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  1. Joseebus

    Physical Attraction Stay Where's the Party Till Death Do Us Part Secret Garden Sanctuary Mer Girl/Has to Be Amazing X-Static Process Isaac She's Not Me Falling Free Joan of Arc
  2. Joseebus

    First of all: No grills. THANK GOD. Second: that JACKET!
  3. Joseebus

    I'm sure more of it will be released as we get more songs. I'm assuming it's a talk about the whole album.
  4. Joseebus

    I think the time delay absolutely destroyed her. She'll never do THAT again, let me tell you lol. And I think she wanted to talk about the album and the song more than she was allowed to due to the time constraint.
  5. Joseebus

    This closes out the album, so I hope it’s absolutely epic! I even took next Friday off just for the occasion!
  6. Joseebus

    This one is just fanmade, so no need to worry.
  7. Joseebus

    I'm fairly confident it will be uploaded to YouTube immediately thereafter.
  8. Joseebus

    The Rainbow LP is either sold out already or retailers are still waiting on verification from Universal. For example, Amoeba Music here in the USA has a page for the rainbow vinyl, but the page has been "currently unavailable." As far as the 2-CD and the box set, I can only assume that those editions are UK only. You can still pre-order both through the Amazon UK site even if you're in the USA, though.
  9. Joseebus

    The Target deluxe CD edition of the album will have the blonde cover.
  10. Joseebus

    I think it's so streams of Medellin will get properly counted and not get confusing split between 2 different releases.
  11. Joseebus

    I guess they can get away with calling this a "Target Exclusive" since it's the only way we can buy the CD version of the album with the deluxe tracklist here in the States?
  12. Joseebus

    Fanmade. It's literally the exact same freeze-frame from the first album trailer as we have here on the site in the screencaps thread.