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  1. Régine Filange

    Voted for Angel to make a difference. Have you noticed how My Humps from Black Eyed Peas sounds like Pretender in some parts?
  2. Régine Filange

    Me every day trying desperately to find hints about M14
  3. Régine Filange

    I want her to perform at Grammys but I don't think she can perform whenever she wants. I mean, nominated artists have to perform more than someone who isn't nominated.
  4. Régine Filange

    I love Lana, Ultraviolence is her best album. Old Money, Black Beauty >>>
  5. Régine Filange

    I think they actually did, i'm not sure. But they lost cause their song was a rip-off too.
  6. Régine Filange

    You don't stream the one in Madonna's channel?
  7. Régine Filange

    I didn't. I know she will follow the Like a Prayer tactic, but instead of condoms she will give free MDNA rollers with M14.
  8. Régine Filange

    Impressive should have been single 100%. I think Physical Attraction would've ended up as Everybody. Sanctuary deserved a surealistic video like Bedtime Stories. Almost every song from Like a Prayer was single material, she sould have really released them all as singles! Pray for Spanish Eyes, Till Death Do Us Part, Love Song... so great songs.
  9. Régine Filange

    Who cares about M14? We need 1 year till 2020. Go at Guy Oseary IG and spam to merge the views of her videos together.
  10. Régine Filange

    some of them could make a great 15th studio album, lol
  11. Régine Filange

    La Isla Bonita: Reached 100.000.000 views in 05.12.2018 Don't Cry For Me Argentina: Reached 1.000.000 views in 11.12.2018 4 Minutes: Reached 65.000.000 views in 15.12.2018 Bitch I'm Madonna: Reached 285.000.000 views in 14.12.2018 Like a Virgin: Reached 55.000.000 views in 15.12.2018
  12. Régine Filange

    I remember the radio playing Miles Away all the time back in 2008. I knew like only one song from Madonna back then, but when Miles Away was coming at the radio I KNEW that its her voice. I was 12 and didn't even have internet back then to check if its really her.
  13. Régine Filange

    Madonna is here to make them sound like real artists for once. Let her educate them.
  14. Régine Filange

    That happened 7 months ago. Warner Bros isn't a Vevo channel.