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  1. BloodRayne

    A friend of mine on Facebook said he was only twenty feet from her yesterday when she was here. Super lucky.
  2. BloodRayne

    Is it at all surprising that Britney was going to announce another Vegas residency? Good for her,but I saw this coming when she went on Ellen to announce the announcement lol. Good on her for making that coin but I'd rather get free tickets/meet & greet than pay to see her (local Vegas resident btw lol). I'm expecting it to be about the same as Piece Of Me was unless she's able to change choreographers and update her lipsynched vocals to modern vocals instead of recycling her original album vocals. I know she did it for some of the BBMA 2016 megamix.
  3. Are there elements of the Hanky Panky backdrop available from the Re-Invention Tour? I know someone used some stuff from that backdrop in a remastered version of the concert,but I don't know where to look.

    1. madgefan


      I think they were just recreated by the Brazilian fan who shared 'his final edition' of the Lisbon leaked footage. Same with Express Yourself and other parts.

    2. BloodRayne


      Gotcha. Well I'd still like some of those elements for myself because I'm doing a recreation of the whole show's backdrop in one file.

  4. BloodRayne

    Happy birthday.
  5. BloodRayne

    I've always loved the Justin Cognito remix of Girl Gone Wild but I still have yet to find out if it's an official or fan made remix. Either way it's my favorite remix of a current Madonna song.
  6. BloodRayne

    UPDATE #2 (10/9/18) I updated a lot of the information about all of the B-roll as everything I had typed previously was extremely vague and not very useful information. Every video now has a detailed description of what's currently available or not available. Download links in this thread are only of the clips from the B-roll that has yet to leak. If you are searching for the B-roll that already has leaked,you can download all of the footage on YouTube using a YouTube video converter. All the MEGA links were updated a couple months ago and are still active.
  7. Does anybody have any of the unleaked Monster Ball backdrops from ShowStudio?

    1. Show previous comments  10 more
    2. BoyToyInc.


      The Joanne world tour dvd is good! ;)

    3. BloodRayne


      @devilprayI think the Joanne Tour DVD will still be released. I think Gaga still hasn't found the right time to talk about it.

    4. BoyToyInc.


      Its not going to be she was going to compile Pro Shot footage from the first stadium and following shows as a vevo special but she never did

  8. It's the same one. So Beyonce ain't so innovative or original after all.
  9. I thought we were gonna get more backdrop leaks but now it's just a ghosttown...

  10. You're so welcome.
  11. If you look in the Other Artists File Sharing section there's a link to the MP3 of the concert in a thread.
  12. Regardless of when Janet did or didn't do things,Beyonce didn't revolutionize or invent or innovate anything. She has spent her entire career ripping off other artists and other existing mediums to create everything she's done from the beginning til now. Beyonce is talented and she has great music,however let's not pretend that Beyonce innovated or invented the ponytail hairstyle in concert. Madonna,Janet,Kylie and countless divas before her did it first and did it better. People need to quit acting like Beyonce birthed the universe and act like she's this God-like deity when she's just a normal human being like all of us. The same can be said for certain Madonna stans as well believing that Madonna is God.
  13. That she stole from Janet. Everything Beyonce has done has been a rip off of something from Janet,Tina,Prince,Michael and even Madonna. So again,keep on trying it.
  14. Janet has more talent than Beyonce does in her pinky finger. Let's not try it.