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  1. whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat I need this collab right now
  2. I Rise is not on her channel, actually I wouldn’t consider it as an official MV as well. It was posted on Time’s website and that’s it.
  3. I. F**king. Love. It. it’s her boldest video since American Life. It won’t be a hit, but lots of people will watch it. And she looks stunning in both wigs but - did you notice any RuPaul Drag Race queens?
  4. rescue me deeper and deeper i dont search i find candy shop
  5. dunno really but throughout the whole song this is the only moment with such rustles, it’s just weird
  6. Yeah, indeed. I hear it now, thanks... But Medellin also has a glitch at 0:24 when Maluma says "dime". I thought they'd fix it for the album but they, apparently, didn't.
  7. Tomasz

    Maybe she will sit and talk about her motherhood on Pride Island as well?
  8. Is there any US promo planned throughout the week? She needs that!!!
  9. Idk she was funny and relaxed, while the comments are exactly the opposite 🤷🏼‍♂️ W t f
  10. Tomasz

    isn’t she back at #1 in US?
  11. ^ including USA! Bruce, taki this 💅🏻
  12. omg it’s out in my country i am so crying ❤️❤️❤️
  13. ok listen to the demo then kthxbye
  14. It’s #1 in Australia. Go Madame X ❤️
  15. Okay, it’s official! Madame X is out in NZ!