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  1. He doesn't say anything scathing and derogatory about her like he normally would. It's a fairly standard news piece which pretty much covered everything that was said in Truth or Dare
  2. Madonna has great tits! Do not deny them!!
  3. She did say she played the synth on Love Song, and "because I don't know that much it came out strange and interesting". Like A Prayer album has her credited for Additional Synthesizers.
  4. Prince did the same and shot his on a soundstage.
  5. The next time you want pussy, just look in the mirror baby! Here kitty kitty kitty!!!
  6. It's hard to believe that this and the Justify My Love cover were shot the same day! Amazing!!
  7. Go to the store, click on the item.....you can add your email address for when they do another print....and apparently they are as someone contacted the store.
  8. Oh you should. Please enlighten me!
  9. Oh you should. Please enlighten me!
  10. She has never shitted on her past. Moved forward always, Yes! All those early days hanging with artists would've been amazing. When has she ever shat on her past regarding this?
  11. She's just generally speaking, off the cuff remark. I'm sure she doesn't hate him. But when they dated as all couples do they had their issues. It was during the making of DSS. M used to confide in Rosanna.
  12. I don't think it's contradicting herself at all. She should be able to age in any way she chooses, that is the point. Letting yourself go doesn't mean you're aging gracefully. Madonna IS her own product. She's taking care of herself. There are people in their 20's that have these procedures done, why shouldn't she. I'd have a (minor) lift if I could afford it, not because of society's pressure, but because I want to look good....so average for me it is then
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