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  1. Blue Prince

    Some UK papers mention pyrotechnics, army of dancers, best shape possible and that she spares no expence. Sounds promising, but not really concrete. Bet she can't kick that bad habit of putting on 'the biggest show on earth' though.
  2. Blue Prince

    A cute, old lady with a peculiar sense of style days before she comes back to leave the world shattered. And knowing it.
  3. Blue Prince

    1. Ray of light 2. This used to be my playground 3. Like a prayer 4. Into the groove 5. Material girl 6. Holiday 7. Frozen 8. Sorry 9. Get together 10. Paradise (Not for me) 11. Erotica 12. Masterpiece 13. La isla bonita 14. Live to tell 15. Take a bow 16. Oh father 17. Music 18. Four minutes 19. Die another day 20. Nothing fails
  4. Blue Prince

    I was too wondering whether there will be a song about Rocco and him leaving her to be with his father. Also how the twins helped her recover. If anything, Lola was a huge inspiration with Ray of light. But honestly I'd like to see a bit less of her kids on Instagram from now on to make way for big news and artworks
  5. Blue Prince

    Well I am not worried at all I trust that the people here who can speak Portuguese will share the translations of the songs the same way others here have been translating articles about M in all sorts of languages (grateful) I just hope the lyrics will be somewhat poetic as in Isaac. A change in language doesn't mean lame party lyrics sound more intricate.
  6. Blue Prince

    Too bad this doesn't seem to be in chronological order. Damn, add the new Rihanna and probably Adele and Beyonce to the mix and pretty much everyone seems to be releasing next year. Our girl will be facing serious competition. All I want from her is to give the best album she can offer and that one single many people will remember 2019 for.
  7. Blue Prince

    Alas, how could someone who wants to dance ever resist Hard Candy?
  8. Blue Prince

    I wonder what that 'Killers' track sounds like and if it ends up as the first song on the tracklist as we saw. It's rare for her not to release the top track as a single. It would be very interesting to see her release a track with such a strong title, if it is indeed the title. But sure if she thinks of her new album as #magic it just can't get too political, can it? Magic is in the love of people, not politics
  9. Blue Prince

    Those idiots knew which one would be the most watched moment/performance of the entire show They'd probably love to have her perform again
  10. Blue Prince

    What I think we will sure get as this month ends though is either comforting words about soon and about her being grateful or the album's title/ cover and maybe the month of release. Or both. She has to give that long detailed post on Instagram of what's to come next year, don't you think?
  11. Blue Prince

    Anyway, we can only imagine Madonna having finished a huge body of work and shivering with awe and excitement over whatever ground breaking new tunes she's created, knowing how the musical landscape will never be the same after this one. So wet keeping her treasured masterpiece just a little longer to herself. Probably not, but she has no excuses this time Here's hoping...
  12. Blue Prince

    All she has to do now is delete every single demo to oblivion.
  13. Blue Prince

    She's also mentioned a few times on instagram doing what she 'is capable of'. If she just sticks to that throughout the process, it's a promise for great things to come!
  14. Blue Prince

    Honestly, give those thirsty fans 3 seconds of sound and they can already tell about the album's name and direction, her next tour and ten years of career, her Vegas residency, how she will name the next child she adopts from Malawi when Mercy is an adult
  15. Blue Prince

    I've always found it interesting how she almost never really uses the word album referring to her 'records'.