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  1. azrael

    I think some kind of compromise would be cool with, like, a new EP every 1-2 years (5-8 tracks a piece). She has plenty of back catalogue material to go with and I'm sure she has loads of ideas for tracks she never got the chance to give a melody to.
  2. azrael

    Well in that case she'd have no way of holding down a cohesive "transformation" and every tour would most likely end up being the same over and over with one or two tracks axed to accommodate the new releases each time. I prefer the once every 3/4 years with a solid look/era and some decent promotion (which doesn't involve eurovision).
  3. azrael

    She can do whatever she wants in Israel, just please god not eurovision.
  4. azrael

    Send Kylie over to Tel Aviv instead.
  5. azrael

    Falling on stage at the Brit awards has helped her more than any eurovision appearance will. I'm sorry but huge ass + eurovision + some song feat. Anitta??? She better start rehearsing 'The Power of Goodbye' as her retiring number sooner than thought.
  6. azrael

    I wish she'd do Coachella again. Or headline some big european festival. Do some decent TV promo. ANYTHING but eurovision.
  7. azrael

    If it is true then I guess M and Oseary really want it purely because it's being hosted in Tel Aviv this year and we all know that M and Oseary have truly, well defined and fully veined hard ons for Israel. Nah, fuck this if it's true. Vision? What vision? I love M and don't want to see her degraded to the point of performing on such a D-List shit show. I would honestly get more "VISION" from watching someone drown through a damn kaleidoscope.
  8. azrael

    Eurovision is a piece of shit, all about bloc voting and over excited queens farting angrily into their sofas screaming for the next "big song" to win that will only be forgotten within weeks. I hate eurovision, I hate all entries, I hate the faux happiness, I hate the whole concept - I'd rather see her perform on nothing more than lottery shows from now on rather than that damn rag of a contest. There's nothing "VISIONARY" about it.
  9. azrael

    Dear god please no, not Eurovision.
  10. azrael

    I'll stop.
  11. azrael

    Oh my god IMAGINE?! Anyone want to have some light hearted fun on photoshop?
  12. azrael

    Not a name of my making, I prefer Madonna too.
  13. azrael

    Well she did perform on the BBC national lottery before so I really wouldn't put it past her.
  14. azrael

    I just hope Mirwais does a William Orbit and starts uploading his own remixes and original takes on the tracks he's had a hand in. I wish Orbit was back in the picture with Mirwais and Madonna. Damn she really fucked him over with MDNA.