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  1. much more interesting than her planned but canned biopic. i hope she follows through!
  2. for real? so now we are gonna rank fans according to taste? way to go. really helps to lessen the continuous meltdowns and personal attacks on this board.
  3. quite frankly, this would be a healthy attitude to have and i don’t mean this in a negative way. also lessens the fan meltdowns on this board.
  4. it wasn’t, but it’s what you wanted to take from it.
  5. so madonna herself calls her core fanbase "fags" now? that’s not being a fan. that’s being a slave. quite the opposite of what madonna thaught you to be.
  6. considering the credits for this album and her overall record of lyrical contribution, i doubt it... except when it was mostly her and mirwais writing a song since he’s not a native speaker (neither am i) and his fluency in english is rather unknown.
  7. it blows my mind how little everyone involved cares about her legacy and every milestone reached apart from some cute social media posts (before social media we got less than that). i don’t know if they are waiting for the biopic to materialize or are thinking people are still recovering financially from the pandemic (which is true) as well as factoring in the current economic situation across the globe, therefore holding out, but MAN—show a little effort. they don’t care about the 5 year mark nor about the 10 years one when they all got the money to provide us with at least SOMETHING to celebrate.
  8. jeez. didn’t she personally say (later on) that she has a family now and didn’t want to travel around the world for so long anymore?
  9. she will push candy shop till the end of time, haha. altogether hard to believe, but something is definitely happening.
  10. oh, i’m sure you have experience with that. what is really ironic is the fact that you keep coming back to this forum albeit being banned twice. there are other madonna fan forums, but you’re obsessed with this one despite all the negativity.
  11. 2 months of pink hair vs. 2 decades of blonde hair. pick your battle.
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