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  1. Me too! But was 14 and sat quite far back Was my second time seeing her.
  2. April 1994, so went with the With Honours premiere. March 1994 would have given me the iconic Letterman interview...
  3. Does anyone else think she looks like she's lost a bit of weight in this picture? I know the embellishment on the dress/corset is designed to give that illusion, but even just from looking at the black edges I think she looks slimmer than previously. I'm not trying to suggest in any way that she should have lost any weight by the way. I just think it's interesting as I've seen some comments on this forum from people saying that they don't think she's in good enough shape to pull off a tour.
  4. Argh I was just about to share this news but you beat me to it! I've never listened to this podcast series before but will definitely listen to this episode when it's released.
  5. For anyone wanting a bit of inside T on the Pride performance this year, listen to the most recent episode of Bob the Drag Queen and Monet X Change's podcast, Sibling Rivalry. Specifically, the episode is: Sibling Watchery: Drag Race Season 8 Episode 5 Spotify link: Skip to the 0:47:30 mark for Bob dishing on the experience
  6. Forbidden Love is my favourite Madonna song ever, but to be fair to Hung Up getting the top spot, that is a song I never get sick of hearing and never hit the skip button for
  7. I thought it would already be out by now, so I'm quite happy even at this point!
  8. Currently re-watching performances from Confessions Tour to accompany this thread
  9. Genuinely shocked that some gave a 10 to Hey You. I thought I'd be in the highest scorers category with my generous 2!
  10. As well as my favourite M song being on this album, Confessions Tour was my first Madonna concert (now up to 6) and second concert of any artist. I wish I could remember more of the experience, but I was such an excited 12 year old that it's mostly a blur now... I just remember that I couldn't keep up with the jumping throughout Ray of Light
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