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  1. wtg1987

    Devil wouldn’t recognise you cape and colourful jacket from s&s salmon corset from opening of ba tour justify my love costume from girlie show red dress and jump suit from la Isla and holiday from wtg tour my faves
  2. That explains why the album did so well then 😫😫
  3. PM me for any promo or rare cds you have ? I live in the UK so could maybe make a deal if you have any cool stuff and I don't mind paying collectors prices either :))
  4. wtg1987

    Have to say im very very very disappointed about Rescue Me not being performed(heavy breathing and a few spoken words ???? ) and the set list overall is a major bummer - I mean I love Human Nature and Frozen but there were so many other old songs she could have done - im not sure I want to pay the 300 pounds to see her in London now :( unless of course the set list does change ?
  5. I don't know why M and her team thought it was economical to put 3 songs on 1 cd when they could have fit all 18 tracks on 1 CD - seems a bit of a waste to me - I want to buy this now but its blocked on Discogs :( https://www.discogs.com/Madonna-Madame-X/release/13831618
  6. There was also a Russian bootleg cd of rebel heart super deluxe cd too on a silver factory pressed cd - I used to have it but sold it - you can probably find this cd on discogs
  7. wtg1987

    🙄 if one more person requests this I’m going to put a bullet through my head 😂
  8. wtg1987

    sticky and sweet tour had a weak opening too as did MDNA - as long as the show gets better i think its fine - where there any new video interludes filmed with Madonna ?
  9. wtg1987

    Let’s hope Danny Tull and his awful editing isn’t brought in for this show but she’s still stuck with Kevin Antunes so I have little hope 😫
  10. wtg1987

    If it’s out then I’m not seeing the show in London 😫😫
  11. wtg1987

    Sorry haven’t been on the forum for a while as I thought it closed ? I just want to know one thing - Is Rescue Me on the set list ?
  12. wtg1987

    I don’t think Katy Perry is in the same league as Madonna when M was in her prime but either way it’s sad - the music charts are so sexist and ageist - I haven’t seen Madame X in any of my local U.K. supermarkets but they were all selling Bruce Springsteen new album 🙄
  13. Nooooo - I hate that song and it ruined the albums success - it should be kept in the archives along with Hanky Panky, BIM and TUTR 😫😫
  14. That’s why I hate cardboard packaging - I will always try and obtain jewel case versions - sadly we don’t have those for the 2 cd version as well as RH deluxe and Confessions tour 😫
  15. wtg1987

    She’s dropped to number 14 in the U.K. charts - that has to be her worst second week placing for a new album 😫😫