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  1. iphone6s.png

    I see this on the subway everyday, thought u guys may dig it. Her name is between the A's in Arthur Ashe on the I.

  2. DickTracy

    I'd love a Vanity Fair feature, always a highlight of a new era
  3. DickTracy

    https://music.amazon.com/user-playlists/463be900f9a14a049fb32a6e708f8d35sune?ref=dm_sh_9c52-0f0c-6751-26b1-f9a25 My Madame X playlist on Amazon Music, stuffed with Mirwais productions and other weird ditties.
  4. DickTracy

    I sure fuckin' hope not.
  5. Life isn't fair, that's what you said, so I'll try not to care

  6. People in 2019: "Madonna uses too much auto-tune now! What happened?"

    People in 2000: "Madonna uses too much auto-tune now! What happened?"

    1. Fighter


      I feel like the old autotune wasn't cheap sounding though... 

  7. DickTracy

    I think its so funny that people take the time to make fake videos.
  8. DickTracy

    Top of the New Releases songs list on Amazon Prime Unlimited (as it should be)
  9. Producer of Madonna's "Vogue" Wins Fees Fight With Warner on Appeal Ferdy Damman/Getty Images Madonna https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/thr-esq/madonnas-vogue-producer-wins-fees-fight-warner-1202660 Shep Pettibone claimed the publisher was improperly withholding his royalties to pay its attorneys fees from a copyright fight over the song. The producer of Madonna's iconic song "Vogue" isn't responsible for paying the publisher's legal fees in connection with a copyright fight they won, a federal appeals court on Wednesday ruled. Following a lengthy copyright dispute over a sample Robert "Shep" Pettibone used in "Vogue," which the producer and Warner Music defeated, another fight broke out over who had to foot the bill for attorneys' fees. Pettibone in April 2017 sued Warner/Chappell and WB Music claiming the publisher was unfairly withholding his royalty payments. U.S. District Judge Richard Sullivan in March 2018 dismissed the complaint, finding that their deal unambiguously said Pettibone must indemnify Warner and therefore it was fair for the publisher to use his royalties to offset attorneys' fees. For context, here's what the relevant portion of their contract says: "Each party will indemnify the other against any loss or damage (including court costs and reasonable attorneys’ fees) due to a breach of this agreement by that party which results in a judgment against the other party or which is settled with the other party’s prior written consent (not to be unreasonably withheld). In addition, [Pettibone’s] indemnity shall extend to the 'deductible' under [Warner’s] errors-and-omissions policy without regard to judgment or settlement. Each party is entitled to be notified of any action against the other brought with respect to [the song 'Vogue'], and to participate in the defense thereof by counsel of its choice, at its sole cost and expense." The 2nd Circuit on Wednesday vacated the decision and directed Sullivan to enter judgment for Pettibone. It found the agreement to be "pock-marked with ambiguity" and, if anything, suggests each party would pay its own fees and costs. The summary order notes the section "explicitly cabins" indemnification obligations to disputes arising from a breach of the agreement and "there is no explicit mention of whether an indemnification obligation exists absent such a breach." "[T]o the extent Warner urges that it intended to bury, in section 8.1, a highly unorthodox fee-shifting provision that is astonishing in its breadth, the contractual language undoubtedly 'fails to disclose its purpose,'" states the order. The order also notes that Warner drafted the agreement and could have included an indemnification for all allegations or clarified the section. At this point, Warner's fees are almost $1 million and the 2nd Circuit doesn't think Pettibone should foot the bill. "Warner would have us read the Agreement to shift attorneys’ fees of this magnitude to individual songwriters for any and all infringement claims brought against them, regardless of merit or frivolousness," states the order. "Because the Agreement’s language does not come close to unambiguously requiring such an extraordinary result, we hold that Warner cannot enforce section 8.1 against Pettibone." The appeals court directed Sullivan to calculate the royalties Warner now owes Pettibone and consider his requests for interest and an award of fees, costs and expenses he incurred in connection with this fight. Read the full summary order below. Pettibone's lawyer Richard Busch sent The Hollywood Reporter a statement saying he's thrilled with the decision. "Warner literally wanted to apply the indemnification provision of their contract even though Shep breached no warranty and we defeated the underlying claim of infringement," Busch said Wednesday in an email. "They have just kept his royalties that he relies on for years. This is a truly sweet victory, and will hopefully prevent others from trying to pull the same nonsense in the future."
  10. DickTracy

    Featured on popular Food and Dining website Eater: https://london.eater.com/2019/4/18/18484633/madonna-madame-x-chiltern-firehouse-london-celebrities Chiltern Firehouse Is Still Madonna’s Favourite London Hangout by Guy Pewsey Apr 18, 2019, 1:48pm BST SHARE Photo by Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images for Billboard Magazine Madonna is back, and this time she is enjoying a little role play, unveiling her new persona Madame X. Ahead of a packed week of launch activity, she found the time to relax at Chiltern Firehouse on Saturday evening.
  11. DickTracy

    Detroit in the house https://www.metrotimes.com/city-slang/archives/2019/04/18/madonna-gives-detroit-a-shoutout-in-her-new-latin-asmr-single-medellin Madonna gives Detroit a shoutout in her new Latin, ASMR single, 'Medellín' Posted By Jerilyn Jordan on Thu, Apr 18, 2019 at 2:46 pm Photo by Steven Klein Madonna as Madame X. What do a Colombian drug cartel, ASMR, and the cha-cha-chá have in common? They are all fixtures in Madonna's latest single, which can mean only one thing — Madge is back on her bullshit. The 60-year-old pop icon released the sultry, Latin-infused "Medellín," the first single from her forthcoming record Madame X, which marks her 14th record to date and her first since 2015's Rebel Heart. The track, a collaboration with Colombian singer Maluma, appears to be optimized for steamy dancefloor hip-rolling — and it opens with an intoxicating ASMR-like delivery (a glaring example of Madonna's subversive affection for staying current.) "I took a pill and had a dream/ I went back to my 17th year/ Allowed myself to be naive," she sings, before confessing that after a sip she woke up in the mountain town of Medellín. The duet, which is mostly in Spanish, clocks in at just over five minutes, follows a laidback cat-and-mouse love affair, and uses a sensual whispered call-and-response. After sipping her "pain like champagne" and dancing naked in the rain, Madonna drudges up and appropriates the nominal city's violent trafficking history ("We built a cartel just for love/ Venus was hovering above us"), and Maluma suggests that the lovers pay a visit to the Motor City, if she wants to. "We are in Colombia, there’s a party in every corner/ And if you want, we’ll go to Detroit (You know)/ If I know where you come from, then I know where to go." Though Madonna has made it very clear many times that she is not from Detroit but rather Bay City and Rochester Hills, she recently pledged a matched donation to support a Detroit Prep charter school. But like she told US Weekly three years ago: "I miss absolutely nothing about growing up in Michigan. Nothing at all." Madame X is due out on June 14 and tour plans have not yet been announced. Madonna last performed in Detroit at Joe Louis Arena in 2015.
  12. DickTracy

    Almost to 3 million views on YouTube
  13. DickTracy

    Can I ask, objectively, if the song is literally a drug and alcohol inspired dream.... wouldn't she be dreaming of herself as the sexual object?
  14. DickTracy

    This! I would love a guest vocalist on the tour vs. a video thang. The video thang is so tired.
  15. DickTracy

    I'm actually hoping she does some sort of potentially viral cha cha dance move.