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  1. In the same boat - If you get one, pass it on please lol 🤗😂
  2. Was the sampler listed as an item in the despatch email? My order that I'm told includes it has no indication...
  3. I received this email, however I completed my order 8:01am. I hope this means I'll get a sampler and they don't just disregard my order due to the technical issues and reset for tomorrow! I emailed them but won't get a response until it's too late now...
  4. me too - I don't understand how when we've pre-ordered so far in advance but I shouldn't be surprised.
  5. Really? I hope you're not joking because i love this idea!
  6. Agreed - that would make it perfect! OR... Holiday Like A Virgin Material Girl Into The Groove Open Your Heart Causing A Commotion Spotlight - Edit (to represent YCD)
  7. It's available to preorder on the Warner Australia store https://store.warnermusic.com.au/search/finally enough love
  8. This is all so similar to my experience in Brisbane! And it was Confessions when I saw her next too, which started my tradition of travelling overseas to see her
  9. I really want that set of pins! If anyone is going to a future show and can help me out... ??
  10. Yeah I saw, but the prices are outrageous
  11. If anyone sees the MX double pin at the upcoming shows, I LOVE to get my hands on one - they weren't at my shows and I missed them in the online store
  12. Do you remember who the seller was and if they had more?? ?
  13. Do you remember who the seller was and if they had more?? ?
  14. I just went to buy the MX double pin from the store and it’s gone anyone know where else I can find it? I never saw it at the shows I attended
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