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  1. the KTU is more mixed : already noticeable at approx 40 secs [Hidden Content]
  2. Ryder

    makes sense ...liking your connecting the dots there!
  3. Ryder

    [Hidden Content]
  4. Ryder

    Especially the Vogue one as it's made of rice paper and ltd to 50 copies (though sounds too low number) and worth £1500...
  5. Te difiendes bien con el ingles que dices? No hay un error escribiéndolo, esta' perfecto!
  6. thanks for the wav ... I think I read someplace that the remix edit could be recreated from the extended remix.. but I am no expert!
  7. Ryder

    Steffmad your comment reminded me when she called a track "Isaac" everyone assumed this and that - oh blasphemy! - and all was known was a title-track and no background nor inspiration for using ISAAC!
  8. Ryder

    Veronica Electronica was set to be released and It was supposed to be a 2-CD set and as we know the project was cancelled.. There was a tracklist about but was a tracklist ever decided or was it just a rumour? Anyone knows?
  9. can't download the dress you up remix edit.. can you please upload it in wav?
  10. gracias por esos....tu y yo tmb!
  11. After posting I thought of oh theres Dress You Up 7" Remix and Burning Up (Angel B-Side) up to obviously Open Your Heart ... and too many versions of Everybody for me to even contemplate them hahaha.. though found this Open Your Heart (Single Mix) 4:22 192kbps in one of my HDD and thought I'd upload this [Hidden Content]
  12. I think Open Your Heart 7" Remix is the only one unavailable on CD... We have even the 7" version Crazy For You and Gambler...
  13. I'd say the main version off the 1986 album . All the others are edits, remixes, etc... and have been edited, pretend-remastered, sloppy mixing on her hits albums... I always listen to my 1986 Album made in USA but disc made in Japan: superior quality noticeable! Or the mixes off the Super Club Mixes Japan. Shame no 7" UK Remix from CD Source yet...oh and no Dub from Japan releases too right?
  14. Ryder

    Sacrilege! You misspelled Dear Jessie!!! Arrghh. Oh now you got to listen to White Heart off the single!!! (See the irony there??) I think the time has gone where she releases as many singles as possible and if she did why not have sales increased by waltzing into the vault and pick a oldie but goodie as B-side like... Working My Fingers or Queen Of Misery? But that aint gonna happen as radio station ignore her for the reason below and she'd rather have album sales than single sales!
  15. Ryder

    Hidden track like Password in the Kylie's album! That'd be awesome!