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  1. Derby

    If anyone is interested in selling their VIP book, I'd take it. Unless someone knows where to buy it offiicially.
  2. Derby

    1- Music 2- Rebel Heart 3- Dark Ballet 4- Express Yourself 5- Vogue 6- Nobody Knows Me 7- Intervention 8- Get Together 9- Secret 10- To Have And Not To Hold
  3. Derby

    We need Lifelike, Fred Falke to remix this. Purple Disco Machine, please.
  4. Derby

    Thats a great review, but it's got a weird use of punctuation and some sentences are oddly-written.
  5. Derby

    The club mix is more of a dub, and I was hoping the Radio Mix would be a bit more vocal. But yeah, I love the beat! It’s just a beefed up version of the album mix. Apparently, there are more remixes coming. Anyone know by whom?
  6. Derby

    Good Lord. She moves better than most people half her age. Even with a knee injury.
  7. Derby

    I think that boxset is somehow linked to why there are no Madonna singles up on digital retailers pre-2005. The boxset was supposed to happen in 2004 after the RIT. Personally, I think they're still sitting on it and awaiting the right moment to release it. But that was at a time when Madonna's management was focused on her music, not her touring revenue and getting rich THROUGH her.
  8. Derby

    Yeah, im looking for one as well. Anyone know if they will sell it online or after the tour maybe?
  9. Derby

    Any idea who else is remixing it and are they being released Friday as well, @BeepBeepBitchMove?
  10. Derby

    I wouldve called Extreme Occident “Anti Occident” instead. Because then, the play on words has layers. Lol!
  11. Derby

    Casey only wrote the lyrics for the remix. Mostly the order the words are in.
  12. Either way, venting on social media the way he did will cost him more in the long run. That's too bad.
  13. He was paid for his work as a translator. Next.
  14. Im really we get remixes for Dark Ballet and a release for that mix of Future she does in the show.