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  1. The Warner ones I believe. Not sure.
  2. Recently added "Wash All Over Me" to the album as a piano-driven dirge, and it fits on the album, somehow.
  3. She owned the rights for 30 years. We are gradually going to see re-issues and remasters.
  4. It's not the type of album that grabs you immediately, which is why alot of people will never get into it. It's got a sophistication and sounds and song structures that just dont fit in the pop norm. It's dark and moody... but so is the world we live in, right? God Control hit me immediately like a brick wall. Dark Ballet is just genious. The use of Portuguese in Extreme Occident offers a charming balance and keeps the song from falling into too much repetition. Crave is classic, melancholic Madonna. I Dont Search I Find reminds me of DJ Koze's "Pick Up": no chorus, no verse...just a message over an electronic beat. Definitely a favorite. I Rise is powerful in its self-examination. And I never understand why people think Killers is clunky and the lyrics cringe-worthy. I dont think so at all. It is an exercise in compassion and empowerment. When you have power, you empower. And what she does is use her platform to give a voice or draw attention to people who suffer discrimination. You dont need to be poor to know what that's like and to share your wealth; you dont need to be gay to fight for equality; you dont need to be a woman to stand up to sexism and mysogyny. What she says is that you can have compassion and empathy and walk in these people's shoes. And you fight for them as human beings, because you know what they are going through. It's one of my favorite tracks. And it's what she's done with this entire album, right? Elevate and share her platform with people who we might have erroneous perceptions of in the world. People who have had a history of struggle. There is a balance between the more experimental tracks and the more poppy numbers. I love this album and its sounds (and proper mastering), but if Mirwais had produced I Rise, Looking For Mercy, Future and Crazy, id be in heaven and as I just love all of Mirwais' stuff and was hoping the whole album would be produced by him. Here's hoping we hear a remix EP with the dirge-like Madonna-solo version of "Future" she does in the show and some twisted Mirwais remixes for the album tracks. You cant compare this album to any other. The tracks stand out even in her own discography...even the other Mirwais stuff. This woman gave us "Into The Groove" and "Batuka". Cool. Really cool.
  5. Derby

    Whats the “Like a Prayer 30 years” page for?
  6. Derby

    This mix is different than the one that leaked.
  7. Derby

    Anyone a member of that dj pool that can get us the WAV's?
  8. Derby

    I Dont Search I Find is next.
  9. Derby

    Human Nature.
  10. Derby

    Yes, they are.
  11. Derby

    We once went to shows without phones, and did just fine. We werent hungry for information all the time. It's funny how when you take people's phones away, they start displaying behaviors of know, like addicts. They get cranky and upset and want MORE. Theyre just PHONES. Not organs. We've turned into addicts who cant be bothered to put them down for two hours and be a SPECTATOR. And aborb. And enjoy. And BE PRESENT, in the moment. We dont need to be documenting everything. Im glad artists are doing this at show now. People cant be bothered to have manners, then you have to treat them like children: take their phones away.
  12. Derby

    He doesnt even know her and couldnt name a Madonna song if his life depended on it.
  13. Derby

    It's re-assuring, yet disappointing to know there is a version of Future without Quavo and an actual Madonna verse in place of his rap. Im wondering if she wanted a feature from QUAVO or the label did. I hate Quavo on this track and so it is great to hear a Madonna-only version of it. I have a feeling she is being pushed into having these artists feature on her tracks. This live version of Future is superior and really wish would be released. And having proper instrumental intros to Dark Ballet and God Control is great and I never understarnd why Mirwais cuts them from the album mixes (i.e I Deserve It). Do we hear a Madama X remix album? And this week would be a great week to release the maxi for Crave.
  14. Of course. Tell me what the point is of people starting bullshit rumours like this. Oh well...Everybody is doing re-issues, remasters, repackages, etc. And the ONE artist I want to be doing that, the ONE artist whose legacy would greatly benefit from it cant be bothered to even look back. Making people aware of the genius of her back catalogue would have a direct impact on her current material. Just sign off on it, Madonna. Not everyone can pay 2000$ to see your, a plane ticket and a hotel. Alot of people can afford to buy your records, though. Alot of people will.