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  1. Hampus

    Have the feel that this one will be great... am looking forward to it
  2. Hampus

    Sometimes I am really surprised how little it takes for some fans to get pissed enough to drop their fave artists... Have you heard the album.. do you know that all songs are auto-tuned?
  3. Nonsense... there has been so many cases of Radio 1 not wanting to play music by older artists..has nothing to do with the quality of the music... not like the music they in general play always are of top quality...
  4. No doubt about that... all about creating attention for herself with a lot of shitty manipulation.
  5. I knew Barbara through other internet fan sites more than a decade ago...do not worry much about her... just surprised she quoted people from here
  6. I am very surprised that Barbara either is on this forum or have someone spying here Thought she had outgrown such nonsense years ago
  7. Hampus

    Cassettes are connected with a lot of memories for people... but no way that I'll buy cassettes again
  8. Nah, all music does not need to be in English... people are missing out on so much great music because they only want to listen to music in English...music is emotions and you do not need to understand the lyrics to enjoy a song.
  9. Hampus

    Lol, nope 80s fan here... love it... music is not about age... but about taste ;-)
  10. Hampus

    Love it, but in general not really my type of music makes me feel like dancing and gets me in a good mood though...
  11. Hampus

    Have the feel it will be I rise, would explain the vinyl single of that in the box-set.
  12. It is really a grower
  13. Nice summer song, an very mainstream... Hopefully mainstream radio will play it :-) Not one of my fave Madonna songs... but quite nice... and a good song for pop-radio
  14. Hampus

    I totally get that... not crazy about how hard it makes it to read... but I totally understand why they made it that way. Still great covers though :-)