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  1. James19709

    Late response but it is true. I'm Addicted vocals were drowned in the instrumental when you listened on a CD player or in a car. The physical copy is a mess in terms of mixing and mastering. I think the digital version might be cleaner, idk, can't remember. I haven't played it in years.
  2. The tension in this thread... LOL
  3. I'll always be disappointed that nobody made an online archive of the ICON magazines

    1. BoyToyInc.


      this. I feel this way about sticky and sweet backdrops lol

  4. James19709

    MDNA was worse, the mixing and mastering was terrible.
  5. James19709

    Just read some of your posts and I like you so the idea of you being insufferable is cancelled but you could ask friendlier hypothetical questions
  6. James19709

    You are insufferable.
  7. James19709

    I'm really curious how Desperately Seeking Susan sounds
  8. James19709

    1. Material Girl 2. Angel 3. Like a Virgin 4. Over and Over 5. Love Don't Live Here Anymore 6. Into the Groove 7. Crazy for You 8. Dress You Up 9. Shoo-Bee-Doo 10. Gambler 11. Pretender 12. Stay So much stronger
  9. I did this a while back for myself Drowned World 1. Arioso 2. Like a Flower 3. Like an Angel Passing Through My Room 4. Little Girl 5. Liquid Love 6. Run 7. Gone, Gone, Gone 8. (Be Careful) Corázon 9. Beautiful Stranger 10. Time Stood Still 11. No Substitute for Love
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  11. James19709

    I rarely play much of M's music, this was irrelevant.
  12. James19709

    How was your day?
  13. James19709

    Happy birthday @cailohfornia
  14. James19709

    Misleading thread title but oh wow she knows it