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    If it were there, I'd vote for Lucky Star, as she was hesitant to release it as a single because she was so eager to release Like A Virgin.
  2. Did anyone who ever put money towards that project ever get reimbursed? That's some BS if they didn't.
  3. jtrover

    I wish I knew which Billy Steinberg & Tom Kelly song she rejected after she had recorded LAV. Who knows?
  4. jtrover

    The album covers, not the music. Hard Candy to me looks ridiculous. In fact, a lot of the pictures with the wrestling garb on, like the head piece, etc. just make me cringe so much. It looks like over trying to me, idk. And I didn't know for a long time that was a stool she was sitting on. I thought it was extra wrestling tape or something falling behind her, which made me look like she was squatting like she was going to the bathroom with a big long black thing falling out of her ass, as she seductively tries to bite tape off her hand because suddenly she has decided to needs to be a part of G.L.O.W. Besides the fact, those panties look like a diaper does not benefit this concept of photography in any way, shape or form unless it's a commercial for older wrestling ladies who need a boost in confidence and support for having urinary incontinence. The pictures in white (Snow Queen) are significantly better (and I don't mean the ones where she's in the corner where she looks like a 50 year old stripper in a padded room in a psych ward off her meds). Runner up below: The wires look ridiculous too. It makes her look like a "simple" person who got confused and ended up getting wires wrapped around her face and has no idea how to unravel them. So bad, to the point her mouth is all distorted with a "duh" look on her face. Her lips so badly pushed out, where she looks part-near like she has a cleft palette (which is fine if she did, but she does not). It's unfortunate because her skin, eyes and hair look amazing.
  5. jtrover

    I agree. Authenticity will always prevail.
  6. jtrover

    I'd buy that especially for the song "Whoever's In Malawi".
  7. jtrover

    That's what I'm thinking too! Outstanding work.
  8. jtrover

    LDLHA. Like An Angel Passing Through My Room OR Hung Up?
  9. I don't think COADF is not underrated at all. I absolutely love that album (except Push). In terms of overrated, the only one I'd agree to is Madame X. A couple songs are alright, but 90% of it is virtually unlistenable to me. I can't understand anything but English and even if I understood other languages, the robotic voice irritates me. I appreciate the variety of "world sounds" and I appreciate the originality of the album, but sonically I don't enjoy it at all, can't understand what's she's singing in a lot of it and due to the vocoder, it doesn't even sound like her to me. The majority of the songs actually annoy me and grate on my nerves listening to it, and that rarely ever occurs to me and never up until that point with a Madonna album. I'll never forget listening to it with friends, us all shaking our head in disbelief, laughing and asking "really"? I couldn't wait for the album to be over. I literally hated it. Such a change from Rebel Heart where I absolutely adored half the album like crazy (thought the other half was just ok). Anyways, different strokes for different folks. 😄🤷🏻‍♂️
  10. jtrover

    I'd vote for Hany Panky if it were there, lol. That's my choice. 🍑👋
  11. Omg, yes! That would've been incredible. I guess we can only imagine...
  12. I 100% agree wholeheartedly. It's always irked me that ITG wasn't an official single, because it deserves that #1 Hot 100 spot, which would have been guaranteed. Especially like I said, it's the Madonna song I have heard radio play throughout the years more than any other song from her. And Angel, I agree. I absolutely love that song so much. It's one of my top Madonna songs ever. It deserved so much more attention than it ever received.
  13. The ultimate B side played more than the original (at least in North America) by FAR is Into The Groove. Nothing else even compares. Throughout my whole life, I have probably heard ITG more than any other M song ever on radio. It definitely overshadowed Angel (which is a song I love btw). I would also say the general population would know ITG much more than Angel. Besides the fact, ITG is one of her biggest hits ever and it was a legit B side, never charting on the Billboard Hot 100. Oh, and further more, even though I was just a kid when it was initially released, I knew 5 other friends/family with the 12" single of Angel/Into the Groove. I have never known that many people still to this day with the same single in any format from Madonna. And they all pretty much got it just to hear ITG.
  14. jtrover

    I LOVE half the album, and am meh with the other half. And there's a few I like, but I want to choose my favorites. Plus, the hell with bonus tracks. I think albums should just be albums with a standard tracklist, no more than 13 with the best songs (the way it used to be decades ago). I also, naturally, have my preferences of mixes (but I'll only mention those if they're significantly different than album versions). Everyone's gonna HATE my choices, but this is how I organized it for myself years ago. Please don't hate me, lol. MADONNA - REBEL HEART 01.Addicted 02.Illuminati 03.Devil Pray 04.Ghosttown 05.Hold Tight (Demo with MNEK mixed in with the album version as I love both) 06.Borrowed Time (Demo) 07.Living For Love 08.Wash All Over Me (Full Dance Demo) 10.Rebel Heart (Dance Demo) 11.Never Let You Go 12.Inside Out 12.Beautiful Scars (Demo) 13.Joan Of Arc (Acoustic) * And I would put the "Joan of Arc" picture as the front cover, with the bloody heart in the hand picture on the back cover. I'd promote the album with the medieval aesthetic throughout the album. That picture with the face tied up I would burn it, so nobody could ever see it.
  15. The birthday night for Madonna's Dad was June 1st (the second night in Auburn Hills, MI.) I only know because that's the show I attended. Hope that helps the list. 🤗
  16. I heard Who's That Girl tonight at work, and Open Your Heart yesterday. ☺️
  17. I heard Take A Bow on satellite radio tonight at work. Not sure which station it is, but they play a lot of contemporary AC from the 80's, some 90's and a bit from the past 20 years, but mostly 80's. I've recently also heard La Isla Bonita and Cherish on it too.
  18. jtrover

    I Know It. Angels with Dirty Faces -or- Dear Father.
  19. jtrover

    Oh Father: When I was a kid it sounded to me like she was crying in it, which made me cry myself. Something to Remember: My parents split in 1990, and my mother used to play this over and over again, which naturally broke my heart. I'll Remember: In 1994 my father was diagnosed with cancer, and I thought I was going to lose him at this time. Everything turned out ok luckily. You'll see: The song came when I had my very first intense romantic heartbreak. I found it so emotional yet inspiring at the same time. The power of Good-bye: So I wasn't over my heartbreak yet, and this song made me realize I had to say goodbye... for good. Time Stood Still: The lush music in this song just kills me, plus the way she sings it. It was also at a time in my life where I was finally a full adult and chasing my dreams. Intense time in my life. Gone: The music in this song and the way she sings it, just gutted me the first time I heard it. Those harmonies!! Intervention: The sweet sentimental lyrics, and that guitar solo!! I was done. Even the outro gets me. Erotica (Confessions tour mix): I found it so beautiful. Mixing the demo lyrics in the song and so dreamy sounding. It was a surprise to me when I first heard it live. Sensual and intensely emotional at the same time. Reminiscent, new and incredible to me all at once. Ghosttown: This song literally had me in tears I think the first dozen times I heard it. Beautiful song, message and her lower register which I hadn't heard in a while. Should have been a #1 hit worldwide.
  20. jtrover

    Really? I loved Truth or Dare Naked. I found it very unisex. I wore it to work and I received a ton of compliments on it all the time. It seemed to work great with my chemistry. I never got a chance to test or even smell the original though unfortunately.
  21. jtrover

    I was the one who asked her about Christopher Flynn. I'm glad that she said she is covering him, even though she wasn't certain at first. I mean without him, there wouldn't be Madonna the superstar. It seems to me though, and I could be wrong, her memory for certain things isn't quite there. I mean Bond Ambition WAS actually released. It's just it was released on a format that never went anywhere, so most fans have only seen from official sources the footage from TOD, unless they go on YouTube. I doubt that she would remember all of those little details, but still.... It's almost like she needs to have a few long-term fans there with her to bring up certain important things that maybe she might overlook or not remember but they will. I'm talking the way general people reacted to certain things that she did in her career, or strictly from a fans perspective. We remember how we, our families, friends and media reacted at the time. We remember very specific details that I'm sure she would only remember if we refreshed her memory... I mean, she forgot about Tragic Girl for goodness sakes lol. Who knows? Maybe that was part of why she went live with us. But maybe not, she was very consumed with Paula and the filming of Evita at the moment.
  22. jtrover

    I'll be 43 next month, and I've been a fan of hers since I started listening to the radio when I was around 7 years old. I really, really liked her songs from the first 2 albums (even though I only knew what she looked like from her album LP's as I didn't start watching music videos till around '86 or so once we got cable), and in fact my first ever concert I saw was her at Cobo in Detroit in 1985. That Spring evening seeing her for the first time live initiated the mega fan in me, and well here we are.
  23. I really like it. I like the original version too. This remix has a different vibe which is pretty cool. The only thing I would change is the speed. It seems sped up like the Secret remix by Junior... Madonna doesn't sound like herself at all on the remix which I find bizarre, but I'll take that over the way she sounded on the Madame X album which I don't enjoy at all.
  24. Wow, people are really cruel to others on this forum. Definitely think it's time for a break.