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  1. azrael

    don't worry about how she releases the album and how it will affect her sales...remember she's performing at eurovision which some of you think is going to launch her right into the stratosphere.
  2. azrael

    It's a two sided coin for sure. I think the least we can all hope for is a solid performance. Please god minus any butt-plants or any booties getting down.
  3. azrael

    Eurovision this year is different from other years, there is a lot of political tension at the forefront. A lot of calls to boycott etc. which, to the best of my knowledge, has not been seen on this scale before. I just don't think Madonna offering to perform will do her any favours other than getting herself even more negative brands. Do you understand my point now?
  4. azrael

    ...and Madonna who has made herself a fountain of moral example performing and not addressing the Palestinian conflict and the aggressions of the Israeli government, totally cool and camp yeah? All those Palestinians caught between a terrorist government and a bully for a neighbouring nation, but fuck them right?
  5. azrael

    I guess we'll just have to wait and see. I still stand firm on my disliking of Eurovision though. I think she's better than that. For me it'll be as surprising as Jesus signing tits at a porn convention. Plus, there's the distaste at Israel being the hosting country given the troubles in Palestine.
  6. azrael

    We can only guess at this stage, it could go either way. Here's my prediction: No. Here's my more elaborate prediction: it will be a cringeworthy watch with M doing some reggaeton type 'booty shaking' shit on stage with her thinking it's cool because all of her stupid inner circle clowns throw the 'OMG YAS QWEEN WERK IT' bullshit on her. The press will print some lame ageist headlines, her sales will see a mediocre bump but she'll recede into the smoke after to prepare for another 'world tour.'
  7. azrael

    I feel the same as professormouse, watching the eurovision is like looking at a fucking open wound.
  8. azrael

    We'll have some more soccer ball kicking to keep us occupied.
  9. azrael

    One person on FB who is in some very small way connected to her through a job with a record label has been posting very cryptic status updates recently and even yesterday said something along the lines of 'she's coming very soon.' So, something is surely beginning to make traction, I just hope it's not much of a longer wait.
  10. azrael

    I don't really care how much hate I get for saying this but please GOD no more fucking posts on IG about the twins or soccer games. Good CHRIST.
  11. Somewhere I do, but chances of me finding it quickly are quite slim. Give me time to look around. I saved a html copy of the actual topic.
  12. azrael

    Fucking put Madonna on drugs and let's see if we get a full album of "bedtime story" from her dissociation I want to hear her sing about how she can taste the colour purple.
  13. there was a very in-depth description of 'Something's Coming Over Me' provided by a user on MChile years ago. this was the same user who shared supposed lyrics from 'warning signs' and 'shame' (before it leaked), so, yeah it's out there somewhere I guess.
  14. a huge milestone for LAP and not one mention of some kind of reissue, such a wasted opportunity. this album is a CLASSIC if not THE CLASSIC
  15. azrael

    The other demos are DAT sourced. That full set has yet to leak. This 'demo assembly' is CD sourced and has the tracklist as is, the only difference between the 'already leaked' files on the CD is, as one other member already pointed out, an earlier fade. Hope this answers your question.