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  1. No they didn't. That's the Canadian conversion. Most of the time the store will detect you're in Canada and it will do a conversion to show you the price in local currency. Whenever I visit the Madonna store using my cell phone it does that, but if I use a computer it does not.
  2. During MuchMusic's 1993 Madonnathon she had an Erotica video single on display with full cover artwork behind them and I was convinced it was out and harassed the people at HMV to order it for me. Of course they weren't able to find it in their systems. Then I called MuchMusic (numerous times) and asked them about it and they said it was a promo item from Warner Music Canada. I wonder how many of these video singles were actually printed and went out. What a missed opportunity.
  3. What do you love about it? Tell me more. Yes so in the end it sounds like shit. I haven't listened to the vinyl in over 10 years tbh, but I only half believe you that it sounds beautiful.
  4. Based on how everything that she's released has been "remastered" it's probably best she avoids releasing anything remastered at all. The first three albums in 2001 sounded bad, Celebration sounded bad and a lot of FEL suffers the same.
  5. The track lists on amazon originally said "2022 Remaster", but I just double checked and they removed the remaster part so who knows.
  6. Of course! I don't buy things to leave them sealed.. What's the point?
  7. Most people don't have CD players anymore. God knows they don't make any decent CD decks anymore. At this point more people probably own turntables due to the vinyl resurgence.
  8. I think it's because cassettes are cute. Most of the recent cassettes I have (Madonna, Kylie, Spice Girls) all look very cheap tbh.
  9. she was NOT in Australia. That's why Madonna said "Come back". Anyways, let's stop this back and fourth. It's getting annoying.
  10. Yes, she "snubbed" her cause she was working in Europe. Why would she stop working and fly back to Australia for 3 minutes? makes no sense.
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