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  1. A rework from "Heaven" and "Nothing Last Forever" would be awesome
  2. Already have my ticket for Kenny Dope (from Masters At Work). Next week in Buenos Aires. 💃

  3. Drum Dub

    I was on vacation travelling through Cote d'Azur and had tickets for the Sticky and Sweet show in Marseille that was cancelled due to the tragic accident during stage setup days before. I remember I saw the dancers walking by the Old port in Marseille. Madonna went to visit the survivors in the Hospital, I still have the local news paper from that day. Luckly i was able to see the prior shows in Buenos Aires and after in Barcelona.
  4. Drum Dub

    Yes, way before Remixed and revisited EP, it was well known that a song called "Your Honesty" was among the discarded tracks from Bedtime Stories. So it was a beautiful gift to include it on that realease. 😃
  5. HAHAHAHAAAA LMFAO The prelude of a new era is always so hilarious. All those fake titles that always surface, like in 2011 "Solar Salvation" "Sitting On The Whole World" etc...
  6. Drum Dub

  7. That will be a wise decision. Before Estere and Stelle leaks it
  8. I think it's already time for another Rain Tapes demo to leak pretty please? :lol: