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  1. BloodRayne

    I don't even think B-roll exists from the first three videos,but I'm certain there is B-roll from Paradise.
  2. BloodRayne

    It looked to be like a screen capture from a video. It certainly didn't look like a photograph. The three holy grails would probably be that,Express Yourself,and 2004 Bedtime Story.
  3. BloodRayne

    Update #3 (12/15/18): I added in information about the Like A Prayer B-roll screencap that TheTagPolice posted to their Instagram account,which would be the last thing they posted before completely disappearing from the Internet. In terms of seeing anymore B-roll footage from any of the music videos that hasn't already been shared,the hope has seriously dwindled away and I'm fairly confident that there will never be another B-roll leak again,unless someone has the potential to completely hack out the trader who has the footage and leak it for the world,which is an extremely unlikely scenario,especially since it's been over two years since anything new or substantial has leaked out. TheTagPolice was the one hope of any footage being leaked,but since they've completely disappeared without a trace from social media,there is now zero chance of that footage seeing the light of day. This thread should stay open as an information depository and a place to download the clips from the unleaked B-rolls. The hope I have for them to leak will never completely fade,but I'm not as confident anymore of them leaking anytime in the near future.
  4. BloodRayne

    *This thread is NSFW and I don't know where else to open this* I've been on the hunt for this video for well over a year and a half now. I don't know where to look or who to ask in helping me,but I need help finding this particular porn video. It's gay porn (obviously) and it's a solo video of a guy. There were a few different videos of him out there,the first being an audition for some website that's no longer open. In that particular video he had hair,but in the other videos I've seen he shaved his head. From what I remembered he identified as straight but open minded and had a Southern accent. He had the most gorgeous and delicious ass and knew how to shake it very beautifully. The only thing I remember in finding this particular guy in the past was his video being titled "deep pink" everywhere; this video consisting of him showing off his ass/asshole and shaking it. I know this may be a very hard search and I'm positive this thread won't stay open at all,but if anyone can help me track this down I'd truly appreciate it. It feels like every trace of these videos has disappeared from the internet.
  5. I don't think y'all realize how happy I am for Janet. It's truly been her year and this induction into the R&RHOF has capped it off. Plus these multitrack leaks are snatching me bald.

    1. poserdemadonna


      Janet Jackson has also been nominated to the very first Janet Jackson awards, to which she won in the category Best Janet Jackson. When asked about it, Janet Jackson declared "Janet Jackson".

    2. karlafalves


      It took more than 10 years for people to leave in the past that s*** Super Bowl controversy and finally realize how huge she was, is and will always be in and for the music industry. I'm extremely happy for her and I hope that she is feeling all the joy we her fans are sending to her in this moment :heart:

  6. I just think Madonna needs to add more obscure tracks to her sets instead of making it exclusively about her new album with a few hits sprinkled in. Rebel Heart's setlist was a step in the right direction,along with the added addition of Tears Of A Clown. I hope she takes that concept to another level with this next tour if she decides to tour again.
  7. BloodRayne

    Some of these nominations make absolutely no sense. I've never heard most of these people or songs,especially Brandi Carlile. Who the hell is that and why do they have so many nominations?
  8. BloodRayne

    There's no way to tell when you can't see her face lol. If Madonna herself posted it then it might be?
  9. BloodRayne

    I think Falling Free should have gotten more love over Love Spent (the album version). FF is such a beautiful song and it's sad that she was considering it for the MDNA Tour but cast it away.
  10. BloodRayne

    I just did an opinion thread about this last year.
  11. BloodRayne

    She definitely did rehearse DWRY for the tour and was originally supposed to release it with I'm Going To Tell You A Secret,but she chose I Love New York instead. Stupid that she did as she ended up putting the finished version of ILNY on Confessions within the same year and DWRY wouldn't appear on anything until Hard Candy in 2008,almost four years after the track was made.
  12. BloodRayne

    I got 100%.
  13. The forum is quiet...too quiet. :Madonna032:

  14. BloodRayne

    Half past never.
  15. BloodRayne

    I think it'd benefit Madonna the best if she made the biopic herself. She'd have full control over everything told in the story versus an outside source who doesn't have knowledge of what went down when. But I highly doubt Madonna would want to delve back into her past and dig up those older memories to write into a movie. Maybe she'll become nostalgic about it someday. God forbid we have to wait until she dies to get a proper biopic.