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  1. Keep It Together I Don't Search I Find or Goodbye To Innocence?
  2. Open Your Heart Lo Que Siente La Mujer or Verás?
  3. Tough one. Honestly, my favourite is the 7" Dance Edit, which isn't on the list I see. It's apparently now the most rare too of all the officially released ones. It's the one I heard the most on the radio when I was a kid, so I have a special spot for it. I don't count Shep's 2 All Saints Mixes as they weren't officially released, although I love them. Are they even legit anyways? Even if so, their quality is so poor, I wouldn't be able to include them. So, from your list, I'd say the BAT version. It's EPIC.
  4. Don't Tell Me Cherish (7" Version) or Cherish (TIC Version)?
  5. I've been following this thread like a hawk, and even replied a while ago and didn't get a link. It's ok, he'll post when he's ready. I basically consider it a gift of something I adore but not a necessity. I think the work that has been put into it (which is probably harder than a lot of people ever have worked in anything) is ultra valuable to him and he wants to just have his time before or if he even posts it. Fair enough as it's his editing work and has poured his heart and soul and cash into this.
  6. If it were there, I'd vote for Lucky Star, as she was hesitant to release it as a single because she was so eager to release Like A Virgin.
  7. Did anyone who ever put money towards that project ever get reimbursed? That's some BS if they didn't.
  8. I wish I knew which Billy Steinberg & Tom Kelly song she rejected after she had recorded LAV. Who knows?
  9. I was very lucky. My friends and I got tickets for the Fame Ball when she only had Just Dance on radio. Tickets were easy to get. It was for a venue that held a few hundred people. They were on sale for months with lots of extra tickets available. Then, Poker Face was released... Tickets were completely sold out and they had to move the show to a venue that holds 4x more people. Sold out again in a few hours. We were probably only 40 feet away from her. Then, after the show, she said people could stay and have a drink with her and hang out if they wanted to. Isn't that wild? I had a coup
  10. The album covers, not the music. Hard Candy to me looks ridiculous. In fact, a lot of the pictures with the wrestling garb on, like the head piece, etc. just make me cringe so much. It looks like over trying to me, idk. And I didn't know for a long time that was a stool she was sitting on. I thought it was extra wrestling tape or something falling behind her, which made me look like she was squatting like she was going to the bathroom with a big long black thing falling out of her ass, as she seductively tries to bite tape off her hand because suddenly she has decided to needs to be a pa
  11. This is from the Monster Ball version 1, right? Looks familiar... I saw this tour 4 times. I saw The Fame Ball in March of 2009, then Monster Ball V1.0 twice, the Monster Ball V2.0 twice, lol.
  12. I agree. Authenticity will always prevail.
  13. I'd buy that especially for the song "Whoever's In Malawi".
  14. That's what I'm thinking too! Outstanding work.
  15. LDLHA. Like An Angel Passing Through My Room OR Hung Up?
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