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  1. Joseebus

    IDSIF as exit music.
  2. Joseebus

    I love watching her perform with the fan's vocals. It's quite an experience.
  3. Joseebus

    Where are y'all seeing this??
  4. Joseebus

    24 screenshots I grabbed: [Hidden Content] Enjoy!
  5. Joseebus

    The documentary is WONDERFUL. One of my absolute favorite things. I have new love and respect for her and the album now. ❤️
  6. Joseebus

    Literally EVERYTHING Emma says Madonna didn’t do, Madonna DID do. Ugh. This all but ruins “I Rise” for me. Who fed her all this misinformation? Did she even watch the video?
  7. Joseebus

    Not leaked, though. That was behind-the-scenes footage that she shared in a teaser. We never actually saw finished video footage of Madonna driving.
  8. Do I need to do anything else other than what I sent you?
  9. Joseebus

    1. "The drags." 2. This is "the drag queen video" which is SO UTTERLY NOT THE POINT. You can see Monet X Change in here for about half a second. I think some of you were expecting Madonna's version of "You Need To Calm Down." 3. There will be no "I Don't Search I Find" video.
  10. This is @godblesslindsay's edit that was posted in the Pictures forum.
  11. Joseebus

    Yay! I absolutely LOVE overlooking the message and ant-fucking the pointless!
  12. Joseebus

  13. Joseebus

    This is so powerful. What a MOMENT.
  14. Joseebus

  15. Joseebus

    IT’S HERE!!!!!