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  1. https://www.billboard.com/music/madonna/chart-history/adult-contemporary @Synchrone Its family-friendly, non abrasive music. No gyrating or rapping or lasers here the chart has been good to her
  2. DickTracy

    These guys will be part of a free show in Central Park in June 22
  3. I understand that some people use charts as the measurement for credibility but they really haven’t ever been. Maybe prestreaming based on physical sales but even that had its questionable practices. Back when she was “on top“ her shit was always coming from a sincere, unique place and I think that’s what attracted the people that make up her current fan base. Many people I know love Madonna for random the most random shit from the 80s/90s and roll with her new shit for that very reason. Of course as a Stan we want her to succeed beyond imagination but she could autotune her farts or sing about being a baby and I’d be like “who’s gonna do the remix?”
  4. Both Lennon and Elvis passed in their 40s
  5. DickTracy

    @cherryand @somethingscomingover I love these performances, I wish she would revisit these songs on the Madame X tour somehow as they are written by the masters and also signature Madonna tunes. Both songs are timeless. I also hope that she may consider a musical film again in the near future given the success of Mamma Mia for instance. @louis.exe That Live To Tell performance is beautiful. If u dig the organ I suggest a tune by DJ Shadow titled “Organ Donor”
  6. DickTracy

    I was lucky enough to be at this show, Debi and Sean were also in the audience. Another tearjerker, such a sweet moment.
  7. Regarding the Youtube video premiere q&a - anyone have a transcript or recording? Asking for a friend
  8. DickTracy

    This one made me cry like a child the first time I saw it.
  9. DickTracy

    I watched this special a few weeks ago and this one blew me away.
  10. Can we get together on something kind of out of the box? I’d love to see YouTube clips of your (yes, you dear reader) favorite performance of Madonna in any era where she is singing live or your preferred version of live. I’m purely seeking your favorite vocals/version, hopefully something special - the visual spectacle, the dancing or lack thereof is irrelevant. Any tour, awards show, tv special, or whatever will do. And maybe just a sentence to introduce your choice. Here’s a few to start: I’ve always felt she is more relaxed when the band is closer to her. This version is haunting and dynamic compared to the album. This version is so fun and carefree. I love the harmonies the backup singers provide. So whatcha got for me? I’d love to get a reply from anyone, anywhere!
  11. Props to Billboard for his co-production on Crave. Mike Dean gets a lot of the credit, it seems, but I feel like Billboard may have had a larger hand in the sonic wizardry. Maybe Billboard will release his own remix?
  12. Fox 5 NYC did a bit just now on Madame X tour added dates, they played a clip of Medellin video then played Crave during the “Facebook fan of the hour” segment.
  13. I was denied tickets to the Brooklyn concerts but I don't feel so bad about it now.

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    2. DickTracy


      It was very non-specific, which is fine. Kinda turned me off of this whole "ticket lottery" angle, tbh. 

    3. Ryder


      I feel the same about the process to get tickets... 

      Do I have to change my name
      Will it get me far
      Should I buy a VIP pass
      To see my fav star 

      This type of modern tale
      Is it for me
      This type of modern sale
      Is it for free



    4. DickTracy


      RHT was a lovely return to form, I had a fantastic time at the concert in Brooklyn at Barclay's. I did feel like I could've saved a ton and had just as much fun watching the Showtime broadcast, I'm hoping I'll feel the same this time around. 

  14. Remixes for Future STAT! We need a proper Major Lazer Remix and that chorus with the trumpets needs a dance mix aka Funkstar Deluxe