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  1. Joseebus

    It’s not available on her online shop yet. It still says “Coming Soon.”
  2. Joseebus

    MDNA is her worst album for me. Aside from the fact that it has a few truly great latter-day Madonna songs on it, it also contains some of her absolute worst.
  3. Joseebus

    Tour program tonight, allegedly.
  4. Joseebus

    Well, I’m glad I was Tuesday’s show because she was in a fabulous mood and the crowd (at least in the orchestra) was fantastic.
  5. Joseebus

    No, but he was up there in his seat jamming during it!
  6. Joseebus

    Does anyone know the name of the song she sings during the “Coffin” interlude? It was gorgeous.
  7. Joseebus

    Also, in spite of the fact that we all had seats, everybody stood for 90% of the show. We only sat for interludes and for “Frozen.”
  8. Joseebus

    I wanted that gorgeous black one of the deluxe cover with the gold embellishments. :(
  9. Joseebus

    You’ll get an email a few days before the show. Check in for us started at 6:30 and they let us in at 7. We got to stay in the VIP room on our phones for a long time. Until at least 9:30/10. There was a photographer in there taking pictures of us against a backdrop and there was a cute little video booth as well. As far as the Medellín package goes, they take you guys backstage after letting you in. They also make sure to tell you when you’re in the front row that you can’t cross the white line that runs in front of the stage. Hope that helps!
  10. Joseebus

    That was him?? Amazing!!
  11. Joseebus

    Last night’s went for $5,000 (!!!) to a fan named Matthew.
  12. Joseebus

    Several shirts have sold out! I wasn’t able to get the ones I wanted! Hopefully the merch gets restocked online.
  13. Joseebus

    Madame X is an insomniac.
  14. Joseebus

    3 different kinds of sandwiches, cookies galore, crudités, cheeses!
  15. Joseebus

    I absolutely loved it. Hands down the best Madonna show I’ve ever seen. She is SO plugged in and PRESENT and it’s beautiful to see. So many definitive moments! The VIP experience was unexpectedly great! The reception area had a real relaxed and exclusive vibe about it and the finger foods were actually delicious!