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  1. That era felt very confusing. American Life... about babysitters? And then the video (I'm doing it, No I'm not!) Then she dressed up like a revolutionary, smoking pot, going to Kensington High Street, reading her children's books. James Bond, Guy, the Queen. Breathless she's not.
  2. From 1984 until 1992. Then she was forgiven in 1998 and stayed relatively relevant until that video in 2003 (American Life)
  3. Arsenio Hall 1990 Letterman 1994
  4. Can't believe it. I'm getting old I suppose
  5. Love the question. I think it's her New York appartement before Christopher redecorated it (in late 1990 or early 1991 or whatever)
  6. It's a great album. This was Madonna having fun. Very much in character. Very much Madonna.
  7. Erotica/ Vogue/ Express Yourself/ Open Your Heart/ Justify My Love/ Deeper & Deeper/ Frozen/ Bad Girl/ Rain/
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