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  1. If this ends up being another pointless vinyl re-issue I’m gonna kill someone 😫😫😫😫
  2. What is it with these random web pages listing this release ??? 🙄😫😬
  3. wtg1987

    Let’s hope none of the pages are stuck together with erm the sellers deposits 🤣🤢🤪
  4. I was thinking that too - what does she get out of these tour flings apart from someone to rub her feet after the shows ? 🤗
  5. wtg1987

    Exactly and the videos from COADF were crap - I don’t even watch them since 2006 - true blue is and will always be my fave m album followed by LAP and ROL 😍
  6. Probably her most eclectic decade for singles I mean you don’t any more for different than this used to be my playground vs ray of light plus it was her best decade for music videos - bad girl , rain , vogue , bedtime story being my faves - some mediocre songs had fantastic videos ( human nature, take a bow) in no order though rain you’ll see vogue keep it together rescue me
  7. wtg1987

    Im the same - she says the name of the song far too much towards the end that I fall asleep 😔
  8. She looked so gorgeous in that Molly interview 😍
  9. wtg1987

    I couldn’t have said that better 😉
  10. This would be a great after tour thought imo - get rid of the taste in our mouths of this difficult era 😂
  11. I have that Prince box set - when I opened it for the first time all I could think of - “ why can’t M release something like this ? 😫 😬”
  12. I agree - it’s a babyface song not a Madonna one imo - the video is gorgeous though - this album wasn’t that memorable imo
  13. wtg1987

    The fact that no one knows shows how meaningless this chart is 😂 it’s a shame she can’t make even a dent on the billboard hot 100 😫
  14. All the photography from this era was gold - I would love a nice dvd sized digi book for this supposed release 😋🤗🤗
  15. its been posted in wav on here many times ? not sure what the re-issue could be improved on ?