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  1. Ryder

  2. Ryder

    oh my God I just love this!
  3. Ryder

    Absolutely!! In fact I say rumoured/presumed/assumed obviously by every site after she posted recording Messiah...
  4. Ryder

    Remember beginning of July 2014 M had been teasing via her Instagram account by with a snippet of Messiah and with lyrics and captioning the image with the phrase "Salvation through Art! #heart #messiah #livingforlove."? It was rumored/presumed/assumed to be the lead single from the album....
  5. here's some infos about it....
  6. both, they're like the moon and the sun!! one makes you dance dance dance and the other as Frank said is one of her best ballads ever.... Period.
  7. Ryder

    it all got ruined since the leaks started....
  8. Ryder

    I kinda feel the same... No hints no titles and no snippets.. Ladies and Gentlemen ... any animals...
  9. Ryder

    remember that Messiah was said to be 1st single? Blah blah blah yada yada yada...
  10. Ryder

    so true, celebration was a mess but also gave us few unique versions.. HC was done faster than a ray of light and lets say who can blame her doing a tour and then again keep busy due to her divorce... and then M D N A = M did not ace = why having such (few) good tracks ended up choosing bad singles? Or just do it in a sense commercial timing!
  11. Ryder

    Not a decent treatment for few albums now!! Why oh why oh why oh why do fools ....
  12. Ryder

    I remember reading that a guy asked for something like $25K for Warning Signs (crazy price but how serious can that be?) .. also the track was about to leak but in 2011 GAYL Leakgate happened all hell broke loose...
  13. Ryder

    Am I wrong in thinking that 'Working Your Fingers' was also in the list of items that were about to be auctioned before M put a stop to it??
  14. Ryder

    Some scene of TAB by the stairs are from MTV's Making Of....
  15. 'First in NYC in a club Madonna (apparently) said to Marylin "Do you know how good is for you to be seen dancing next to me?" ....Comparing Madonna with Marilyn Monroe is like comparing Raquel Welch with the back of a bus,' George famously said in 1986...the following year he was pissed off he was not invited at her birthday party during her WTG Tour in London. When he saw her new video in 1992 he just went "This Used To Be My Video..." I think it's bitch n moan for Boy George and thats the way he is. I loved him since the beginning, his voice is amazing though you guys heard his mix of Bad Girl? My ears were bleeding : atrocious! I admire him from being through hell and back and still standing and despite this, he was pretty much friendly and adorable when met him.