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  1. He likes powerful women....maybe she made him nervous
  2. Wow. Seems like a lot of buggerising around just for instagram.
  3. Just wondering if anyone knows what filter Ricardo uses on M's pics or is it photoshop?
  4. Why are you even here on a Madonna forum? It's quite clear you don't like her. Based on media trash, you would rarely see anything good about Madonna as that is the route they have gone down for years. Madonna has been slagged off her whole career. That is the narrative. Unfortunately people believe everything they read. Has she admitted to being not very nice in the past. Yes. Is she a saint, no. Is anybody. No. You make it sound like she is just a bitch 24/7, is just plain ridiculous. ....., really nice, sweet, down to earth, and all the "toughness" is just pretense are some descriptions I've heard. Maybe if people looked for some good, you may just find it.
  5. Rufus seemed to think Madonna lacked a sense of humor.... If you took that seriously, well maybe you're lacking a sense of humor also.
  6. It's a great unique song from M. So different o much of her work. Great fun. Great energy. Great vocals.
  7. Its a cheesy 80's pop song.....what is all this fuss about empowerment...
  8. Peter Savic most likely did M's hair in Fever.
  9. He doesn't say anything scathing and derogatory about her like he normally would. It's a fairly standard news piece which pretty much covered everything that was said in Truth or Dare
  10. Madonna has great tits! Do not deny them!!
  11. She did say she played the synth on Love Song, and "because I don't know that much it came out strange and interesting". Like A Prayer album has her credited for Additional Synthesizers.
  12. Prince did the same and shot his on a soundstage.
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