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  1. Nope, I had tons of pleasure listening to the songs... and will have just as much pleasure listening to the still unreleased songs... I much prefer it this way
  2. Ha, ha I'm pretty sure she would not mind being a grandma... but it will happen when it happens...
  3. I agree, remember her releasing the album, but not her having a hit with this song.
  4. Guess he is talking about this, number 25 in The UK, but not really a hit many places in Europe.
  5. You do not seem to agree with much of what Madonna does...how do you suggest that she should regain her place at the top of the charts? what should she concretely do to satisfy you and gain the chart-success your fandom seems to depend so desperately on? what kind of music should she release? how should she behave? how should she dress etc? Why do you think Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber's new single is hitting the top of the chart almost everywhere while Madonna and Maluma's single is charting quite low? is it in your opinion about the quality of the music? Your only measurement for success is only hitting the top of the charts?
  6. Hampus

    Nope, your posts and so-called truth does not hurt me the least... they however bore me a lot... maybe time for you to obsess a little about Madonna instead of obsessing so much about the writings of LindebergBoy!
  7. Hampus

    If I was you I would put him on my ignore list, not worth wasting time on.. most of his time here seems to be spend discussing with you and claiming that you are lying and stealing information...
  8. Hampus

    If you do not believe that he has any info why don't you just ignore him? this constant bitching about "you are lying" is so tiresome...
  9. Sorry, but all these talks about Jesus, Satan etc...really can not take it seriously!
  10. Love graffiti heart, great song
  11. Hampus

    Ha, ha personally I want some mixes of the already released songs... and would love some with a lots of bleeps and bloops etc.
  12. Hampus

    Ha, ha would be better with a video for this song
  13. With the internet and social-media we have all gotten the access to say what we want to say... and people have really discovered that nothing creates attention as negativity and hate.. just look at the politicians nothing gives as much attention and power as creating escape-goats and spreading hate.
  14. Hampus

    You do not need a good reputation to attract people and be popular... in fact nowadays negativity creates much more attention and more followers than spreading love and understanding... anyway people have always said Madonna can not sing..nothing new in that... and most of the people who whine about her not being able to sing during the ESC performance would not buy her music anyway... so no big loss.
  15. Hampus

    I think that the disco song and Extreme Occident will be my faves... but guess we'll know when we get the album.