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  1. I agree but none of that has to do with this topic at all. ..
  2. My favourite is when a top sends you pics of his hole spread
  3. 1000000% all of this. Things started to go downhill when Freddy stopped managing her.
  4. oh yeah..next time play like Into The Groove. Straight people love 80's Madonna
  5. then he doesn't want us to visit and we shouldn't even discus it anymore. I would love to go to Nice though. @thegoldencalfwould love to go too
  6. No it’s accurate cause by killer they mean crappy and all the songs seem crappy. I still like it tho.
  7. Yeah. It's first appearance on a Madonna release was on the Dress You Up EP, but the first appearance anywhere was: https://www.discogs.com/Various-Revenge-Of-The-Killer-Bs/release/1274269 which actually came out in September or October 1984 even though the discogs listing says 1985
  8. Physical Attraction, Think of Me or the original album version of Burning Up are my faves..oh and I know it.
  9. They're probably saving this for either a Like a Virgin or First Album anniversary edition as it wouldn't belong on True Blue
  10. That's probably why it was on that album and not the soundtrack, but it wouldn't have been released as a single if it wasn't released on an album. That's the first time I've heard that it was edited for the compilation. When the song came out and was played on the radio and eventually on TV they said "from the album Barcelona Gold", with little or no mention of a League of Their Own (in Canada anyway) Also, the single wouldn't specify "single version" if it was any different from the album version that had been available physically for weeks before the physical single was released. Anyhow, those are my thoughts.
  11. Just substitute "trump voters" and "republicans" with "conservatives" or "right wing" and it's the same. That's how it is in Canada and speaking to my friends in Europe it's the same there. The people who don't want the vaccine aren't doing it due to political reasons, but they all seem to be conservatives. In general people who are conservative aren't the brightest tools in the shed.
  12. The only reason this song was released as a single was because it was on that compilation. That's why the version's on the single are labelled as: Single Version + Long Version.
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