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  1. Surely she was having a drunk aunt reposting spree at like 4am. I just can't fathom her donating money to the Gates foundation to help fund the cure and then suddenly posting this unless she was completely blitzed. It's bizarre and makes no sense. She needs to be monitored on social media. Or, at the very least, have a separate personal account for close friends/family and then keep the public @madonna account for career stuff. I think she's been under-stimulated intellectually for years now and it doesn't help that she's surrounded by CHILDREN 24/7. She's lived so far up her own ass for so many years that she's completely out of touch with reality. This is all just so saddening and frustrating.
  2. Ray of Light will forever be her masterpiece and my favorite era of Madonna's career. But DAMN if Confessions wasn't the last GREAT era to be a fan. Everything worked: promo, album, tour, visuals, etc. Just perfection.
  3. MDNA is her worst album for me. Aside from the fact that it has a few truly great latter-day Madonna songs on it, it also contains some of her absolute worst.
  4. I'd be much more interested in full remastered deluxe editions of all the Warner Bros. albums 1983-2008 than yet another compilation that a fan could construct better than her actual team.
  5. It's too early for me to truly place Madame X yet, but I think I can safely say that it has potential to climb the ranks and won't fall any lower than where it is now. 1-10 are her best albums; 11-14 are her worst. 01. Ray of Light 02. Music 03. Like a Prayer 04. Erotica 05. True Blue 06. Like a Virgin 07. Madonna 08. Bedtime Stories 09. Confessions on a Dance Floor 10. Madame X 11. American Life 12. MDNA 13. Rebel Heart 14. Hard Candy
  6. I'm happy to report that not a single song from this new album makes it onto my list! HALLELUJAH!
  7. "I'll Remember" will always be my theme. Its message of teaching you to be grateful for ALL life experiences, both the positive and the negative, and what you learn from them is so valuable to me.
  8. Gay men are some of the absolute worst when it comes to ageism and misogyny, no doubt.
  9. Her wall is rarely so down as it is here. Beautiful interview. https://www.today.com/video/madonna-to-the-lgbtq-community-never-give-up-hope-58949701550
  10. Physical Attraction Stay Where's the Party Till Death Do Us Part Secret Garden Sanctuary Mer Girl/Has to Be Amazing X-Static Process Isaac She's Not Me Falling Free Joan of Arc
  11. Definitely "Love Don't Live Here Anymore." I love her raw, powerful vocal take. She really sells it. "American Pie" is one of the most abominable things that she has ever done. It's just atrocious. Not to mention that the original song itself was butchered to make it a more radio-friendly length.
  12. You know what I mean, though, don't you? Did you hear that song all over the radio? We're talking about a HIT.
  13. But that atrocious single and every other single that followed it? Not so much.
  14. You mean in the sense that she used to have hit singles? No. She'll still place highly on dance charts and the like, but I don't believe she'll ever have another HUGE, worldwide hit.
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