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  1. 01- Ray Of Light 02- Like A Prayer 03- Erotica 04- Madame X 05- True Blue 06- Bedtime Stories 07- Confessions On A Dancefloor 08- Madonna 09- Hard Candy 10- Like A Virgin 11- Rebel Heart 12- I'm Breathless 13- American Life 14- MDNA
  2. MADONNA - Digipack - With Booklet More Photos Sessions Burning Up [Album Version Complete] - I hear the cuts of the mix and the lack of a bridge and chorus- Burning Up [Jellybean Alternate Version] Ain't No big Deal Borderline [Edit] LIKE A VIRGIN - Digipack - With Booklet More Photos Sessions Into the Groove [Movie Version] Into The Groove Crazy For You Gambler TRUE BLUE - Digipack - With Booklet More Photos Sessions Each Time To Break [Madonna?] Tell Me [¿Madonna?] Possesive Love [Madonna Demo?] Spotlight [Original Version Madonna?] Santa Baby WHO'S THAT GIRL - Digipack - With Booklet More Photos Sessions and Cartoon Madonna With Music Incidental YOU CAN DANCE - Digipack - With Booklet More Photos Sessions All Album Unmixed +Dub Versions Spotlight [Dub Version] Over And Over [Dub Version] Everybody [Dub Version] LIKE A PRAYER - Digipack - With Booklet More Photos Sessions + Insert AIDS -Expanded Album Versions Like Instrumentals- Supernatural Dear Jessie [Remix Drums] Angels With Dirty Faces Express Yourself [Remix] Like a Prayer [7'' Version With Intro Guitar Complete] I'M BREATHLESS - Digipack - With Booklet More Photos Sessions and Movie Photos -Expanded Album Versions Like Instrumentals- Now Im Following You [Remixes] Vogue [Version 1983-1990] THE IMMACULATE COLLECTION - Digipack - With Booklet More Photos Sessions + BluRay -Expended Duration Of Versions- in QSound -Justify My Love [QSound Mix] -Rescue Me [QSound Mix] Videos Realased with Qsound Mix] My Humble Opinion - 1983- 1990
  3. BEDTIME STORIES 01 Secret 02 Bedtime Story SOMETHING TO REMEMBER 03 You'll See 04 I'll Remember RAY OF LIGHT 05 Frozen 06 Ray Of Light 07 The Power Of Good-Bye 08 Drowned World/Substitute For Love 9 Shanti/Ashtangi 10 To Have And Not To Hold 11 Swim MUSIC 12 Music 13 Gone 14 Don't Tell Me 15 What It Feels Like For A Girl 16 Nobody's Perfect 17 I Deserve It AMERICAN LIFE 18 American Life 19 Love Prufusion 20 Nothing Fails 21 Easy Ride CONFESSIONS ON A DANCEFLOOR 22 Hung Up 23 Get Together 24 Future Lovers 26 Forbbiden Love 27 Jump 28 How High MDNA 29 Girl Gone Wild 30 Love Spent 31 Gang Bang MADAME X 32 Medellín 33 Future 34 Crave 35 Crazy 36 Faz Gostoso 37 God Control
  4. This is my version ... I would have loved it to be like that ...
  5. ALBUMS 1.- Like A Prayer [Perfect] 2.- Erotica [Brilliant] 3.- Ray Of Light [The Best] 4.- Music [Invention] 5.- Madonna [Dance] 6.- True Blue [Love] 7.- Confession On A Dancefloor [Party] 8.- Bedtime Stories [Sing] 9.- American Life [Anthem] 10.- Like A Virgin [Innocence] 11.- Hard Candy [Younger] 12.- Rebel Heart [Too Much] 13.- MDNA [Bold]
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