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  1. Paradise (Not for Me) should not be top 3. I said what I said.
  2. I agree the concept is amazing, and even the execution! Don't get me wrong, if I sat down to watch the full show then I wouldn't skip just that part. I guess what I mean is when I pick out single performances from the show (e.g. to listen to in the shower haha) I never pick either of those two songs. Didn't express myself well (so I'm going to repress myself...)
  3. I love BAT for the setlist, but I love Girlie Show for the vocals (plus the colour and vibrancy that I think sometimes doesn't come across in BAT, but that may be the lower quality recordings)
  4. I think the Bye Bye Baby performance is cool too, and Deeper and Deeper. But I sort of agree in that I tend to skip the orgy section in the middle with Why's It So Hard and In This Life
  5. Some other interviews I don't think were mentioned: Graham Norton in 2012 Graham Norton in 2019 Interview with Rylan for the One Show in 2019
  6. True Blue (I think - argh that's a tough one!) Future Lovers or Future?
  7. Do you not see the irony of saying this as a Madonna fan? This is verbatim what haters say about her...
  8. 1. Crazy For You - 7 2. Burning Up - 6 3. Miles Away - 8 4. Don’t Tell Me - 8 5. Ghosttown - 9 6. American Pie - 6 7. Come Alive - 9 8. Medellin - 8 9. Jimmy Jimmy - 2 10. Gang Bang - 8
  9. Thinking of it as a 'for-the-fans' affair, I'm going with rarely-performed love songs. 1. Lucky Star 2. Angel 3. Cherish 4. Rescue Me (because she should know how badly we want to see this by now!) 5. One Last Chance 6. Love Profusion 7. Get Together 8. I Should Be So Lucky [mashed up with Holiday] (I know the mash-up is bending the rules a bit, but it would send some Kylie & Madonna fans into a frenzy)
  10. Words Why's It So Hard or In This Life?
  11. God Control Lucky Star or Physical Attraction?
  12. Forbidden Love (COAD)! I Rise or Looking for Mercy?
  13. Ray of Light. I'm Addicted or Love Spent?
  14. I was going to suggest maybe having the birth of Lola being an endpoint to the film, but maybe that would suggest a bit of child favouritism... I’ve honestly never made that connection, but maybe you’re on to something! Obviously her creative output was brilliant before Guy, and she’s always pushed people’s buttons, but it’s never occurred to me until reading your comment that the quality of her work seemed to lessen after the divorce. I always just put it down to the change in record label!
  15. YES! I’m not loving the remixed arrangement... sounds a mess! Would’ve loved a version closer to the original (instrumental-wise) but with M’s vocals added in. Ah well, maybe it’s a grower...
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