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  1. If it was properly remastered there would be zero flaws. As an audio engineer i can tell you clipping means sh*t wasn’t done properly. And if it clipped in its original release, they have a new opportunity with this release to go back to the multitracks and do a fresh mix before mastering. The fact this isn’t being done for one of the greatest artists to walk the earth is tragic.
  2. That being said i just listened to it on headphones and it totally clips @ 3:14! What a shame!
  3. I love the art. The inclusion of the YCD edits is exciting. Into The Groove sounds incredible, i bought it on iTunes and almost fell outta my chair when i listened to it. Hopefully we still get a proper remaster of the whole album sometime down the Rd. It's the fact that Angel and Causing a Commotion aren't included that i'm really having a hard time with. I get that Causing a Commotion was released for RSD, but i'm not bringing my record player in the truck to listen to it. Should be released digitally as well. I feel like Like A Virgin and Material Girl could have been dropped for this, since the 7" versions aren't far off from the album versions. No Lucky Star? And since we're paying homeage to YCD why not include the YCD version of Holiday instead of the 7"? However i'm excited to soon own that 7" version. It's amazing to see Keep it Together and Impressive Instant included. And i'm actually blown away by the choices of remixes. Most are my fave mixes of those tracks. However, Frozen most def should have been the Stereo MC's mix, and Hollywood the Thin White Duke mix. Ultimately, i think a lot of time and thought was put into this. I'm more amazed/excited than disappointed.
  4. I'm extremely grateful for this! I only buy digital these days, so it works for me.
  5. Super nice thing to say bud, thanks for the compliment! That pic is 3 years old now. Just hit 42. I might not be so cute these days!
  6. I hear what you're saying, however proper remastering isn't just about volume boosting. And i totally agree that Celebration is a let down.
  7. I'm just stoked to actually have them digitally in the best quality i've heard any of them in. I still have a bunch on CD, but who busts out a CD these days. I've been buying them all on iTunes because i like to own them. I wish they were remastered. It's disappointing that they are not. But i've been kind of diggin the out of order thing because it's like a little surprise.
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