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  1. brazilfan

    Hmmmm it sound like Madonna already teach him about astrology. Moon blahblah Leo is coming blahblah
  2. brazilfan

    Forget about fabulous expensive Like a prayer 30th Anniversary album. That's not gonna happen. All Madonna want to you guys right now is... spend all your money to buying her brand new M14 album! And.. MDNA skin care Snow white edition.
  3. brazilfan

    oh my gosh... This! That is such Iconic but same time such a heartbreaking moment of Pop history. You're absolutely right some fans are deserve punishment. We need more "soon" and "Apple"
  4. brazilfan

    Soon is new black right now. lol
  5. brazilfan

    You get a New MDNA skin care Snow white edition! You get a New MDNA skin care Snow white edition! You get a New MDNA skin care Snow white edition!
  6. brazilfan

    OMG....Dear my friend, You are killing me right now!!! lol I'm not sure which one is the worst situation.. These gorgeous wigs, make-up and costumes are just for another MDNA skin care promo. or These are just for Purim party. I mean.. think about it... it came out her new music video is just one which about drag queen and these fabulous theme and costume and wigs for MDNA skin care promo or for Pruim paaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarty.!!!
  7. brazilfan

    I know right? Oh my gosh.. I wrote about I really wish Madonna would wear period dress in this new era at January! An Lookt at that what is she wearing and theme! We have same idea!
  8. brazilfan

    You can save photo with this one. here we go! Another Apple!!! And look what is she wearing!!! OMG!
  9. brazilfan

    almost 30 years... What a gorgeous Goddess she is! The one and only Queen of Pop! It's Madonna! I can smell her new billboard single chart No 1 song!
  10. brazilfan

    And her face remind me of her 2005 Versace campaign!
  11. brazilfan

    But you have to admit that these songs are feels like unfinished the first day demo.
  12. brazilfan

    Her eyes are just pure Perfection!!!
  13. brazilfan

    I'm also curious too! Maybe or it's just for one video something like hollywood music video.