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  1. What about remixes are here to disturb the peace ? 😂😉
  2. I just don’t understand why this release is even happening to be honest ? Sure I love a lot of her remixes but if this is just one long mega mix and few guest vocalists ( like club future nostalgia ) I’m disappointed? She could be spending all this time reviewing unreleased demos instead for this so called Warner deal if we ever get a whiff of news 🥺
  3. I love them and I love how you show the glitzy stuff then the behind the scenes videos of paparazzi following her and she always swears ( who the fuck is he ? ) 😂
  4. A lot of her remix edits aren’t on streaming ( not that I care about streaming ) so I think this will be a streaming only release but I would love to be proved wrong and get all these on one compilation cd with some nice artwork and liner notes from M 😍
  5. Thank you - the unmixed versions are not available digitally - all we have is the alternate CD wav rip of where’s the party unmixed from the route 88 promo cd - the vinyl rip of spotlight unmixed has always sounded distorted 🥺
  6. Can people stop listing her actual 50 number 1s ? It’s making this thread and wait even for news even longer 🤪🥺😂😂
  7. Probably the same I should think - I think BOE is her worst film personally and like swept away and the next best thing but I’m probably in the minority on those 2 films 🤪
  8. Me too 😉 if it’s streaming or Spotify no doubt the Spotify bitches will complain about how they aren’t the correct versions but I will be happy if we get the long awaited unmixed digital versions of spotlight etc
  9. In an interview when she was promoting her worst film imo body of evidence - she said wtg was a bad movie that she wasn’t very good in 🥺
  10. Underrated yes. It’s not art that’s for sure but it has a sweetness to it that I like and a great soundtrack too - the opening cartoon is great too . Hope we get a blu ray one day it’s one of those films that just makes me smile because it’s so silly 😍 can’t believe m thinks it’s her worst performance?
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