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  1. robder

    Yemay-a ... Yemaya Y Ochun ... Yemay-a ... Yemaya Y Ochun (etc).
  2. robder

    This! It's all about the nuns, headbanging, feet shuffling and "GOD?" stabs. BAT was laced with humour and raunch. All the later versions were annoyingly anodyne and they kinda lost of irony of the song lyrics in the process.
  3. robder

    Controversially - I only ever liked the Blond Ambition version. Every other attempt since then pales into insignificance (even MET gala). Am I the only one?
  4. robder

    Now now. I'm not bitter at all - be nice. Excited about the album and no time for teenage scraps about little monsters or whatever they're called.
  5. robder

    Soz - guilty as charged. ;)
  6. robder

    I'm not a Gaga fan particularly so I've no emotional investment here...but opinions on this are completely arbitrary. Personally, I find the Staple Singers/Express Yourself similarities far more noticeable than the Born This Way ones. I'm a music nut - but it still took me a while to go "oh yeah!" with the chord progressions. If Gaga had played that as her response to the 'look it up' quip, Madge would've been screwed. PS: I love Madonna.
  7. robder

    Most of them in my view. If you listen through headphones, there's something unpolished and over-processed about it. Too much reverb in some places also. Whilst they know their way around a studio - many of these nu-skool producers don't have the correct grounding.
  8. robder

    This is a great fact - cheers!
  9. robder

    Crowleyisms now? Is the next album going to be some kinda Thelemite eulogy? ;)
  10. robder

    They certainly look like they are - but anything's possible.
  11. robder

    I'm really hoping she'll ditch the album project and tour another cosmetics range tbh.
  12. robder

    I'm not sure she's inner circle enough for that.
  13. robder

    I'd be excited if she covered Agadoo at this stage.
  14. robder

    I don't care about that though - if she gets called a slut, it's an indication she's doing something right! My comments were based on my own thoughts about her use of social media.
  15. robder

    It's a bit try-hard - not so much cruel or slutty. She was so full of mystique in the 90s. I find her social media a bit cringe - if I've been a fan since the first album, do I have a license to say this without getting lynched? Her kids are cute though.