 14. I RISE 15. REBEL HEART (AVICII VERSION) 16. BONUSTRACK: WASH ALL OVER ME (AVICII REMIX) 17. BONUSTRACK: LIKE A VIRGIN WALTZ - LIVE FROM THE MDNA TOUR.
  10. Where’s The Party. Rebel Heart (album version) or Rebel Heart (Avicii demo)?
  11. I wouldn’t change a lot - just take out the weakest tracks: Iconic, HeartBreakCity and Holy Water and put in the Avicii version of Rebel Heart + his version of Wash All Over Me as a bonustrack. 1. Living for Love 2. Devil Pray 3. Ghosttown 4. Unapologetic Bitch 5. Illuminati 6. Bitch I’m Madonna 7. Hold Tight 8. Joan Of Arc 9. Body Shop 10. Inside Out 11. Wash All Over Me 12. Rebel Heart (Avicii Version) 13. Bonustrack: Wash All Over Me (Avicii Remix) Singles: 1. Living For Love (February 2015) 2. Ghosttown (April 2015) 3. Bitch I’m Madonna (July 2015) 4. Devil Pray (October 2015) 5. Rebel Heart (January (2016) 6. Wash All Over Me (Avicii Remix) (May 2018 as a tribute to Avicii following his tragic death)
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