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  1. Influencers are already receiving their invitations for the Itaú area: https://www.instagram.com/reel/C5bQVeIsJTd/?igsh=aWFhdWh0bXNqMGxs It includes a commemorative book and two pictures.
  2. There is a rumour going around that the "Itaú area" they are planning for the show will actually be reserved for 10k people. That should include the 750 clients they promised to draw plus guests, influencers and whatnots. Considering this area will be at the front and it's A LOT of people I can't even imagine how far away the "regular" audience will be from her and the catwalks. Anyway, don't even know if there are actual brazilians visiting this thread but it just gets more and more nerve wracking for those attending the show.
  3. How big are the chances that they will open a pop up store in Rio with the tour merch?
  4. I must say I feel kinda bad for brazilian fans who haven't seen her in 15 years and will have to compete not only with people from all over the country for a spot near the stage but also with some hungry ass foreign fans who are flying to Rio after already seeing the tour before lol
  5. I'd take that drag queen on meth over those dull guests who can't even throw a fucking ball anyday. But let's be honest, this segment would be better if it did not exist. It's long, cringe and boring as hell. The worst Vogue rendition she's ever done.
  6. Hm... you mean how she repeated what she did on the MXT?
  7. He's not "SpongeBob-looking", he was the original SpongeBob in the Broadway musical production.
  8. Seeing Frozen just proves how much she was doing Rain dirty with that lackluster performance cutting the song before its best part. Hope she keeps it this way, both the staging and the duration actually worked fine for Frozen!
  9. A closer look at M's customized "beer" bottle
  10. Billboard just shared a video featuring M's biggest Hot 100 hits! https://www.instagram.com/reel/C1GIs_3tSiY/?igshid=MTdlMjRlYjZlMQ== The list goes: #1 Like A Virgin #2 Crazy For You #3 Take A Bow #4 Like A Prayer #5 Vogue
  11. She has thrown the ball in some dates tho and everything went fine
  12. Um... Did she really laugh at an elderly man falling down and just stared at him and said "I'm not sorry"? What is going on with her attitude?
  13. What kind of life does someone who says "just take the next day off and book one more night at the hotel" lead? Like, how far off from reality are you? The excuses are beyond ridiculous, it's amazing you guys can't tell how what you say is laughable. "Oh but her fans should know by now", like all 15k people at the arena are die hard fans who "should know"? And even if they were, why should they be used to this behaviour? And even if they are, why is it ok to be late and then make jokes about it? It's bad enough she went through a lot of the european shows trashing the audience for not speaking english and now she's making fun of them for being mad over something that she's wrong about. I'm sorry but being a supportive fan has its limits and it is very upsetting that a lot of you in this forum seem to forget common sense in order to applaud everything she does. She's not a child, she's not weak, she's not a damsel in distress and she's not an untouchable God either. She can handle criticism and she certainly deserves them sometimes.
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