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  1. Even david foster says he wasnt that impressed with the 3 songs he did with her ( i cant forget, OMC and you'll see) although i consider youll see one of her best ballads of the 90s xx
  2. Yeah I bet M will mention gambler on her social media seeing as she loves it so much 😂
  3. I always felt this didn’t need a single release - I listened to all the remixes again last night and was struck at how similar they all sounded - I really hope we get the Daniel Abrahams unreleased mix one day … what’s next on the digital platform release that M is working so tirelessly hard on ??
  4. It’s funny how she puts in effort for this - the project that nearly destroyed her career and puts fuck all effort into the re-issue campaign and we got NO album re-issue for 2022 🥹🥹
  5. Totally agree - I would have replaced forbidden love and the dreadful one more chance with the look of love and Spanish eyes - I just think she hates the wtg soundtrack - mainly because are hates the film so much - she said it was her worst film believe it or not 😱
  6. Bedtime stories had better videos ( probably the best set of videos from a Madonna album ) but imo had weaker songs than erotica and ray of light and LAP - she knows how to turn onions into oranges
  7. I love words - the outro is probably the best thing she ever wrote imo - I listen to that song and Shame more than any other song from this era 🥰
  8. Again with fucking T-shirts M ? Why can’t you offer anything else but that ? Who would pay 2000 bucks to see her pussy again ? 🤮
  9. Let’s all make out own mix tape of erotica using this track list and see how it flows …
  10. All this drama about digital releases ? Come on guys it’s not like we don’t have this music already on our laptops or other storage - are you people saying that you don’t have gambler or bye bye baby anywhere ? What sort of fans are you ? The only plus here would be to get the extended version in digital form as we the other versions already - as for crazy for you it’s on something to remember as digital so don’t get the bitching about that …
  11. Imagine if they release warning signs with gambler as the b-side 😎
  12. If you have “ inside industry “ knowledge then maybe you can put us all out of our misery and tell us what the first deluxe album reissue is then and what month and year we can expect it ? 😎😉
  13. I would die for that or a show from Wembley or the legendary Paris show 🥰
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