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  1. nodoman

    i think that is impossible to answer. her previous albums as well as her life circumstances led to ray of light. would there be music – and what followed – without ray of light? i don’t think so. essentially, it was a chapter of her life journey and reflected her state of mind at the time. i would have never thought it led to bitch, i’m madonna though
  2. nodoman

    ray of light, at the beginning of the 2000s. i had heard her classics before then, though always subconsciously. hearing it on the car radio, accompanied with the perfect weather, it blew me away. everything felt so perfect. it was a gift.
  3. it's the OG video, but the "Madame X" intro is left out. perhaps it looks different to you watching it on instagram.
  4. history won’t be kind to these fellas anyway. but as for madonna: no one will criticise her for advocating for what is right, but you can still be socially responsible while fighting for a good cause.
  5. and rightfully so. like wth? she still sets an example.
  6. nodoman

  7. nodoman

    and don’t forget heavily dubbed performances. although, according to attendees, she sounded great this time around.
  8. that’s ahlamalik’s job now. but in all seriousness: it's not a one-way street. guy surely is an enabler in many ways, but i’m certain madonna herself hasn’t become more accessible as she has grown older. quite the opposite. it’s human nature.
  9. for what it's worth: guy certainly gave his creative input during the recording sessions for ROL, as stated by madonna herself. this might have changed for the albums that followed, although i don't see why it would have.
  10. i'm not so sure about that.
  11. it was live. she sang over the backup track. you even hear her mess up two times.
  12. it was probably oseary filming from the back before having to negotiate and to spend some money on the professional footage directly from coachella.
  13. love it! although it's not a soundboard recording, sadly.
  14. nodoman

    definitely. i remember so many non-fans were interested in it back then and even went to see her live.