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  1. Ryder

    This Julian Hirsh Club Mix is actually a better sound quality of the Warren Rigg Mix that is mislabeled as the Vasquez Mix. A lossless does not exist.
  2. Ryder

    Both fakes... La Isla Bonita is the 2nd version, BIM New Mix is a new Diplo one which is totally different and yet to leak.
  3. Ryder

    Yes as on the Cassette you'd find the Edit/Single Remix appropriate to their 7" releases except the unique Borderline. Edit and Edit of the Album Version is the same thing.
  4. He's surely a fan of clips and acapellas!!
  5. Ryder

    The Nowels Demos from early 00s and the ones on the Assembly are exactly the same except they fade a bit earlier POG which is same timing.
  6. Whats the timing of Erotic played on this? Thanx
  7. Ryder

    Totally agree...I find her overacting in movies...
  8. Ryder

    Ray Of Light (Japan)
  9. Ryder

    impossible to choose as COAD is dance dance your ass off and one of my favourites albums! American Life is criminally UNDERrated! It's a metaphysics shit thats dope 'work of art'!! Brutally candid and nothing is off limits >> family, marriage and modern life, isotopes and y'know she's satisfied! []TICK [] TICK [] TICK
  10. The RH Demos links were for sure not shared here as they're not allowed.
  11. Ryder

    As said above I only had the audio clip as the video was removed pretty much after being uploaded... now it makes sense as seen the video has been re-uploaded!
  12. Ryder

    I'm talking about this version which has reappeared on youtube! Seems they're wearing the Adidas tracksuits like the S&S!! I only had an audio clip of it...
  13. Ryder

    Vogue it was not a mix I was talking about ... but rehearsals...