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  1. but that’s because of her song being featured in a popular tv show... and her being kate bush and not madonna.
  2. don’t know why a year needs to be attached to this. vocals are and always have been part—at least in the delivery—of her art.
  3. what an energetic performance! vocals: well... i guess that’s gonna be the standard from now on. fun to see david there! i was wondering if he would join the dancers after her watching her instagram story and seeing him in line with the others – and he did. very cool!
  4. oh wow, that’s obvious, but perhaps not so much when you’ve been cutting, editing and working on it for days/hours. it sounds like they (or offer nissim) tried to include the full chorus at some point and the t-sound comes from the first line “took me to heaven...”
  5. i haven’t watched an episode of RPDR in my life and don’t know most of them either. it’s a legitimate question to ask.
  6. what did he say back then? source? in this interview, the things he said about madonna sound very madonna-ish, but sometimes people just don’t vibe together. that’s life. no need to hold grudges.
  7. i thought it was decent. AL was a very nice change for once.
  8. i have always found that mirwais production could have been way, way better. i mean, just look at MU or AL. sure, there are sound collages too, but they fit and come together to form a holistic soundscape. some of the synths he used for MX simply sound cheap which is also very reflective of his latest solo work “2016 – my generation.” but that is how his style has changed, i guess. times and people change.
  9. in terms of quality, i don’t expect this performance to be any different than last year’s pride, at red rooster or recently in medellín – unless she changes things up and focuses on her vocals which she has neglected for years. singing and dancing at the same time doesn’t really work in her favor right now. i’m happy to be surprised, though.
  10. guys, chill. why does every disagreement need to get personal?
  11. looking like jessica alves. in fact, that’s from her instagram profile.
  12. someone enlighten me how pads would work with the outfit she wore that night. i don’t think that’s possible without them being visible.
  13. there are plenty of performances from the early to mid 2000s where she performed music brilliantly.
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