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  1. So, considered that her next album is going to be released in Q2 (wich is about 5 months from now) and that the ROL demo assembly seems to be unhappily locked, I simply want to share how I'm needing anything never heard or watched before to surface. It's such a long time I don't get excitement about her: come on make us happy, we really miss this :broken:

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    2. jump8


      I don't get why she's doing all these teasers and hype on social media now, only to release it in months to come....she should release it now, right before christmas ;) Otherwise we're already bored of the wait if the time of release is true...

    3. Andymad


      I’d rather a date, then teasing. All this teasing to me seems a bit... unsure.... 

      i just really want some hot Madonna tracks to sun tan to next summer

    4. poserdemadonna


      Hasn't she learned her lesson?