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  1. Janinno Salazar

    link please
  2. uhhhh!!!! I LOVE IT....
  3. Janinno Salazar

    It was a great sadness for me to enter and know that I would be closed this forum in which I took refuge, I felt lost but above all without hope for anything. Thank you for opening it, I know it's a huge job for all of you. I can only tell you that of everything that happens in my personal life at this moment you and this beautiful forum keep my hope, love and faith in continuing to be adept. You and this forum are my lifeboat. New album, new tour, new demos and what is still missing. You keep the light of hope to continue living ... Thank you all for real with all my love and sincerity... @Fighter! Janinno Salazar
  4. Janinno Salazar

    ALBUMS 1.- Like A Prayer [Perfect] 2.- Erotica [Brilliant] 3.- Ray Of Light [The Best] 4.- Music [Invention] 5.- Madonna [Dance] 6.- True Blue [Love] 7.- Confession On A Dancefloor [Party] 8.- Bedtime Stories [Sing] 9.- American Life [Anthem] 10.- Like A Virgin [Innocence] 11.- Hard Candy [Younger] 12.- Rebel Heart [Too Much] 13.- MDNA [Bold]
  5. Janinno Salazar

    1.- Express Yourself [Album Version] 2.- Like A Prayer 3.- Cherish 4.- Promise To Try 5.- Till Death Do Us Part 6.- Oh Father 7.- Keep It Together 8.- Dear Jessie 9.- Pray For Spanish Eyes 10.- Love Song 11.- Act Of Contrition
  6. Janinno Salazar

    Music, Erotica & American Life...
  7. Janinno Salazar

    "Ray Of Light" --- I was 10. And also buy The First Album and You Can Dance ...
  8. Blond Ambition Tour Confessions tour Girlie Show Tour Drowned World Tour Rebel Heart Tour Re-invention Tour
  9. Janinno Salazar

    Here is my own version of celebration, I would have included three cd's although it is really hard to condense so many success in two cd's ...
  10. Janinno Salazar

    Borderline... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rSaC-YbSDpo
  11. Janinno Salazar

    richmonsoon, GhostOrchid,RobbyXPeacock Please can you share? I have not heard it. I would appreciate it very much. Thanks in advance. Janinno Salazar.