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  1. robder

    They certainly look like they are - but anything's possible.
  2. robder

    I'm really hoping she'll ditch the album project and tour another cosmetics range tbh.
  3. robder

    I'm not sure she's inner circle enough for that.
  4. robder

    I'd be excited if she covered Agadoo at this stage.
  5. robder

    I don't care about that though - if she gets called a slut, it's an indication she's doing something right! My comments were based on my own thoughts about her use of social media.
  6. robder

    It's a bit try-hard - not so much cruel or slutty. She was so full of mystique in the 90s. I find her social media a bit cringe - if I've been a fan since the first album, do I have a license to say this without getting lynched? Her kids are cute though.
  7. robder

    Controversially, I don't like any of these that much. Wash over me and Messiah were alright (but Messiah was a lyrically rehashed Spanish Eyes - which I enjoyed much more). I didn't really like the Super Bowl either. It was unnecessarily mimed (I love her expressive live vocals) and I'm not keen on the remixed Like a Prayer she's performed in recent years. Cavaet to this statement: I'm a MASSIVE fan. No pop artist has come close to what she's achieved musically and on a stage. On supportiveness - being a fan gives me carte blanche to be her biggest (informed) critic also. Despite the above, I'll never stop listening but for gawd sake Madge, flush the face cream, embrace the fact that ageing can look super cool and give us the album we all know you're capable of cooking up.
  8. robder

    Well exactly!
  9. robder

    Exactly - as a 90s raver who saw them lots in the early days, I can vouch that most of the original fans who helped them rise to fame didn't like any of their stuff post Homework. Discovery and Random Access Memories were terrible - purely tailored for a pop audience and the $$$$.
  10. robder

    Thanks I needed that - you just made me feel slightly relieved! ;) x
  11. robder

    A matter of opinion but yes - looking back at her amazing back catalogue, iconic was a horror show.
  12. robder

    Remind me - which was the Air remix? Did they do one or am I suffering a memory blank?
  13. robder

    I didn't mind Apeshit - but agree on all fronts. Drake no exception either. ;)
  14. robder

    Exactly - I live in a different island universe where the likes of Kanye West doesn't exist and pop stopped being a thing in 1990. ;)