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  1. Surely she was having a drunk aunt reposting spree at like 4am. I just can't fathom her donating money to the Gates foundation to help fund the cure and then suddenly posting this unless she was completely blitzed. It's bizarre and makes no sense. She needs to be monitored on social media. Or, at the very least, have a separate personal account for close friends/family and then keep the public @madonna account for career stuff. I think she's been under-stimulated intellectually for years now and it doesn't help that she's surrounded by CHILDREN 24/7. She's lived so far up her own ass for so many years that she's completely out of touch with reality. This is all just so saddening and frustrating.
  2. Ray of Light will forever be her masterpiece and my favorite era of Madonna's career. But DAMN if Confessions wasn't the last GREAT era to be a fan. Everything worked: promo, album, tour, visuals, etc. Just perfection.
  3. I’d honestly be perfectly happy if she never toured again as long as she kept making music and Warner Bros. started treating her back catalog with the respect it deserves (remasters, anniversary editions, etc.).
  4. This is absolutely exhausting. I'm just glad that I had a fantastic experience at my show in NYC before the rollercoaster started. I sincerely hope she pulls through whatever this is and continues the tour as scheduled. BUT JESUS CHRIST, WHY did she ever agree to let Live Nation make this a full-blown world tour's worth of dates when this ONLY EVER SHOULD HAVE BEEN a very limited engagement thing. From the beginning I guess I just assumed she would do these few little theater shows and then kick off her standard arena thing some time next year or something. And for all the talk about "loving the intimate experience with her fans" thing, I don't think she's enjoying this format much at all. She can't just phone this show in if she's having a rough night or whatever like she could with a big arena thing that you just wind up and let run, you know?
  5. The untagged standard cover photo at last?!
  6. Have the VIP books begun to ship already?
  7. It’s not available on her online shop yet. It still says “Coming Soon.”
  8. MDNA is her worst album for me. Aside from the fact that it has a few truly great latter-day Madonna songs on it, it also contains some of her absolute worst.
  9. Well, I’m glad I was Tuesday’s show because she was in a fabulous mood and the crowd (at least in the orchestra) was fantastic.
  10. No, but he was up there in his seat jamming during it!
  11. Does anyone know the name of the song she sings during the “Coffin” interlude? It was gorgeous.
  12. Also, in spite of the fact that we all had seats, everybody stood for 90% of the show. We only sat for interludes and for “Frozen.”
  13. I wanted that gorgeous black one of the deluxe cover with the gold embellishments. :(
  14. You’ll get an email a few days before the show. Check in for us started at 6:30 and they let us in at 7. We got to stay in the VIP room on our phones for a long time. Until at least 9:30/10. There was a photographer in there taking pictures of us against a backdrop and there was a cute little video booth as well. As far as the Medellín package goes, they take you guys backstage after letting you in. They also make sure to tell you when you’re in the front row that you can’t cross the white line that runs in front of the stage. Hope that helps!
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