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  1. robder

    Why? Any previews would be given on the cusp of the release. They wouldn't leak previews and then wait another four months. The article says October/November unless I've missed something.
  2. robder

    Oh Jeez yes - you're right - but this will be showcasing the finished piece so I reckon it'll be in the weeks leading up to launch as part of a planned promo calendar. So still this year basically.
  3. robder

    Agree - that was a great piece of work (the audio part notwithstanding of course!)
  4. robder

    Alright smuggins. It's not on Play if you search for it these days. ;)
  5. robder

    RH worked well on stage I thought. Terrible on the DVD though. But agree on Blond Ambition being the one to watch.
  6. robder

    Me either - searched everywhere. It's not in the play store as an option. Can someone post a link?
  7. robder

    Oh gosh I hope so! That would be great actually.
  8. robder

    I do get a thrill about a new look long as it's minus the grill. The music industry has changed lots since the 80s. Back then, radio play was determined by what people were dancing to in nightclubs. Record industry execs would beg DJs for white label records for them to sign. Now the entire industry bypasses the underground and is instead sponsored by self-appointed corporate tastemakers who tell us what to like. Record companies won't take risks beyond the odd five minute wonder and even Glastonbury Festival, by its own admission, is struggling to fill stadium style headline slots. Therefore anything commercial is completely anti-music. Madonna would never have made it in today's climate...and still the industry continues to pump out lowest common denominator shyte like a gigantic soulless cookie cutter. My two penneth - hehe!
  9. robder

    I'm too old to care if she gets a number one. I'm a consumer, not an A&R exec. Popular culture really doesn't interest me. I just want her to go full goth, have an experimental era and forget about pandering to trends.
  10. robder

    Yes - this. The likelihood is, the lower the sales, the less trite EDM influenced pandering there will be. A decent album made for fans will perform really badly but do extremely well on the underground circuit. She needs a Roisin Murphy style disco makeover with remixers like Maurice Fulton and Yam Who at the helm. Low sales is a brilliant thing ironically.
  11. robder

    What's wrong with witchcraft? It's nothing more than Earth based medicine which is the most natural thing in the world. Nothing sinister about honouring the seasons. Are we still in the Christian crusades era or something? BURN HER
  12. robder

    This is a great pic btw!
  13. robder

    Actually they had - albeit not as commercially. I think David Bowie paved the way for Blond Ambition with his Diamond Dogs tour which was a first in its theatricality. You can see slight similarities in the stage sets. ...but then, is there a person on the planet who doesn't have to thank Bowie to some degree?
  14. robder

    It was annoying but this debate pales into insignificance when put next to Rebel Heart which is completely unwatchable and cringeworthy. She really showed a human side on Rebel Heart and it was really accessible to watch live. The DVD however just looks horribly sanitised and over processed/headachey.
  15. robder

    I get the sentiment and I'll admit the early 90s was a golden era for everything, and def has a signature sound...but Pettibone's remix efforts are completely timeless and will stand up for much longer than anything on Rebel Fart. Bedtime Stories was indeed refreshing though.