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  1. Like A Virgin VMAs Express Yourself Blond Ambition Tour Paris Live To Tell Confessions Tour. (Please may I also squeeze in any live performance of Power of Goodbye).
  2. Who's That Girl, Hard Candy and MDNA ... only joking. It has to be: Like A Virgin Like A Prayer Ray Of Light. The reasons are obvious.
  3. Also love long poker straight style from Bedtime Stories 2004 video and Material Girl Rebel Heart 2015 look.
  4. The Power of Goodbye video. She looked absolutely perfect. Always looks more striking with dark hair.
  5. I don't know what to say. Should we stage an intervention or should I mind my own business? I love her and respect her choices; it's just these photos alarmed me.
  6. Totally agree. The leak and then rush release pushed her into some misguided choices, in my opinion. Yes, and this time drop LFL and BIM as singles. Lead with the single Rebel Heart (original version without Avicci squeals), then Ghosttown and Addicted (The One That Got Away). Addicted is such an mesmerising song. And it could have had such an incredible video. I love the LFL demo too but again not keen on the final version and the dreary video.
  7. Let's all play some Madonna music and dance together. xx
  8. This look. Circa Eurovision 2019. I'm not complaining about the performance just the plaits and "the strange old lady who lives in the woods and eats children" look. Please never ever again.
  9. I remember reading an interview with her in a magazine during the Confessions era - around 2006 (maybe Rolling Stone?) where she was asked that question and stated that she hated Cherish and Sorry. How can she hate Cherish?? - that's blasphemy! I expect her favourites and dislikes change over time too.
  10. Such an interesting and lively diversity of opinions but it feels like because we're fans we should all have a stake in how she lives her life and which direction her music goes. Before you jump on me - I'm guilty of this too. She does frequently acknowledge her fans but we shouldn't feel we own her. It's like we're all grabbing at her pulling her in different directions. "Do this do that. Not that..." I don't think I'd want anyone telling me I should do this or I should do that. I'd resist and do the opposite. I expect she behaves like that too. People forget she has insecurities and fe
  11. It does sometimes change: but Holiday, True Blue and Cherish always cheer me up.
  12. I think 99% of the media/public negativity Madonna gets is misogyny. It's usually about, "how dare she be successful and powerful after all these years - she's over 60 and a *gulp* woman! She should just retire and die". It's really disgusting how she gets ridiculed and treated. Then what Madonna tends to do is react defensively and ramps it up to 100 which winds up the detractors even more. And the war escalates. Equivalent males in the industry are never treated the same way. They are revered and idolised. But who cares - she's still on top of her industry after nearly 4 decades. S
  13. I love a good rumour. I spread them about my friends all the time. For her next music: 1) She needs to release an album or single with "Like A..." in the title. Always works. 2) She needs to stop collaborating with nobodies and flash-in-the-pans - she doesn't need to. They just taint her work and image. 3) She needs to stop with the gimmicks. 4) She must remember less is more.
  14. I'll have his underwear. Purely for research purposes.
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