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  1. Madonna va acabar con mis ahorros!! jajajaja
  2. Madonna Sold Out has sold the 10 thousand copies in two days from its official website where each one cost $ 35 and $ 54 US dollars making a patrimony of 1 Million dollars only in pre-sale.
  3. Power of Goodbye (Luke Slater Mix) This Used To Be My Playground or I'll Remember?
  4. https://store.warnermusic.ca/products/finally-enough-love-50-number-ones?variant=40058649641045&fbclid=IwAR3PNsBnCIDB_kWznsaI4XPbwB8gXNQlkq4R2PZb5k3sSMfOMAQkZuBT30s https://store.warnermusic.com.au/collections/madonna/finally-enough-love-50-number-ones-6lp?fbclid=IwAR1g1UmkW-1zbM8NATcZM1YU-HJNYWRkkSSfRMSIWLtMUiad-skxd1X9bH4
  5. Is there a way to know how much you have sold for now from your compilation ¨Finally Enough Love¨and what articles of that compilation are already sold out?
  6. what most catches my attention of this new project are not its remixes, they are the bonus tracks that will contain the compilation of remixes
  7. Bonus Track: FINALLY ENOUGH LOVE (Unreleased Track) - SINGLE CD ?
  8. me to, I just buy the box with the six vinyls and red lp jejejeje
  9. but it comes out that I have to go to pick them up at the UK store and I am from Spain
  10. donde puedo comprar los vinilos en rojo y que me los envíen a mi ciudad, por que los fui a comprar y me dicen que los tengo que ir a recoger a una tienda de UK y yo soy de España
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