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  1. My God, I hope so, lol. I pondered that, but wasn't sure. Tone is hard to deduct with text. I love Blue Jean and their YouTube channel videos, I was really taken back.
  2. If you read my post, you would know your assumptions of me are completely inaccurate (although it was too long, so I wouldn't blame you)... My post wasn't negative at all. It was personally-speaking and actually non-divisive. I encourage anyone who likes the song and video to celebrate it! Not to mention, calling me "too old" kind of goes against what the video is trying to prove, isn't it? Insulting me doesn't change anything. Do better.
  3. I haven't read through this thread, but I have just watched the video. Definitely not for me, although everyone's tastes vary (and that is OK). What is great to one person is not always to another. This is obvious, but sometimes it's worth stating again. There is absolutely nothing wrong with liking it or disliking it. Some art compels people, and sometimes it does not. Opinions aren't necessarily facts. Besides, Madonna's catalogue is so vast, anyone can choose an era or album(s) that speak more to them. That's one of the great things about Madonna's career. Now for me personally, I don't care for the remix at all (not do I like the Material Gworrll or Frozen new remixes). I don't particularly enjoy that style of music. I did not care for the Madame X album whatsoever. And that is OK! The video for this Hung Up remix I just simply did not click with (but that doesn't mean it wouldn't with others). I understand it has an incredibly sexual overtone and some drug references. I know she has used some of these concepts in previous works (especially the Erotica era), but to me (personally), this feels vastly different. Back then, it felt there was a very didn't message behind what she was doing. Breaking barriers and boundaries that needed to be broke. This video to me felt like a current, overly sexual female artist video without any point, message or meaning. I kept looking but couldn't find it. Salacious if you will for whatever reason I cannot seem to find. If the reason is to show that women of a certain age can be current and sexual, this is something that I've already known. I find this is a topic that she has a tendency to keep beating us over the head with. I can see how it would irritate her too, reading all the ageist press. It would bother me too. But this just seemed phony to see and completely unauthentic. I know she doesn't always portray her own personal way of life in her art, but can often describe others and other points of view and lives, but I simply felt like I was watching someone else, not Madonna (if that makes any sense)? Perhaps it's because as I was growing up (I'm 44), she literally taught me how to open my mind and not think in a limited way. It definitely worked. Her controversies often seemed warranted, intentional with positive change. I think perhaps whatever message she is trying to convey in the video, I already feel (and have for such a long time). Therefore, this video's message was basically just beating a dead horse to me. It was "too much with no useful intent" for my mind. I don't have any "hang ups" about people's sexuality of any age. Because of her honestly, I grew up without that. I did think she looked fabulous however. I would just like her to press on other things she might be passionate about rather the ageist, female sexuality piece. I get why she does it, it's just that it doesn't speak to me personally because I already agree with her, and have for a very long time. To my subconscious, it feels tired. But once again, that's me. Madonna has to do what she feels is important. Real artists do what speaks to them, not necessarily what some of their fans may want. My musical sense hasn't really evolved as Madonna's has - that's on me. naturally, I live a drastically different life, but that doesn't mean she cannot feel to express herself any which way that she wants. I say, if she feels it, go for it. Just because I can't identify with her and her art sometimes doesn't negate any potential quality she and others may feel about it. Just look how many pages are devoted to this video on this forum of actual Madonna fans. She's provoking and encouraging discussions and she's always been about that. To each their own. I think when you are a fan of an artist and you can truly say when something clicks with you or not while at the same time understanding that entertainment and other people's perceptions and experiences with it are valid and ok to be different from your own, you have a realistic and mature sense of fandom. There is no right or wrong opinion on this. Enjoy it or don't - either which way, it's completely valid and ok.
  4. That's what the file I have is entitled. Instrumental remix edit.
  5. Side note: A long-time Madonna fan did some artwork on the photo and it ended up being chose by M to be the cover. Here's his Insta: https://www.instagram.com/p/CiP2Dmwraw8/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
  6. I'm Rob (my favorite) in white and red in the beginning.
  7. I was just thinking about something, and was wondering if anyone knew anything or could share some information regarding the song Where's The Party... I am wondering if it was actually supposed to be a (final) single off the True Blue album? I remember as a kid when the album was out, that song was a lot of people's favorite. My friends and I used to always turn the tape to side B because that was the song we all wanted to hear. I know when the You Can Dance compilation came out later in 1987, I thought it was strange that besides 1 "new" track (Spotlight), all of the other songs on the track-list were singles - except Where's The Party and Over and Over, which led me to believe that possibly when the remixes were being commissioned, it was initially planned for WTP to be a single too. I don't know. I mean, it would make sense. Over and Over was a single in Italy wasn't it? Maybe that would've been a single in North America if Crazy for You, Into the Groove and Gambler weren't released. I know WTP (remix) was released in Japan to promote YCD, but I'm obviously not referring to that. I know in 1986 WTP was released to a couple countries only, but I'm referring to The N. American and other major markets and for the promotion of the True Blue album. Do you think maybe the record company ran out of time because the Who's that Girl movie was coming out and the subsequent title-track single too? Maybe WTP was supposed to be a single, but due to a lack of time, it was eventually scrapped? Maybe nobody will ever know, lol.
  8. I'm glad. Julia is a remarkable actress to be honest.
  9. In her younger years, Desperately Seeking Susan or The Virgin Tour first few shows before she cut the bangs. In her more recent years, I'd say the 2012 Truth or Dare perfume promotion launch appearance. Her hair literally looked like a Pantene commercial.
  10. Definitely the 7" Dance edit, but slightly slower than normal. What I love about the 7" Dance Edit is that it has the actual proper ending, vocals and all. I love the crazy organ at the end. Although the Immaculate production is superior, I don't like how it repeats the same section at the end. Therefore, I made my own version combining the Immaculate version with the 7" Dance Edit (ending) because it sounds incomplete without the 7" Dance Edit ending the song to me, personally speaking. I actually listened to that entire video and loved every second of it. I had just started grade 7 at the time of that broadcast and literally knew all the words to those songs.
  11. I was only going by strictly what she has said before. I have heard her say numerous time now that she needs to tell her story or somebody else will, and (obviously) she doesn't want that to happen. I think when she first read that Blonde Ambition screenplay a few years back, it triggered her and set the wheels in motion. It just seems that's more important to her than re-establishing her legacy, which she has never really showed any interest in until somewhat recently. And I can certainly believe she wants more recognition as a director, I just really think telling her story from her own point of view takes priority because she has said it numerous time now. Whether what's true or not I don't know, I can only go by what she has said.
  12. For what it seems she wants to do, and cover, I cannot see how a movie will even remotely be able to account for what she wants to share. If it's a movie, it'll be missing way too much, seem forced on certain limiting points and feel rushed. I don't want her to do it and think, "oh, but there's so much more I wanted to show but I couldn't due to time". I say just make it a series. That way the pacing, events and story the way she wants to make it can be a reality. She can categorize it and pace it out to how she wishes. I personally get more invested with stories and characters in time throughout a series than in ever do in a movie to be honest. Plus, the majority of celebrity life stories I've seen are movies. She likes to be different and thorough - so I say why not do a series? I mean, the average person who doesn't care for her wouldn't watch a movie or series about her anyways, so if I were her, I'd do it the way I felt it deserved to be seen and appreciated. This seems to be more about telling her story through her eyes, her lived experience and not so much about sales or credit. They'll probably make a movie about her once she dies eventually, so why not have her do a more thorough version of her story where she can really explore and get all the events she really wants to reveal out there for the world to see.
  13. I just want to know if the DJ played 'Open Your Heart' at the reception....
  14. The SEX book, Erotica (song and album title), A Body of Evidence and American Life (song, album and video) are absolutely related to the decline of Madonna's popularity and success.
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