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  1. Blue Prince

    In the eyes of a sun blocking freak like Madonna, imagine how Maluma's skin must look.
  2. Blue Prince

    More believable than that she carefully thought not to trigger all those sensitive people by posting the simplest thing (with meat). Which she's never done....
  3. Blue Prince

    Just watching her Instagram and I wonder how she is going to fit politics, world dance music, disco, food references, outer space references and possibly cowboy references into the record
  4. Blue Prince

    I have been looking at it. Lots Too bad Simon Nessman doesn't sing
  5. Blue Prince

    At least even if you hate their song and video together most of you will just sit there drooling watching him and you will be happy
  6. Blue Prince

    She looks SMOKIN'!
  7. Blue Prince

    I understand. Might be political but nothing that Eurovision is against. I thought I read from a Eurovision insider that she would be performing two songs though, for about seven minutes on stage. I was surprised to hear about a whole list of songs now.
  8. Blue Prince

    Then the first thing that should be cancelled is France's participation with Roi. Eurovision is fine with homosexuality, drag and trans people and every country hosting it must be too. So Madonna might have proposed something different than that, maybe concerning war. We'll see in time.
  9. Blue Prince

    Guys, most musical geniuses in history were not healthy at all. Not saying he is one, but let's just judge the quality of his work and not his habits. If he mixes like that and she loves it, there is nothing to blame him for.
  10. Blue Prince

    It does but have those bull masks in Living for Love video been appreciated enough? I only recently really noticed them and I find them to be one of the things that make the video actually worth it.
  11. Blue Prince

    As long as she doesn't get lazy on stage and doesn't release a stupid twerk song I'm fine I don't think she's bothered looking good on the streets anyway, during this century. She can look great when she needs to. For now I'm much more eager to find out about the quality of the album, and then how summer ready her ass will be. Mine will
  12. Blue Prince

    And nothing about her puffy eyes in the morning. Or soccer motherhood. She did one such interview for Complex I think with Rebel Heart and I found it really enjoyable.
  13. Blue Prince

    I'd rather have Ariana occupy all of Billboard this month than those expendable rap songs whose sound could never justify their success to me. As someone said she is just having her moment right now and it's because she was super productive during a period when most pop girls were absent from the scene. She is not a threat to a legend. She is a fan actually and in my opinion the lesser of many evils in music right now. And I like seeing some personality and opinion in pop songs.
  14. Blue Prince

    The twins must of course love doing their thing in front of a camera. I think there is a reason we rarely see Mercy. She must be the shy, more serious one in the family.
  15. Blue Prince

    The way I enjoy the temperature there, Burning Up.