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  1. at the very start where she's pulling eyes everywhere [love that bit!] was included in some interview back in the days.. can't remember which one though! but yes heaven on earth!
  2. Ryder

    Go on, go on, go on, go on , go on, goooo OONNNN!!
  3. Ryder

    I doubt Love Attack would be included as it was rejected for not fitting the LAP Album...lets hope and add the demo of Express Yourself as Stephen Bray considers this superior to the album version that that list of yours!
  4. CYSMM might be pleased now... I remember reading this when he posted this DAD ... funnily enough I thought of this yesterday but until I'd know from the horse's mouth -Mirwais directly- there'll be doubt for me anyway!
  5. I had been given a pic of these set but no timings over a year ago and remixology recently added them . ... l and still havent got them but worked out the trappy one as l had 2 ruffs same date same timing from a million years ago and * just alternate mastering, diff horns, beat but hardly to spot differences if l wasnt told whats the differences were... as and that LFL must be from the grammy studio set like next theory ⏩ VVV most likely from MT as all timed same but been told *the most interesting is HT. and not on remixology a bunch of REVS
  6. a bunch on revisions oh and diplo exports listed recently on remixology
  7. Ryder

    You can notice this editing also on most tour releases with bits added from other dates.
  8. Hung Up and Like It Or Not and the all the rest in between!
  9. Ryder

    I totally agree most of her releases had an early Spring release!
  10. Ryder

    is there a brackcover or/and list tracks for this ?
  11. Ryder

    Paradise (The Confessions Tour Projection)??
  12. To this day remains unreleased. Somebody posted a snipped on instrumental but could've been anything and if I remember well a guy was asking a selling price for an insane amount of money for it like 25K or something like that. Also there was the rumour that it was gonna leak in 2008 or 2012 but another new track off new album did and all went ka-boom! All circumstantial so true or not I don't know..
  13. Ryder

    love those thank you stefo!