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  1. Into the Groove Open Your Heart Like a Virgin/ Can't Help Myself Holiday Love the whole show, really
  2. Yes, that was a turning point for Madonna, wasn't it? With this she became more political and made society confront itself with all it's taboos, social and cultural.
  3. I truly loved the album. Upon first listening I began to realize that Madonna had changed once again, only this time it felt very different. This wasn't a woman playing around with just another image. It felt very honest, and I kind of realized that something had changed profoundly. Nor was the album a "single-album". It had very few fillers (if any). It felt that each song was a statement. And the soundscapes, the details, not to mention Madonnas voice... It was all very powerful. And I remember the build-up. Everyone liked Frozen. So all of a sudden I had friends again. People can be ve
  4. Frozen Don't Tell Me or Papa Don't Preach?
  5. 1. Shep Pettibone 2. Pat Leonard 3. Orbit 4. Andre Betts 5. Stuart Price
  6. Didn't know about this. Thank you for sharing.
  7. God Control (I'm revisiting her latest albums these days)
  8. (Tough one) Where Life Begins Who's That Girl or Bitch I'm Madonna?
  9. Keep it together (Single Remix) Express Yourself or Human Nature?
  10. EDIT: Let me put it this way: I WANTED to like the album. But I don't get it, not one hundred... . There are certain songs that resonates, like God Control, which are brilliant. But the album as a whole... I appreciate the concept, and the previous contributers to this thread are very right: It IS a brave album. But I don't feel most of the the songs ( Maybe I'm getting old and cranky? ) But you know what? These things happens. There are people who detest I'm Breathless (some dosen't even aknowledge it as a studioalbum), while others have no time for Erotica. Both o
  11. I remember the amFAR-speech she gave back in december 1991. She compared aids to Hitler and the Holocaust. Madonna had so much integrity back then.
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