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  1. brazilfan

    oh.. I'm kind of opposite about this. Because I'm kind of sick with her usual very predictable new album schedule. So this time I'm really happy and exciting. Because it's unpredictable. And as I said before I really hope that this new era start as late as possible. as we all know that Her body is not ready for new era at all. I wish she release new single at summer for summer jam song.
  2. brazilfan

    Grammy at Feb 10 Brit at Feb 20 But if Brit awards is available then Grammy awards is also available, right?
  3. brazilfan

    Yeah I really hope that you're right. I really hope that it's gonna be something like ghosttown live performance at the I-heart Awards. Because if it is the first performance for her new era then i'm gonna be really dissappointed. The first performance for Madonna's new era at the Eurovision Song Contest? Well, To be honest that's very underwhelming to me. So real question is there's any other big event for the first performance for new single? Between Grammy award and Eurovision song contest?
  4. brazilfan

    Madonna is reportedly in negotiation with organizers to perform at the Eurovision Song Contest, which will be held in Tel Aviv in 2019, Ynet said Tuesday. well when I read that part I immediately feel that this gonna be true. Because Madonna love Israel so much so. .... lol I thinks that important part is this. The 2019 Eurovision Song Contest will be taking place in Tel Aviv between the 14th and 18th of May So it seems like grammy performance will not gonna happen. I feel like She gonna release her new single at late April or early May something?
  5. OMG! I just realized that person is same person which botched her paparazzi photo with worst photoshop skill! And Madonna did post that dead body look a like photo which painted by talentless funeral make up artist! And this is original photo. I mean seriously...
  6. I have to agree with this. She clearly repost from this account. And I mean if you're a true Madonna fan and if you have a good eyes then you easily notice that account's all Madonna post are badly phtoshopped Madonna's face. Not just one or two. that account's whole Madonna's face is badly photoshopped. I mean that is the one of creepiest and worst photoshop ever! It feels like we are watching dead body which badly make up at Funeral.(worst part is that pothoshop feels like from talentless Funeral dead body make up artist.) That was one of creepiest and worst photoshop ever. seriously. I'm not even joking.
  7. Actually that was my first guess Too!! I was like "Hmmm it's interesting so, this heavily and badly photoshopped image is her own image in her head? So she want to show to world that she hasn't change at all in 10 years?" Then I realized that these two post are related. then she post this again. So these 3 post are all related. Her current mood in London.
  8. So Madonna divorce Guy Reductive. at 2008. (oh my gosh I didn't know that it's already 10 years ago until she post this) And she post this at her instagram. Hmmmmm.. I'm not sure about this. It feels like she is still stuck on "anger" stage. or Is this some excuses of that hideous tragic Butt implant injection whatever? Something like this "I did that tragic butt lift for surviving from divorce which happened at 10 years ago?" I'm not sure. It just... kind of sad. I mean someone said that she is in London right now.. So it seems like something happened to her in London. Something emotional thing.
  9. brazilfan

    And something like these. I really want to see these kind of very dramatic album covers from Madonna.
  10. brazilfan

    I really hope that she wear period dress and inspired from Period movie or painting. I need very classic and very dramatic and very Cinematic covers. Something like these. I need and want to see these kind of Album covers from her. Only Madonna can pull it off.
  11. brazilfan

    Album orders a virgin 2.crazy for you 3.papa Don't preach 4.Live to tell 5.Like a prayer 6.Express yourself 7.Vogue 8.Justify my love 9.Rescue me 10.Erotica 11.I'll remember 12.Secret 13.Don't cry for me Argentina. 14.American pie 15.Ray of light 16.Frozen 17.Music 18.American life 19.Rebel heart 20.Living for love I just realized that 20 songs are not enough. At least there are Top 50 songs need. Seriously.
  12. brazilfan

    They refused to let Madonna take the doll home? Ewwww and people whiny about Madonna's reaction was Diva biatch? Seriously.
  13. brazilfan

    Thank you so much for explanation! Now I get it. I always thought that it was really weird and random show for performance.
  14. brazilfan

    I'm curious about this. I know that She did perform Frozen at this national lottery but I don't know about backstory. Why she did perform at national lottery? Is that National lottery thing is very huge event for UK people? is that one time event in year? Or is that just every week event? Why she did perform? Could someone explain to this?
  15. I thinks this is really great sign. It means she finally realized how hideous and ridiculous and tragic and sad looking her new enormous fake butt, unlike her bitches which surrounding her constantly praise and lie about her new fake butt,